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  • Shri Mataji about Robson Square

"The evening of the public program we approached Robson Square Media Centre from Howe Street on the west side of the complex....

The room we had booked for the program was below ground level, I believe two levels down, and as we entered the elevator to go down and were discussing the venue, Shri Mataji expressed Her pleasure at the fact that the room was located within the Mother Earth." (Lori Wills)

"I went to Shri Mataji’s programme, which was held in the same public center several stories under the earth. Shri Mataji said it was good for the vibrations to have it in the earth." (Edward Saugstad)

  • Shri Mataji miracles at Robson Square

In October 1993, in Canada, a letter of congratulations was received from the Governor of British Columbia, and was read out at the public program. It thanked Mother for visiting Vancouver. The well-attended program, with more than five hundred present, went smoothly and after questions and realisation, Mother received over a hundred people on the stage.

One lady with hands and body shaking came to Mother`s feet. She told Mother how it came and went. It was obviously uncontrollable and quite severe. After a few moments, Mother indicated it was a problem of the Visshuddhi chakra (at the level of the throat) and told her to first ask and then affirm the following:

"Are you the Holy Spirit that Christ has sent?" Then: "You are the Holy Spirit that Christ sent." The lady's upper body, arms and hands shook uncontrollably, and then stopped completely.

"There, look it's gone now, finished," said Mother.
One man, a teacher, informed Mother he was partially blind in the left eye. The remedy, Mother said he should ask Her the question: "Are you the teacher of all teachers?" He did this, and Shri Mataji continued. "You are the teacher of all teachers!" She then asked him to affirm, and he did so. "How do you see?" Mother asked. His eyesight was restored and everyone applauded.
Geoff G.

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  • Location & Directions
  • UBC Robson Square Theater
    800 Robson Street
    (Robson St. between Hornby St. and Howe St.
    Lower Level - near skating rink)
    Vancouver, B.C.
    (Elevator Access)
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