April 2008
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Editor's Note
Sahaja News
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Divine Knowledge

Editor's Note

Countdown to the World Realization Day has begun. Canadian yogis are also planning and coordinating for this day. In Toronto, we have a program on 05 May, 08 at 7:00 pm at Nathan Phillips Square - City Hall. We request all the Yogis to join us in publicity of this event to make locals aware of it by putting posters in and around their area and distributing flyers to as many as possible and make it a big success. To collect posters and pamphlets you may contact Andrew Tyas at andytyas@yahoo.com or (416) 266 8737.

This issue’s Divine Knowledge column features the advice given by Mother on how to convey to North American seekers about Sahaja Yoga that will appeal their being independent and self reliant nature.

So use of those keywords in conversation with seekers will act as a catalyst in making them understand the truth and also adhere to this truth.

Sahaja News

World Realization Day
"Change Yourself, Change the World” is the title of the World Realization Day. In Toronto, Downtown the City Hall is reserved from 3:00 PM to 9:30 PM. The Program starts at 7:00 PM. The address for City Hall is 100 Queen Street West, Toronto.

It is decided to start the program with an introduction and self-realization session. After that there will be a workshop session with live classical music and to be followed by allowing the seekers to ask questions to the yogis with the name tags.

All day realization events will be on the weekend prior to May 05 i.e. on 2nd, 3rd and 4th May, 08 at different locations. Please see the upcoming event section for the venue information.

We all can help to make this event successful by informing seekers about this event, helping Yogis in various set of works and of course by coming and helping seekers to get their realization.


Earth Day
Sahaja Yoga Vancouver collective is participating in the 8th Annual Earth Day Event at Everett Crowley Park on 26 April, 08. One of the goals is to make some displays about Shri Mataji talking about Mother Earth.

Over 4000 people had came to this event last year. There will be cultural music & dance, organic food, tree planting etc..

During earth week we have another opportunity in Oakville, Ontario where we have a booth in an environmental fair which has a record of 130 organizations involved. For more info, view the upcoming event section.

Amazing Coincidence
This year, on March 21, 2008, there were few amazing coincidences. As we all were drenched in the joy of celebrating Mother’s Birthday, majority of the world was also celebrating different festivals or spiritual events.

Among many, one coincidence was that the Otomi Toltec Teotihuacán Tradition arranged big drumming events in Mexico and around the world.

They were using 8000 Sacred Drums to create Mähki ‘Ñithi (Powerful Sacred Medicine) and Ts’edi Pa (Intensified Healing Energy) to heal Mother Earth. The prophecy of the ancestors of the Otomí Native Nation, was for an awakening of Indigenous peoples and of all humankind.

When 8000 sacred drums play together, an intense healing of Mother Earth will commence. This is 500-year-old Otomi prophecy and was written on a rock in a sacred cave in Mexico. Originally, only the high priests had access to the prophecy. However, in 1995 the current high priest felt it was the right time, and so he alerted the Otomi Elders who began making preparations for the drumming ceremony.
While the main drumming ceremony took place at the Otomi Ceremonial Centre, Temoaya, in the State of Mexico, other groups met at ceremonial centres and sacred places throughout the world. In Toronto, Canadians too joined to sound their prayers in several locations throughout the city.

Celebrations in different parts of Canada
On behalf of Canadian Collective a Saree and a Birthday Card was presented to Mother as a birthday gift. Birthday Card was made by Louise from Montreal and in the card was an invitation to Mother to visit Canada. Also, during Shivratri Puja a bouquet of beautiful flowers was offered at lotus feet of Shri Mataji by Christine representing Canada Collective.

In Canada, on the occasion of the Mother’s 85th birthday yogis were given a portrait of Anand Thandav as a gift.

VANCOUVER: On Thursday, March 20, 2008, the evening prior to Shri Mataji's 85th birthday, the collective in Vancouver celebrated the occasion with the Canadian premiere screening of the movie "Freedom and Liberation" at Robson Square Theatre in the University of British Columbia in downtown Vancouver. Approximately 150 people attended, including 35 or so yogis/yoginis.

