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How to Begin : After Self - Realization

In a clean, quiet place, set Shri Matajiís picture with a candle before it.

Sitting directly on the Mother Earth is ideal.

Sit comfortably with hands open relaxed on your lap, palms upward. This can be done in conjunction with Foot soaking. After raising your Kundalini and putting yourself in Bandhan, keeping your attention loose, see what sensations (i.e. tingling, numbness, slight heat) you may feel in your fingers or in the location of your body at the location of the Chakras. These sensations tell you where the blockages are in your Chakras. Clear them using a Bandhan and the appropriate Mantras (checking which finger or location on the hand corresponds to which Chakra). After some time these sensations will disappear, and you will start to feel coolness in your hands. This means that the Chakras have cleared and that some strands of Kundalini have risen unimpeded.

Sometimes you may feel Cool Breeze at first, and then heat in the hands and the body. This happens as the Kundalini starts to burn away the impurities that are clogging the Chakras, and is a good sign. The process can be helped a lot by Foot soaking.

Photograph of a framed picture of Shri Mataji reveals
vibrations being emited by a photograph of Shri Mataji

1. If the heat is more in the left hand and also you do not feel vibrations on the left hand, put that hand towards Shri Matajiís photograph and the right hand palm down on the Mother Earth.

2.Also you can hold the left hand towards a flame of a candle, palm upwards and very near the flame (not so near that the finger gets burnt) and the right hand on the  Mother Earth.

Balancing Right
Balancing Left

3. If the right hand is hot/warm or no vibrations are coming, put that hand towards Shri Matajiís picture and left hand palm facing upwards towards the back. No candle.

4. Finally if you are disturbed by thought or mental activity, do not fight them. Just witness your thoughts and let them go. Gradually you will find yourself in thoughtless awareness, without any effort.

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