"We are one personality and these are all the different hands of one personality, one God."

(Shri Mataji at Diwali Puja 2001)

Congradulations for all yogis who desire, are, and have created personal Sahaja Websites! Ofcourse it may be an ongoing project for you. We hope you are enjoying.

Below are links to Sahaja Yogis personal sites. To help give ideas etc.. to others. Just remember all of us are at different levels of Web skills.

With little Experience and blessing of Shri Mataji, we have created our web pages.

For the complete list of yogis websites collected so far!

1. http://education.vsnl.com/sahajayoga

2. http://www.dkb-sahajayoga.freehomepage.com

3. http://www.geocities.com/dkb3456

4. http://in.geocities.com/sahaja_yoga2001

5. http://www.geocities.com/vaibhavmittal

6. http://in.geocities.com/jitesh_singh_2000


8. http://in.geocities.com/amar_singh_sahaj

One idea you may want to try is to put a signiture on the bottom of your emails inviting people to your sahaja website. Also we ask you not to use your regular personal email on your site. Setting up another special email account or a guest book for messages would be better.

Jai Shri Mataji!!

2001 Sahaja Yoga International