The event commenced with local musicians performing bhajans from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. followed by a classical Indian dance performed by Shreya. First speaker Brent then gave a 10 minute introduction to Sahaja Yoga as well as some background information about Shri Mataji and Her life's work. The film started at 7:30 pm. Brent then introduced, Mr. John Nuraney, a member of parliament who was attending on behalf of the Premier's office. Mr. John spoke for about ten minutes; expressing how moved and inspired he felt watching the film and how he felt such compassion and love from Shri Mataji as She undertook this huge challenge of giving self-Realization to humanity. He ended his talk by reading a formal greeting of good wishes and a salutation to Shri Mataji signed by the Premier and was enthusiastically applauded.

Following this, Second speaker Rajesh explained about the process of self-realization and a short clip was played with Shri Mataji giving realization. At the end of the experience all those in the audience raised both their hands, indicating they had felt a cool or warm breeze on their hands. There was a follow up program on 27 March, 08 at different venue. A second follow-up program was held on April 10th at the same venue.

CALGARY: Here the puja was conducted by the yogis on Sunday 23 March, 08. All were in jubilant mood.

EDMONTON: As it is a small collective, Yogis usually take turns to celebrate pujas at their homes. Birthday Puja 2008 was celebrated on Friday, March 21,at Balwinder Minhas' house where all gathered around 11:30am.
The movie “Freedom and Liberation” was watched at the beginning of Puja. Puja was followed by delicious meals prepared by Balwinder. Yogis also took the opportunity of being together to discuss and finalize arrangements for screening of Freedom & Liberation (on Sunday, April 6).
All told, it was a lovely day, full of warm, spring sunshine and a tangible feeling of new energy for our SY activities for the few warmer months that are coming up (weather conditions being rather a significant factor of life in Edmonton).

GTA: As 21 March was a holiday, Toronto Collective decided to be together for almost the whole day. Children had made the decorations. The festivities started with Puja in the afternoon followed by the birthday party celebration – which included dinner and entertainment program. The food was catered. In the entertainment - Yuvashakti performed a qawalli “Khwaja Mere Khwaja…” from the movie Jodha Akbar. Another Yuva played Tabla, few yogis sang bhajans which was followed by Dandia.

OTTAWA: In the capital of Canada, Puja was celebrated at a yogi’s place and also the collective participated in the event "Celebrations of Cultures" held on March 18th-19th hosted by Algonquin College. Around 30-40 people got their realization.
Public Program Photos: http://www.kodakgallery.com/I.jsp?c=jafvahk.2l7zz034&x=0&y=-g0ai2l

MONTREAL: Yogis conducted a Public Program on the auspicious occasion of Mother's Birthday on 22 March, 08 and the theme was Birthday - as all yogis had brought flower to offer to Shri Mataji. Yogis in that session talked about Shri Mataji's life and Her mission. After that they had a birthday cake along with tea and coffee.

Latest From Pune…

City of Pune honors Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
On 07 April, 08 on the occasion of Shri Mataji’s Marriage anniversary, Pune honored Mother by the Mayor of the city providing a letter of felicitation to the respected couple. The felicitation of Shri Mataji and Sir CP Shrivastava is one of those given to enlighten and austere persons’, said Mayor Rajlaxmi Bhonsle.

Holy Pilgrimage…
Around fifteen yogis from Canada had the great and amazing privilege to attend an unprecedented event in the center of India. Mother reached Chhindwara on the 18 March, 08.

On the 20th of March 2008, a program was held to felicitate Shri Mataji on Her Birthday.
On this pious occasion many felicitation messages were received from around the world. These were from leaders from various spheres including political as well as religious leaders. Messages were read out, from amongst others, of those of the President of India and the President of the USA. Other notable ones were from the Prime Minister of Canada and the leader of sufi saints from Turkey. It was informed that Mayors of many cities had recently declared 21st March as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi day- Houston, Texas being amongst them.

At midnight a cake was cut in Nirmal Sthaan - the abode constructed for Her stay in the Puja premises. Firecrackers sounded as the date turned to 21st March.

