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  • Posting and Flyering is a powerful effective way for us to express actively our desire to have a full hall of seekers to celebrate Shri Mataji's Holy 85th Birthday in Vancouver. It is also our main strategy for informing the public of this auspicious ocassion.
  • Tonight 9:00 - Commerical Broadway

Three Days Left to Shri Mataji's 85th Public Birthday Celebration in VANCOUVER.

Our next collective postering initiative is for tonight (Monday at 9:00 pm) - Commerical Broadway. It will be a lot of fun walking down commerical drive puting up posters, talking to people and having flyers put into the cafes etc. We will meet at the coffee shop BLENZ on the corner of Commercial & Broadway by the skytrain.

As Andrey, James and John found out yesterday that quite a few people are quite open and willing to receive our flyers and are tellsing us they would like to come.

Please put up your posters and handout your flyers and send out your invitations! No Poster-Flyer- Invitation Left Behind. Even flyer poster the invitations! Also email invitations to your friends/family/ colleagues.

Future Note: The Art Galley Robson Square side is ideal for giving Self-Realization!

  • Tuesday 7:00pm (Robson Square - Art Gallery)

Two Days Left to Shri Mataji's 85th Public Birthday Celebration in VANCOUVER.

Our last collective postering-flyering will be at the Art Gallery at Robson Square side (Robson & Hornby street) at Tuesday at 7:00 pm. The posters we put up will likely last until Shri Mataji 85th Birthday Celebration.


Parking: $4 after 6:00pm in the Pacific Center right near Robson Square

Phone: John has arranged for us to have an event-location phone the number is 604-505-9251. Also there are rumours of chocolate as a reward for being involved.

  • During the Week

If you can spend a couple of hours each week postering for our Mother's 85th birthday celebration, that would be wonderful! There will be posters here at the ashram if you need. Please call James at 604-629-8308 for printing more posters. He can drop more at the ashram within 24hrs.

Some people mentioned they have specific areas of interest in the lower mainland and will do those - such as North Van, West Van, Kitsilano, Marpole, East Van, Langley, Fraser Valley, etc.

Flyering in cafes, restaurants, health food shops, hotels, colleges is quite easy and joyful. All the best.