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  • Another important aspect of Mother's Birthday Celebration.
  • Having a reception with Cake, Tea and coffee will allow us to have conversations that may otherwise not take place - getting feedback, encouraging the seekers to come to the follow-up programs, answering many questions, and helping us Celebrate!

Thankfully we have been allowed by UBC Robson Square to be able to bring our own cake. A cake specialist at Micheal's has been contacted to create Shri Mataji's cake.

We will have to supply or arrange the plates and napkins and will have to take some care clearing and cleaning up. (Paper plates, napkins, and we will try asking the UBC caters for spoons.)

We will need people to serve the cake - avoiding plastic is not only good for vibrations and asethetics, but could be offensive to some people and give us a poor image in environment department.

We are planning to have tea and coffee after the film and Self-Realization. At UBC Robson Square this must be catered.