Navaratri and Diwali Puja Celebrations- Los Angeles, 2002

Lake Piru

We had absolutely wonderful time in LA .... Shri Mataji celebrated Navaratri and Diwali Pujas there... They took place about 50km from LA city. It is a beautiful camping place near Lake Piru. All yogis stayed in small small tents.

Tents of Yogis

There were some very wonderful programs organized by hosting collectivity from UK, Switzerland, African countries and France.

In Her speech during Navaratri Puja Shri Mataji said that we should all have bhakti and Shraddha. And that these are the only things that will give us wisdom . She also said that if we have these two completely then the Devi protects us ( bhaktas ) from all the problems.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

She also said that we must clear our left side and that we should awaken Shri Ganesha within us . She said that we could be careful that we don't do anything wrong because it is the Ganas that punish us otherwise and that to please the Ganas we should please ( pray) to Ganapati , who is the leader of all the Ganas.

Giving Self Realization in Los Angeles

In between the two pujas all ( yogis) from all over the world went out to give realization .... it was such a wonderful experience ... because most of them responded so well and it was like they were all waiting for it ! About 3000 people got their realization and complete enjoyed it doing this only thing during the day .

By the end of the week everybody was gearing up for the Diwali Puja and it seemed as if even atmosphere around was being prepared for the festival. For the Puja yuva shakti greeted Shri Mataji's arrival with candle and sparkles in their hand ... and a beautiful design made by lighting candles ....

Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala DeviIn Diwali Puja speech, Mother talked about Self-realization and meditation mainly. Also She said, we should not worry about the past. The past is finished and gone. We should be in the present and look forward for the future. Even if we are in thoughtless for one second, then we can expand it. We should stabilize in thoughtless.

If we stabilize in thoughtless then we have done our part. She spoke initially about the importance of knowing ourself. Diwali does not really mean the lights that we lit but means inner awakening. Just as bringing one light close to a candle, enlightens the other.. Also meditation needs to be done everyday morning and in the evening, its like the oil to the lamp.

She said she can make out who meditates and who does not. Those who does not meditate, hesitate and are confused.

Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala DeviShe emphasized on getting thoughtless aware ness. For most of the talk was about going into the silence of thoughtlessness. She said about candles [which were lit there, thousand candles] are also meditating. Even one second of thoughtless awareness is good to get you going and then you can build upon it. Its difficult for some, but try it and you will get that state. It is worth the try. Even if you are established and you are not meditating you can fall.

Shri Mataji directly answered so many questions that yogis had. She said that so many people say that they have problems. She said that it is because we are not connected and that many do not meditate. Shri Mataji said that we must get thoughtless awareness during our meditation and that it is the minimum thing that we should get during meditation.

She also said that all the thoughts that we get are nothing but our own imagination either from left or right side. Shri Mataji also talked about giving realization and that we should believe that that how many more can get it through us just like we all have got it when Shri Mataji started with just one old lady in the beginning.

It was wonderful celebrate Diwali in the presence of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.
Hope to have many more ...

lots of love,
Ravindra, Alla, Radhika & Niranjana

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