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Shri Mataji: The Journey of Meditation

"Now you all have realised by this time that within us lies the peace, the beauty, the glory of our being. There is an ocean of all that. We cannot seek it outside. We have to go 'within', what they call 'in the meditative state'; you seek it, you enjoy it.

Like, when you are thirsty, you go to a river, or you go to an ocean, and try to quench your thirst. But even the ocean cannot give you the sweet water. So, how can anything that is spread outside give you what is deep with you? You are trying to find it outside, where it does not lie. It is within us, absolutely within us. It is so simple, because it is your own. It is within your reach, just there!

Whatever, you have been doing - going out to find the joy, so-called 'joy', so-called 'happiness', so-called 'glory' of worldly powers and worldly possessions - you have to reverse it back, the whole thing. You have to project 'within' yourself. It was not wrong that you went out (to seek). It was not correct that you went out. You should not feel sorry for what you have done so far. It was not the correct way to get to the real joy of life, the real glory of our being.

It has worked in so many people that they have entered into that subtler understanding. Some people are maybe only at a mental level, does not matter. Maybe some are only at a physical level where they can feel it, does not matter. But you are on the right line - you are moving correctly.

Try to meditate. Meditate more, so that you reach that 'inner being'. And this inner being is the vast ocean of bliss which exists inside every one of us. It is that vast flood of light that floods everybody's inner beauty. So to approach it, you have to go within yourself, by denying things which are against it, against your movement (inwards).

Sometimes the wind can be very very strong for you to not understand that the glory of God is within. But turn back. Every moment remember that your movement has to be inward. When you move inward you forget the ideas of your outer 'glories'."

(Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi)
Extract from a talk in Sydney, Australia, on the 14th March, 1983.

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