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The Nabhi Chakra- Solar Plexus

  • Element : Water
  • Physical aspect :Looks after liver, stomach and intestines, spleen and pancreas
  • Qualities : Sense of generosity, complete satisfaction, peace contentment,, righteousness (Dharma), inner sense of morality, evolution, sense of dignity, good host
  • Causes of Catch: Miserliness, bad eating habits , asceticism, alcohol, drugs, family/ household problems, dominating husband /wife, too much rushing around, worrying
In our body this Chakra controls the stomach, the pancreas and many other organs around the solar plexus. Material satisfaction and a sence of a calm arising from a healthy Nabhi Chakra allows our attention to turn to subtler things.
Shri Lakshmi & Shri Vishnu

I was created to protect the universal evolution and I am the essence. Permeating all, I am the One who receives, transmits and integrates all the information in the cosmic body, as well as along the central channel, Sushumna Nadi, your inner path of spiritual growth.

Resting on Bhavasagara, the Ocean of illusion, I write the drama and maintain the Creation, incarnating again and again to pull your awareness beyond the mirage of birth and death.

When the Kundalini awakens Me in your being, then by accepting the burden of this material world, you become responsible, and by observing the commandments I gave you, you become balanced and gain inner peace.

I was created to protect the universal evolution and I am the essence.

"Then there are people who want to have money. They'll do anything but get money. It's a very funny thing, but also power is the same as that. If you have your own powers, you don't hanker after these powers. But they want to have power because they want to have money and they get power with money. Can you imagine? Where are human beings? At what level? At what level of evolution they are? They are going round and round the circle of this money.
This is Nabhi chakra ... which gives you satisfaction. If your Nabhi chakra is satisfied, you have achieved the state of Kubera (Lord of Wealth). That's very important to see that your Nabhi should be satisfied."
"The one who is engulfed in the nonsense and the maya of money is not a Sahaj Yogi...."

"In the evolutionary process, if you reach a certain stage where [you] rise above your Nabhi chakra ... then money’s not so important...."
"Sahaja Yogis have to fix their mind to their spirit and enjoy the powers in your spirit, your own. That enjoyment,once you get it, you don’t fall to your greed."

"What I have to tell you is this, that you should not worry about your financial situations at all. Do not go on calculating. Do not see how much money you have in the bank, what you have to do with your money, where you should invest. I have seen people going mad, planning the whole thing. There's no need to do that once you are a Sahaja Yogi. It all works automatically."

(Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - Shri Krishna Shri Kubera Puja, August 2002)

Nabhi Chakra Presentation