Whole body of Lord Ganesha appeared on a Radish


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On 6th December morning, whole body of Lord Ganesha was appeared on a Radish in a field of the District Leader of the Aurangabad Sahaja Yoga Collectivity. Radish is a vegetable, which is called "MULI" in Hindi/Marathi language. This vegetable grows under ground. There is a little agricultural land in the home of our District Leader of Aurangabad.

On that morning he was picking up his vegetables including Radishes from ground as usual. When he picked the last Radish in a row, he suddenly noticed a face & whole body of Shri Ganesha on it giving him vibrations. This one was not of normal shape. It was showing clearly Shri Ganesha's Hands, Trunk, Eyes as well as Carved Crown (Mukut) on forehead. It was looking like someone is sat for meditation-putting hands on laps like we Sahaja Yogis do. Later it came to know that Shri Mataji arrived in Mumbai on the same day. Everyone was amazed by looking at it. Attached is a photograph of this miracle. A reporter from the Aurangabad newspaper took photograph to publish it in the newspaper.

Aurangabad Yuvashakti
sudhanshu diwakar ( nagpur)


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