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Swadisthan Chakra - Aortic plexus

  • Element : Fire
  • Physical Aspect : Kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen,  lower abdomen
  • Qualities : Creativity,  pure attention, pure knowledge, inspiration, power of concentration, aesthetics & arts
  • Causes of Catch :Black magic, false gurus/knowledge, alcohol and drugs (LSD), excessive thinking and planning, bad eating habits, ego oriented life, domination
  • Diseases : Diabetes, blood cancer, kidney troubles

On the physical level this center plays an important role in controlling the abdominal organs such as the liver, kidneys and the large intestines. The reproductive organs of the woman are also partly controlled by this center. It also determines the concentrative power of the attention, it's sharpness.

Shri Saraswati & Shri Brahmadeva

I have become My creation, and My creation returns to Me as the waves go into the ocean and return again. From My power comes the illusion of Maya of the "reality" of the ever changing Universe. This is My divine play.

You will never capture me in your mental concepts for I myself inspired all concepts from the very begining and as you approach Me. I shall again destroy all the concepts at the end.

I have created all things. All the Deities come from Me.


Swadisthana, which moves around the void

" The right side looks after our intelligence, thinking etc. the left side looks after our emotional side. I will tell you about one Chakra, which is Swadisthana, which moves around the void. This is the one, which is responsible for producing or manufacturing the aortic plexus that's only in the physical side. When we think the energy we use in our thinking is used up. We are using our brain all the time. What is replacing it is this center. You know the brain is made of fat cells. This center converts the fat of the stomach for the use of the brain and that how those who think too much go into imbalances. Futuristic people are planning all the time. The poor center which has to do other jobs like looking after liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, intestines, so with a right-sided futuristic person the first problem can come is with the liver.
   In the medical science I don't think they have much knowledge about the liver. It is a very important organ in the body. The function of the liver is to absorb all the poison of the body and convert it into heat, which passes through the blood stream when you start thinking, too much you neglect your liver and then the poor thing does not know how to do this job. So the whole is saturated in the stomach. The person has heat here, then the heat starts passing upwards through the right heart. It creates problem and that problem is called Asthma. Then this heat passes into the throat, which creates a kind of a cold where you will sneeze twenty times in the morning. There are two types of liver. One is lethargic liver and the other is overactive liver. I am talking of the over active liver, where a person develops cold, sneezing, temper, anger, acidity and tension. Then this heat passes over and can go to the heart at a very young age. Supposing there are boys who are playing tennis or exercise of a vigorous nature and drinking this might affect and can cause a massive heart attack at a very young age. The same heat when it passes to the throat we develop throat trouble, hoarseness etc. when it moves down to your pancreas then the poor pancreas is also suffering because it has no energy from the center. Then a person develops diabetes. Too much of thinking gives diabetes. People think too much, sugar gives diabetes. In Maharashtra people drink tea where sugar is so much that the spoon stand up. Nobody gets diabetes because they are villagers, living simple lives, not thinking of tomorrow, how to do this or that. Only the people lives simple, not thinking of tomorrow, how to do this or that. Only the people who are sitting on their seats, planning thinking, worrying gets diabetes.
  The third thing which is even more dangerous is the speed. Nowadays life is so funny that it cannot be congenial to the working of the Spirit. What happens in the morning is that one reads the newspapers, horrible news, Bombay blast, etc., the spleen start wobbling. Then you don't eat your breakfast properly. You rush to work, cursing the people on the way because of the traffic jam. This craziness makes it vulnerable to blood cancer. The spleen does not know how to react to this craziness. Then a shock will happen on the left side because you are working on the right side and then it fails. The connection with the whole is lost. The brain cannot control anymore. Then this trouble of leukemia comes in. Then it goes to kidney. You cannot pass urine. Then he is put on dialysis and poor man dies bankrupt. Dialysis has not cured anyone so far. It just makes them live longer and longer. Sometimes you don't feel hungry because of the liver plus you feel constipated. Constipation can be of the worst kind where all their lives they have to take enemas. These are the common diseases faced by the over active people."

(Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi -- Doctor's Conference, Meridian Hotel, Delhi, 25.03.93)

Swadisthana Chakra Presentation