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America 2002

The slideshow features photos of :
  1. Shri Mataji's arrival in New York
  2. Shri Kubera Puja events
  3. The New York Public Program
  4. Navaratri Puja events
  5. Self-Realization events L.A.
  6. Diwali Puja events.
More photos can be seen at:
  2. ShriMatajiInAmerica.htm
  3. NavaratriDiwali2002.htm
White Buffalo Calf Goddess:
  1. Miracle, The Sacred White Buffalo (Born August 20th,1994)
  2. The White Buffalo Calf Goddess(Lakota People have a Prophecy)
Native American Prayer
Shri Kubera 2002 Card (Canada)


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