"One has to remember that motherhood is very important.
It is the Mother who created the universe, the Father was just a witness."

Mothers provide the stability of the roots of the whole of society. If the mothers themselves are unbalanced, then the society itself will be unsteady and not flourish as is now happening in the West.

How do mothers achieve this stability and balance?

First and foremost, their chastity must be guarded and respected, not just on the gross level, but so that they remain faithful to their husbands with their eyes and their minds, and similarly, their husbands should not look at other women with "wandering eyes" or flirt with other women.
The way women in general dress is very important in keeping the attentions of society free from lust. Clothes should be elegant and feminine, and not in any way vulgar or cheap. A young girl will lose her wisdom with the loss of virginity before her marriage. Her life thereafter becomes structured by ego-pampering romance which bear no relationship to real love, and which allows no room for spiritual growth.

The dharma of family life must be established as based on the Ten Commandments of Moses and the teachings of the other incarnations of Adi Guru Dattatreya.
Pure knowledge, which leads to spiritual evolution, forms the boundaries of these teachings. In other words, what is right behaviour and what is wrong behaviour has to be adhered to. So the children growing in a family will learn both from example and from what the parents teach them as to what is correct behaviour.
A mother's job is to constantly cleanse and correct the child with forgiveness and loving care, but above all, to show the child the correct pattern of behaviour by loving example. The child must be not just physically nourished but provided with emotional secutiry so as to allow his spiritual development to take place from the background of a dharmic family life.

Fourthly, the relationship of a woman with her husband should be correct and based on that of Shri Rama with Shri Sita, who was a loving and obedient wife.
Women should take care of and nourish their husbands and provide them with a clean and orderly household. They should feed their husbands the food they like and they should not be bossy or aggressive to their husbands. Wherever possible, the husband should be the breadwinner and the wife should maintain the household.
In turn, the husband should help his wife to raise the children and provide his wife with financial and emotional security and be absolutely faithful. Their relationship should be loving and never lustful and any display of affection should be kept sacred and private between teh two and never shown in public. Also, the husband and the wife should treat each other with respect so that the children can see this and can grow up themselves respecting mother and father in a proper way. This will provide a proper atmosphere for the growth of their own self respect also.

A woman should maintain absolute purity in her relationships, so that true brother-sister relationship develop, and she should never be possessive of her husband, but should enjoy sharing him as a father or brother with others. Provided his relationship with others is pure, there should be no jealousy.
Elders in the family should be treated with respect and the children should never be degraded or teased in any way.
A mother should develop her own qualities of forgiveness and compassion, and should treat all chidlren with the same love and compassion as her owns.