WEBSITES: Creating & Hosting

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

"We are all global, we are not separated by colour, race or religion. We should know we are all one, and that oneness should not be established by slogans or by shouting. What should be that oneness is to be felt within"
(Royal Albert Hall, July 14th 2001)


The steps in creating your personal Sahaja Yoga website will vary according to the choices you make. Sahaja Yogis unable to do so can give their testimonial to an 'IT' Sahaja Yogi who can volunteer to set it up for them.

A. You can create your website entirely before you even begin to wonder about how to get a URL (web address) and host it on the internet. First find your story, images from your life, what you want to say. Then think of the layout. For this the TEMPLATE is there. And Microsoft Word, Front Page or Dream Weaver can be very helpful if you want to expand and alter the template.

Download : Http://
View and source code : Http://

B. If you choose a free hosting service. Many have Website building programs which are relatively easy to use. Again the Sahaja TEMPLATE is there as a help. The free hosts often have there own templates to help you.

STEP 1: Creating Your Story

This is a very special moment. Time and care are essential. As you begin ideas and feelings will spring up. We encourage you to use pictures from your life involving different moments, interests, pictures before and after Self-Realization. Just think of a time line...and then how Sahaja Yoga and Shri Mataji has helped you. Then show us a little of your background. We look forward to every Sahaja Yogi's Story both long and short -- each with their own sweet Divine Drama.

It is very important that a variety of Sahaja links be included on your front page and throughout your site. You can veiw links at Http:// or at the LINKS LIBRARY.

It might be interesting for you to put some links to your email host, and other personal interests. Art, Nature, Technology, Search engines, work related etc. Your website can be a good place to organise your links.

STEP 2: Hosting : Finding a Webserver and a URL

Webserver-A place where to put the files making up your website. URL ( Website Address) - an address to access your website.

A. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) that gives you access to the internet may give you some webspace included in the fee your paying for internet access. You will get a URL from them with your own extention.

B. There are many Free Web Hosting Services out there for you to setup a free account. To create an account should only take a few minutes. You will get a URL from them with your own personal extention. ie) . If you know very little about the web, you may want to set up a testimonial page first at One of the best free hosts we have found which has no ad-banners is

C. Paid WebHosting Services. The advantage here is that there are no advertising banners. And it is easy to buy your own personal Sahaja URL (Web address). ie)

If anybody is interested by paid hosting here is 2 very low cost web-hosting sites.
We have not tried their services as yet, but will do soon.
To Search a database


If you can register a URL for your site. The Cheapest ( and very good) service, we found is which charges US $13.50/Year for registering a Domain name, and $5 for pointing it to your web address. If you can spend $18.50, it is a very good idea to do it for the promotion of your site.

Also you can visit .They give price $8.88 instead of $13.50 per year per domain. Or

For Canadian domains you can try for (.ca) extentions.

STEP 3: Send us your URL

Before promoting Sahaja websites, we would like you to include:

  1. Title
  2. Keywords
  3. Description

in the Meta Tags sections of your website.Please send an email with your URL by filling out the Website Submission Form .




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