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Audio Visual

  • Very imortant for Shri Mataji's Birthday

Two people are needed to coordinate with UBC technician who will there to help set-up the projector, and teach us how to operate the sound and lights (at beginning - 6:00 pm)

Taking responsiblity for set-up and protection of microphones, laptop and mixer is critical to the enjoy of the evening. The equipment needs to be monitored every moment, to avoid loss.

also testing the Freedom & Liberation DVD and seeing if the video-sound sync is working properly is important. Having two laptops - one for back up would reassuring for the success of the evening. Also checking the playing of the Self-Realization DVD and the DVD Power-Point is crucial.

Stage manage the AudioVisual transitionst
1) Music - sound levels
2) Microphones
3) Film operation
4) Self-Realization

Even though Allan Morrissey will be India, he has good advice and we may be using and be ultimately responsible for replacing any equipment if it gets lost.

  • Theatre

The theater comes with a podium (with a mic), baby grand piano we can use, and a patch cord for connecting our laptop to the sound/visual system. The use of the Projector has been gifted to use by UBC and the patch panel is Right Stage from the performers view.

  • Sound

There sound was very good and the speakers I believe were up and above the audience. Kyle recommended we use a mixer for volume control, quality, and increasing the number of microphones we can bring and use. (mixer our own – or rent to use for $35) (only a fixed mic in podium)

  • Projector

The use of the projector which is quite large and fixed above the audience fixed to ceiling. We will have a technician to come for ½ hour to make sure we are all plugged in and everything works.

  • Video Equipment

Kyle suggested that the best combination of value, quality, and usability would be to bring our own quality laptop (Ozge, Lori, Ajay or …) and run the DVD and power-point. Ozge and I felt that the power-point (Intro-Prelude) could be made into a DVD format and played in order for us to avoid the need to run the power-point software.

There is possibly an option to use the sound and video booth, however Kyle seemed to stear us away from this. Again a patch-cord comes with the theater to connect our laptop video to the wall socket on the left-side of the stage.

  • Lighting

There is some pot lighting and controls and the concierge will show us how they function.