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Weekly Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes  
To provide people in the community of any age group, of any background, the opportunity to experience the benefits of practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation. 

¨       Held in over 20 cities in Canada

¨        4 Universities

¨       Always free of charge

¨       Open to All

Health Projects

Meditation is being proved to reduce stress. Projects include:

¨      Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi invited to give a Conference at the (NIH) National Institutes of Health in Washington, D.C.- June 19th, 2000
National Institute of Health Conference
550 Medical Doctors attended

¨      Ongoing research using Sahaja Yoga techniques at National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland

¨      Lecture tours by Dr. U.C. Rai, Director of the International Sahaja Yoga Hospital and Research Center in Mumbai (Bombay), India

¨      Meditation in Medicine classes at the Thunderbird Samaritan and John C. Lincoln hospitals, Phoenix

¨      Stress management in the workplace, Dallas

Music and Meditation Seminars
Sahaja Yoga Music programs and how Sahaja Music can directly help Meditation

Teaching how Sahaja Yoga and Music can be used to correct physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances.

¨       Many University and Church/Temple Halls

¨      University of Waterloo Radio-CKMS 100.3FM 

Programs at Educational Institutions

Scholastic excellence is a by-product of clear and alert attention.  Free programs have been offered at many schools and governmental institutions such as:

¨      Community colleges in Hawaii, New Jersey and South Florida

¨     Universities – Princeton University, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, the University of Indiana and Purdue University, Miami University in Ohio, Xavier University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

¨       State Colleges at New Paltz and Skidmore College

Health Projects
Health Shows and Fairs participated in by Sahaja Yoga in Ontario

Introducing the Health Community and large numbers of people to the health benefits of Sahaja Yoga.

¨       Total Life Expo ‘98

¨       Revive – Healthy Life Styles ‘99

¨       Total Health ‘99

¨       Forever Young Toronto, Hamilton ‘99

¨       Centenary Hospital, Women’s Show ‘99

¨      Heart & Stroke Foundation, Women’s   .Sympsium, at Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals ‘99 

¨       Basil Heart and Stroke 2000


Workplace Programs

Stress, poor performance and various inter-personal  problems in a work environment are all by-products of imbalances that take root within the individual.  Traditional techniques for alleviating these problems use approaches such as training to improve performance.  However in Sahaja Yoga it is recognized that through learning alone you do not necessarily become a better human being - an inner transformation has to take place. Courses have been conducted at many companies including:

¨      Motorola, Chicago

¨      The United Nations, New York

¨      Nortel, Dallas

¨      American Express, Atlanta

¨      Fox Studios, Los Angeles

¨      AT&T, New York

¨      World Bank,Washington

¨      Fidelity Investment,Cincinnati

¨      Towers Perrin, Philadelphia



Weekly Sahaja Yoga   Meditation classes 

¨       Held in over 50 cities in the USA

Outreach Programs

Courses have been conducted for various communities, including those whose first language is not English. Special programs have been held for:

¨       Russian immigrants –Chicago, Los Angeles & .New York

¨       Latino community – Miami, Chicago

¨       Iranian community – Los Angeles

¨       Chinese community – New York

Social Services

We want to inspire people and show them their true inner potential to help them develop tools to improve their lives.  Sahaja Yoga Meditation has been offered at:

¨       Battered women’s shelter in Berkeley

¨       Riker’s Island correctional facility, New York

¨       Su Casa Drug Rehabilitation center, New York

¨       Senior citizen centers in Arizona, Maine 

       & San Diego

¨       Unity Church, Houston

¨       Native American Social Services Office,  

       New .York

¨      Meditation for Mothers Chicago & Dallas

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