Submission of Sahaja Websites to Search Engines...

The Plan:

There are two ways to submit websites for submission to Search engines.

1. First we will submit our websites collectively to the search engines. In order to be on the master list please email fill out and send us the Website Submission Form. We ask you to have a title, meta tags with a description and keywords. See Promotion Keywords. If you can have a URL with a Sahaja Yoga keyword that would be helpful, but not necessary.

2. Second, each Yogi and/or area Coordinator can submit their sites manually to each search engine. Takes time, but this is very effective. Remember it takes 4-8 weeks for Search Engines to index submitted sites.

Preparing Pages for Submission:

To ensure your pages show up in the positions in the search engine results, you must satisfy certain basic conditions.

A. The pages must be fitted with appropriate keywords

B. Such prepared pages have to be submitted to the search engines to be included in their database (indexing)

C. You need to follow up to make sure the page has in fact been added (indexed), and then test it for scoring, subsequently optimizing the pages and resubmitting them if necessary.

Search Engines are :

Big indexes of Web documents. They can be accessed via Web browsers, and searched by keyword or Keyword phrase/sequence.

The typical search engine is a complicated indexing system, which uses its software (called 'robot' or 'spider') to crawl through the web through available links, in a constant lookout for new documents. However, it can take an extremely long time before it finds your web pages. In fact, it may even never happen. To help such a search engine find and index your page, you should submit your page for spidering. But to benefit from such action, you need to do it properly. Then there is a group of search engines, which tend to resemble directories. Such directories don't send out their robots. They rely solely on submitted documents, and these documents are categorized by live human editors based on their personal decisions.

The proper optimization of your pages to score high on major search engines is a task of the highest importance. This is the #1 priority of Web promotion. Let us quickly explain some description points before we go on.

URL : This refers to the Web address of the page or of your website given to the search engine.

Meta Tags : Group of tags located in the HEAD area of the web page. They are special tags, containing the most important information about a document. DESCRIPTION, KEYWORDS, AUTO-REFRESH, and AUTHOR are some of the Meta tags. Most engines use them, but not all.

Time of indexing: Each search engine takes a different amount of time between the time of submitting and indexing (48hrs to 8 weeks).Be patient.

Popularity factor used in scoring : Recently many engines add the so-called popularity factor. The more sites that are linked to you, the better popularity score you will get.

Some Popular Search Engines :

Northern Light
Direct Hit
Netscape Open Directory

Importance of a Good Name (URL):

A virtual domain is your own unique, assigned web address (URL) that is used to access your site. Not only is it easy to remember, but such a name which includes the keyword ( i.e.) 'Sahaja Yoga' - a is big bonus when search engines score our sites. A keyword in a URL puts you up front ahead of similar pages that do not use this advantage. A virtual domain adds another very important factor to our Web Promotion.

Some commercial search engines won't even index pages with a tilde (~) in the URL - (i.e.) --- the typical path for 'regular' page addresses. As the number of pages grows on the Internet, some search engines are getting selective, indexing only what they think are large, important sites. Therefore some engines will reject such tilde using addresses from indexing. The Main entrance page (usually index.html or homepage.html) is the page browsers grab from your server when reaching your URL. You can write the URL as or just and the browser will get the homepage.html or the index.html anyway.

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