January 2008
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Welcome Note
Sahaja News
Sahaja Growth Insights
Two Sahaja Yoga classes restarted in GTA
Shri Mataji in India

Divine Knowledge
The importance of putting a bindi on forehead
‘Ham’ and ‘Ksham’ is the Beeja

Welcome Note

We wish all the readers a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2008.

Welcome to the first issue of monthly newsletter from Canada. We hope you will find it interesting and informative. We intend to bring important news that takes place in Sahaja world, recent past and upcoming Sahaja events. In every edition, few lines will be included relating to Sahaja knowledge under the title and heading - ”Divine Knowledge”. With this issue being the first one – we are making an exception and hence instead of last month – we will reflect on the year 2007.

For any ideas, news, information and suggestions, please feel free to write to us at : newsletter@sahajayoga.ca

Sahaja News

Last Year, one of the significant developments for the Ontario collective was establishment of the Local Council of Ontario. Local Council is actively addressing many issues and is sincerely working on them one by one.

The Council is also in the process of appointing different committees. These committees will act as an extension of the work of Council by allowing all the yogis to participate and support various projects.

One of the agenda’s of Local Council is to look for a permanent common place for both Puja and Meditation. In recent past, Pujas were performed at different locations because same location was not available on the required dates as this was being done on a short notice.

Sahaja Growth Insights
ONTARIO - Reflecting the fruits of labor, the Ottawa center is now established. The collective acknowledges the sincere efforts of the yogis involved in planning, coordinating and executing Shri Matajiís vision of spreading Sahaja Yoga.

Another good news is that Sahaja Radio Live Broadcast won an award for Best "Spoken Word" Radio Show at CKMS, Waterloo on 10 Nov, 07.
Glenn Pattison has been running this radio program for 6 years. This award has helped to keep him motivated to spread Sahaja Yoga through this medium.

SASKATCHEWAN - Effort is being made by a yogini, Rita Karakochuk, in Wynyard and Saskatoon in Saskatchewan to spread Sahaja Yoga. She has recently given an advertisement in newspaper for new Sahaja Yoga programs there. If you happen to visit any of these cities, please contact her to help her either by email: ritadoroghik@yahoo.ca or phone 1-306-554-3754.

Two Sahaja Yoga classes restarted in GTA
We are happy to inform that following classes have restarted in 2008:

  • Downtown class - Every Thursday - 7:00 pm at 252 Bloor right at St.George subway station (OISE/UT building).
  • North Kipling Community Center class - Every Wednesday .
    6:00 pm -7:00 pm in Spanish and 7:00 pm -8:00 pm in English at 2 Rowntree Rd., M9V 5C7 (On Kipling Av.- North of Finch).

As always, the support of all the yogis is welcome to make such Sahaja programs more successful!!

Shri Mataji in India
Shri Mataji is in Pune. On December 23rd, while going from Mumbai to Pune, Shri Mataji decided to stop at the Sahaja Health Centre at CBD Belapur (Vashi). There Shri Mataji was greeted by the members of the staff . The hallway was decorated with flowers and courtyard with Rangoli (design on the ground with colored powder). Shri Mataji asked how many yogis were usually being treated and how many yogis were there at present and how were they accommodated. She also enquired from which countries did they come from and the diseases that were being treated at the hospital. Shri Mataji opened her palms and asked the yogis and yoginis to open their palms towards her and then enquired whether all could feel the cool vibrations. She praised the doctors for their hard work.

Divine Knowledge

  • The importance of putting a bindi on forehead
    Bindi is made with a substance called Lead Oxide. Lead Oxide is also called Sindhoor in Hindi. It is a cooling thing and is very good for right sided people. For them if it is put on Agnya it cools them down and controls anger. Thus, it helps to protect and clear Agnya chakra.

  • ‘Ham’ and ‘Ksham’ is the Beeja
    Quotes from Shri Mataji - ”Now the mantra of the Agnya Chakra is Lord’s Prayer. It has got two sides ‘Ham’ and ‘Ksham’. ‘Ham’ means ‘I am’ and Ksham’ means ‘I forgive’. So if supposing this is catching, you have to say, ‘I forgive’. If there is ego within us, you should say, ‘I forgive’. If there is superego within us, we should say ‘I am, I am’; so it is ‘Ham’ and ‘Ksham’ is the beeja, is the seed. It is the seed of the prayer, Lord’s Prayer”.

Sahaja Events

Upcoming Events

  • Marriages on Birthday Puja
    - at Chindwara - those who are interested to apply please contact Patrick Lantoin in Quebec, Andrei Harabor in Alberta, Surrinder Jassal in British Colombia and Emad in Ontario.
  • Public Program
    09 Feb, 08
    - at Eastgate Mall in Hamilton from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm - Join us to make it successful.
  • Next Online Collective Meditation
    28 Jan, 08
    - Sahaja Yoga Global Meditation at 9:00 pm (EST)
    Use the Sahaja Yoga Radio to broadcast the meditation.
  • Maha Shivratri Puja
    08 - 09 Mar, 08 - in Pune.

Past Events

  • Public Program
    15 Jan, 08
    Public Program took place in Oakville at Whole Foods Market.
    05 Jan, 08
    Mall Realization - in Hamilton.

    Many seekers got their self - realization.

  • Workshop/ Seminar
    02 - 06 Jan, 08
    Workshop – For Yuvashakti at P.K. Salve Kala Pratishthan – Focus was to establish the qualities of Swadhistan chakra.
    22 Dec, 07
    Seminar in Hamilton – For new yogis – Aim was to teach Sahaja techniques and their benefits.
    28 - 30 Sep, 07
    Camp Couchiching Seminar – For yogis to spend some time together and for spiritual ascent.
    01 Jul, 07
    Kortright Seminar – Aim was to be collective and to get help in spiritual growth.

    We all are looking forward to such beneficial seminars in year 2008 as well.

  • Latest Releases
    11 Dec, 07
    Version 2.2 released
    – of Online Contact Book – the upgraded version is made more user friendly. Visit: http://www.sahajayoga.ca/tools/
    03 Nov, 07
    Online Magazine Store
    - The Divine Cool Breeze. Buy subscriptions at the store: www.divinecoolbreeze.org

  • Musical Night
    04 Nov, 07
    In Toronto – by Sanjay Talwar – attended by many yogis and everyone enjoyed the vibrations.

For any ideas, news, information and suggestions, please feel free to write to us at : newsletter@sahajayoga.ca
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