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- Subtle System Chakra Mapping -

There are chakras through out the entire body. To learn how the Subtle System is mapped in the head, torso, hands, arms, legs and feet is estential for growing in Sahaja Yoga. What is amazing is that as one becomes more sensitive to vibrations, these subtle system mapping facts will be proven to the practioner through their own direct experience of their nervous system

It is easier first to learn the hands and the main subtle system first. Then the feet and head. And finally the arms and legs. As you will see there is a pattern in the main subtle system and the arms and the legs. Also the hands and feet are very similar with one exception (Toes and Thumbs and middle fingers and toe).

One can also learn the subtle system one chakra at a time.

Once the Kundalini is raised, a tingling or hot sensation is usually felt on the hands, head or feet to indicate the area which has and obstruction or problem.The ability to pin point the problem enables more precise treatment and more rapid and effective clearing.

Head Region

Main Subtle System


Legs & Arms



To learn more about the chakras see the Chakra Presentation.

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