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- Role Of Prayer-

"Prayer is a very great thing for Sahaja Yogis. Pray with your heart...You have to pray. All these prayers are going to help you. Then ask for the greatest prayer which you must ask... "


"Please keep me away from EGO that gives me ideas that I am superior to others, or in any way that takes away my meekness and my humility.Give me natural humility, by which I can penetrate into the hearts of people." 

"Just you have to bend your head and you go up to your heart. You have to bend your head and there is your heart ... where resides the SPIRIT, be with it."

Prayer to the Almighty

Ask for " Complete satisfaction in my heart, joy in my heart, bliss in my heart; so that the whole world becomes blissful."


" Give me Love, Love, that I could love the whole world and that the whole world becomes one in Love."
"Give salvation to the entire humanity, which is suffering."
"Take me to Your Feet".
"Cleanse me with Thy Love".

"Now see if there's God or not. You can feel it. Within yourself He can hear you. He is the Glory of all the Glory. He loves you. He protects you. He guides you. He has created you to be really His Love. But accept it. Any time any thought is coming to you - pray; and you will be moving in the way of that Ocean which is the Unconscious mind, which starts with thoughtless awareness.

If you cannot become thoughtless, you pray to Him:


"Forgive me for what I've done, and forgive those who have done harm to me".

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Prayers of the World Enlighten our Chakras

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