What are Vibrations?

Vibrations are the pulsations of the All- Pervading Power within us, which we can feel in the central nervous system. The Spirit doesn't pulsate. It doesn't pulsate. The pulsations exist in the all-pervading power. But through the Spirit when you get connected, then only the flow starts. And you then start feeling the pulsations on the central nervous system and this pulsation of the Holy Ghost are the Vibrations.

When I am in thoughtless awareness, I can't see clearly.

I think you must be seeing more than what you must be seeing normally!
He is correct. When you are thoughtlessly aware your eyes, you see- the pupils starts dilating, its correct. But take it higher - the Kundalini- slightly higher - slightly higher, push it up alright?

If Kundalini is staying at thoughtless awareness means just dilating and the eyes can become black, but there is no sparkle. But when it comes out, then you find a ' sparkle ' in the eyes. There is a difference in the eyes, if you see. The eyes get dilated - when the Agnya Chakra is being 'just penetrated, that is still here it is. Then you can't see clearly. Correct. But at thoughtless awareness is all this part (Agnya and above). So if you push it up a little higher - you know how to push Kundalini with your attention- or you watch here(Sahasrara), or you think of Me; Kundalini will go up. Alright?

So, thoughtless awareness is just the beginning. And it’s a great area, up to Shri Krishna point where you become the witness. Now the witness point when you have become, then there is a sparkle in your eyes. Your eyes sparkle. Sparkle in the eyes is a sign that the Kundalini is flowing well. That time you see 'more' than you see normally. And in the start, it starts looking bigger, everything starts looking much clearer. Alright?
Dilatation of the pupil takes place. Some people really at that time have opened their eyes and have said " oh! We've become blind". That's true, it happens. It's correct. Alright? Good question…

Agnya is very important and best way is to take your Kundalini up. You see, don't roam about in the Agnya. Very dangerous. You can be thrown as he said on the 4,4,4 foot back you can go this side 6,6,6,6. It works out 6,6,6,6 this side and 4,4,4,4 this side. Dangerous. Never go. You see you should be very careful. You should never roam about in the Agnya because you are thrown out - projected. You start thinking; all problematic.

Try to take you Kundalini out all the time. ' See', that it's coming out. Put your attention there- and the best is now put your attention to me! Because, I am at Sahasrara. Don't allow your Kundalini to remain in Agnya part. It's dangerous. No doubt. You have become subtler and you can start moving left and right if you want to, and if you try to.

I'll tell you. If you start closing your eyes; say, you're sleepy and you start seeing images at that time. That means you are going on to the left side- they're dead bodies... You start seeing their faces, this, that- you are going to the left side. Now supposing you start seeing lights and stars and this and that- all sorts of things - I mean more the colours, we should say; you're moving on the right side, so try to avoid it. 'I don't want it', you should say. And you try to put your Agnya- if it is left, you put it to the right side or if it is right- just by pushing it.

But what happens, that after sometimes, when you've achieved a certain state, or higher consciousness, then if you want you 'can' penetrate into these areas. You can see all these things. But then certain different types of things, you see, for example, you might see from My Sahasrara huge, big 'Valayas' coming out, or something like that. That's a different point altogether. And also sometimes you might see a little - say a flame -that's a good sign, that means somebody is guiding you. But you have to be careful. Not to indulge into these things because there 'is' a guidance for you and you're all followed by great deities, no doubt, but you should not try to sort of, hanker after that. If they are there, let it be. Because, you see, your Agnya is very important. You should not allow your Agnya to be attracted by these things. You might just find a little dot; standing dot. They are all actually angels who are with you and try to assure you. But that 's not important. What is important is, on your way you should go further and don't go this side or that side. But if you are seeing everyday those images then try to push it back or this way, whichever way it is and try to finish them so that you go further. That means you are sticking on to the same point or you're moving in the other direction on the sides. Because direction should be further and further and further.
(Christmas Eve Talk, Pune, India, 24th December.1982)