Next day Shri Mataji arrived around 8pm for Birthday Puja, with all Her family, and Puja commenced. Later Sadhana Didi and Kalpana Didi decided to play holi with Shri Mataji. More Gulal was vibrated by mother. The Indian yogis spared no time mixing the vibrated red powder with tons more, making packets and distributing right away to the crowd of more than twenty thousand people.

Shri Mataji did not attend the Saturday night music program, and left for Nagpur on Sunday morning. In Nagpur Mother asked for the offering of Easter Puja. The Puja was offered at 10:30 am EST. Mother spoke at the Puja and the main Message was:

  • We have to forgive people… That is very important, because that is the power you have won - from Christ.
  • Forgiveness comes from people who are very generous, who are good-hearted. You know, everybody makes mistakes and so we can also make mistakes, but that means we have a right to forgive and we have a heart to forgive. If you don’t have that, then you are not a Sahaja Yogi. You must learn to forgive and forgive without any remarks behind you.

Shri Mataji returned to Pune on 24 March, 08.

Divine Knowledge

Last year in the month of July and August, Mother mentioned that the seekers of America are very independent and self reliant. Shri Mataji had specific advice on topics to convey to them in a manner that will appeal to this aspect of their nature. She had said:

  • Tell the seekers that true freedom and independence comes from self knowledge, and that they should know that they have this instrument within themselves and it is their own. We should tell them to “Know Thyself”.
  • Once they have felt the existence of the instrument within, they should be told that they can diagnose their own problems through some knowledge of the centers and that they can correct them without anyone telling them.
  • This ability to clear their own problems at the level of the centers will allow them to become independent of the doctors and psychiatrists and the medications they prescribe and will save the money that is wasted on these dependencies.
  • Shri Mataji suggested that seekers begin immediately to work on themselves and others, and in that way will feel that they have something. Even if they cannot feel it and the person that they are working on does, this will encourage them.

Sahaja Events

Upcoming Events

  • Public Program
    8th Annual Earth Day Event
    26 April, 08

    Everett Crowley Park
    - Kerr Street near 64th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. - From 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

    All-day Realization Events

    03 May, 08 at
  1. Maple Syrup Festival
    - Bowmanville, ON. Temperence/Main Via Liberty St off 401
  2. Cedarbrae Mall
    3495 Lawrence Ave East, Scarborough, ON M1H 1B3
  3. Agincourt Mall
    3850 Sheppard Ave East & Kennedy, Toronto, ON

    02-03 May, 08 :

  4. Chapters – Queensway
    1950 The Queensway,
    Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 5H5
    on May 02, 08 from 6:00pm -9:00 pm
    on May 03, 08 from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

    03-04 May, 08 :
  5. The Big Carrot Natural Food Market
    348 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 1N8
  6. Robarts Library
    130 St.George Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1A5
  • World Realization Day
    05 May ,08
    Nathan Phillips Square –
    Toronto Downtown City Hall

    at 100 Queen St. W, Toronto. – From 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

  • Sahasrara Puja
    04 May ,08
    Sakshat Puja - in Cabella, Italy.

    In GTA on 04 May, 08 from 5.30pm to 10.30pm - at
    Elmbank Community Centre
    10 Rampart Road, Toronto
    ON M9V 4L9

  • Seminars/ Workshops/ Picnic
    Hamilton Seminar
    27 April, 08
    Objective - to introduce more Sahaja techniques for those attending the Sahaja weekly classes regularly - starts at 10:30 am till 4:00 pm - 2 Elite Dr. # 64 (Co-op Centre),Hamilton, ON
    L8W 3M1 - Main intersection is Upper Wentworth and Rymal Rd.

    Picnic and Seminar
    18 May, 08 – Heydenshore Pavilion - 589 Water, Whitby, ON

    Art and Spirituality - II
    25 May, 08
    Experience the Divine Vibrations through Art with Sufi poetry and Music , Live Theatre Presentation “Theater of Eternal Values” – Canada with “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran. At 2255 Brant Street, Burlington, ON

Past Events

For any ideas, news, information and suggestions, please feel free to write to us at : newsletter@sahajayoga.ca
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