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  • Islamic scriptures

"At the time of Kiyama (Resurrection Time) We shall seal up their mouths and their hands will speak to Us, and their legs will bear witness to what they used to earn."

  • Jewish Scriptures

"A breath which comes from this world shakes the branches of the Tree of Life which spreads the fragrance of the future world in this world and brings the holy souls alive. These souls come up waking each other... and the Tree of Life rejoices."

  • Christian  Scriptures

"These things I speak while with you in the flesh but when the Holy Breath shall come in power lo She will teach you more and more and bring to your remembrance all the words that I have said to you. There are a multitude of things yet to be said; things that this age cannot receive because it cannot comprehend. But lo I say before the great day of the Lord shall come the Holy Breath will make all mysteries known. The mysteries of the soul of life of death of immortality; the oneness of a man with every other man and with his God."

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