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- Checking & Giving Vibrations -

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Sahaja Yoga Vibrations Work Sheet
Sahaja Yoga Vibrations Work Sheet With Instructions

Subtle System
Body Location
7. Sahasrara
Top of the Head
6. Agnya
5. Vishuddhi
4. Anahata
Sternum Bone
3. Nabhi
Belly Button
Belt Buckle
1. Mooladhara
Tail Bone


Physically, you may at first feel some heat or tingling in your fingers or in your body. This indicates in a very precise way which chakras are blocked. This can be cleared in various ways: with a bandhan to the finger that is tingling; by taking the affirmation or mantra of the specific chakra; or by placing the right hand on the corresponding place in the body (for example, on the forehead for right Agnya chakra). The right hand is used for bandhan or giving vibrations. After some time, the heat or tingling will be replaced by coolness, which indicates that the vibrations are now flowing without obstruction.

The Subtle System has three channels and seven chakras that are located along the spine. We can learn how to discover imbalances and 'catches' in our subtle system and cure them through giving vibrations.

Check your fingers by seeing if one is tingling, hot, or heavy. Find the number on the hand, and match the number with the body area above. Now put your left hand toward a picture of Shri Mataji. Now put your right hand to the area of your body that you have discovered. Move your hand in a clockwise circle, always down to your left. Move your hand for one minute and stop. See now if that heavy, hot, or tingling feeling is gone and has been replaced with a cool sensation.

See Subtle System and Chakra Mapping for more details and specifics about how to connect sensations and tingling on the head, and in the arms, legs, and feet. Also Chakra Presentation for more information about the chakras.


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