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The Heart Chakra- Cardiac Plexus

  • Where resides our Spirit (Atma)
  • Element : Air
  • Physical Aspect : Looks after heart & lungs
  • Qualities : Creation/  nourishment  of antibodies, compassion, pure love, complete sense of security, confidence, auspicious boundaries (Maryadas), joy of the spirit
  • Causes of Catch : Insecurity, motherhood/ fatherhood  problems, fear, Hatha Yoga, atheism, no seeking,  inconsiderate behavior
  • Diseases : Asthma, heart problems

On the physical level the Heart Chakra (also called Anahata Chakra) controls our breathing, the action of the heart and the circulation of blood.

Shri Shiva & Shri Parvati

I am the pure form of joy; clean and pure, immaculate. I am the cosmic dancer and the master of rythm and music. Out of my compassion I devour the poisons of the Universe, and at the end of all things My dance destroys all things that are not pure Spirit. I am the destination of spiritual seeking. Lord God of All. When My presence is awakened in you by Kundalini, you experience Me as the silence and the absolute joy and peace.

There is no duality between My Shakti and Myself. We are inseparable, like the moon and the moonlight.

Om, I am neither the mind, nor the intelligence, ego nor chitta (attention). Neither the ears nor the tongue, nor the senses of smell and sight. Neither the ether, nor air, nor fire, nor water, nor earth.

I am eternal bliss and awareness. I am Shiva, I am Shiva.

"When we say it is 'Vishwa Nirmala Dharma'', is a 'Universal Religion' we belong to, first and foremost thing, the essence of that, is PEACE. The Peace has to be within, to begin with. You have to be Peaceful within yourself.. If you are not Peaceful, if you are playing tricks with your 'EGO', If you are just satisfying yourself saying that you are Peaceful, you are sadly mistaken. Peace is to be enjoyed within yourself. It is to be felt within yourself. So do not give wrong satisfactions to yourself, do not give false notions to yourself. Don't cheat yourself.

Peace has to be felt within yourself, and if you are not feeling that, you should not come and ask me, " Mother, why I am not feeling it?" because I am not going to tell you that something is wrong with you, you have to work it out that you should feel peaceful within.

It is not that if you have too much of silence outside, you feel Peaceful. The peace has to be 'within' yourself. You have it. Your SPIRIT is absolutely peaceful, Avyagra (without restlessness). There is no restlessness in your Spirit. Absolutely peaceful and steady."

(Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - Nirmala Yoga,vol..5 no.27, May-Jun 1985)

Namdeva has written one poetry and same has been added in Guru Grantha Sahib( Holy scripture of Sikh Religion) by Guru Nanaka. It is very beautiful. I would like to certainly describe it to you . It is written in that poetry; "The Kite (Zmeu) is flying above in sky and one child is holding its string. He is laughing, talking and moving to and fro but his attention is on Zmeu". In another paragraph it says; " Many women are going on street with pitchers on their head filled with the water from river and they are talking and
joking, talking about their home etc but their whole attention is on the pitcher (Cana) that the water should not get spilled". Same way there is one more description about the mother; " One mother has child on her lap and she is doing all the work of house and kitchen, she does all the job in the housesometimes bends down sometimes runs here and there….but her attention is on the child that he should not fall down" Same way is with the saints and yogis. They know to do all kind of work. They do all kind of work but their attention is always on their SPIRIT. These all saints were like you people, living with their family, wife and children.

(Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - Nirmala Yoga Indian Edition,
no-4 issue19, May-Jun 1985

Heart (Anahata) Chakra Presentation