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Evening Program

  • Arrival & Setup

Everyone should be there to help set-up no later than 5:30 pm. It is highly advisable to be downtown at 4:30 pm because of parking and moving items and materials into Robson Square. The Pacific Center could be excellent choice. Street parking can be risky, expensive and complicated. We must be on time, setup and ready to welcome Shri Mataji's guests by 6:15 pm.

1) Setup up (5:00 pm)
2) Entertainment Program (6:30 pm)
3) Film & Realization (7:30 pm)
4) Reception Serving
5) Clean-up and exiting (by 10:00 pm)

  • Shri Mataji's 85th Birthday Celebration (Vancouver)
6:30pm Doors Open - Janaki play violin
6:45pm Bhajans -Qwalis Dance - Kuruninchi (To Shri Mataji)
7:20pm Intro to Movie (Brent/Rajesh)
7:30pm Screening of the Movie
8:50pm Grand Piano - Soft "Happy Birthday" 3x then fade out to speaker
8:53pm Speaker presents the idea of those of you who wants to have realization can stay.
9:00pm DVD of Self Realization (short 5 min.) Then play meditation or piano music in the background
9:15pm Reception tea and cake! Meeting our quests.
  • Before Film

The doors will open at 6:30 pm.

Our guests will be free to view are displays in the foyer and talk will us. We will be having a Power Point Slide show made by Ajay using the source materials from last years 'Music of Joy' plus other material.

Janaki has wondefully agreed to play the violin. There is also Baby grand piano (which we told was tuned) which can be played. There will be time for some Qwalis and Bhajans.

Shreya has also offered to dance just before one of our speakers (Rajesh or Brent) will introduce Shri Mataji and the 'Freedom & Liberation' film. As the film runs 85 minutes and we are going to have Self-Realization Video, we will be keeping things fairly streamlined after the 7:30 pm film start.

During 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm people will continue to arrive and locate their seating with the assistance of ushers. They will receive our beautiful 'Program Card' and 3 fold phamlet at the entrance.

Mother's 85th Birthday Celebration in Vancouver will be an amaazzzing! If you have any questions, please contact Shreya, Lori or myself. We are open to ideas and suggestions. Of course Shri Mataji is doing everything.

  • Music Bhajans - Practice

The following bhajans for the music program for Mother's Birthday Celebration are being considered:

(The order can be different of course)
1. Namami - 5 min
2. Isi Liye - 5 min
3. Mauline - 7 min
4. Qawali (short)(Ozge) -12 min
5. Jogwa- 7 min

Total time: 36 minutes aprx

If anyone feels we should do other bhajans, please contact Tanya at We need to have practice session, which is suggested for this Saturday March 15th.

  • Handouts

We will be having giving out a commemorative card styled like the film poster with Shri Mataji's Biography on reverse side. Also we will be also giving a 3 way folding phamlet introducing Self-Realisation, Sahaja Yoga, and our follow-up classes.

Common Ground Invitation