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"...The Kundalini; Who has patience, love, understanding... who comforts, counsels... who saves the people, transforms them, and gives them their second birth; She who wants that you have your Self-Realization, but if you do not want it then She is not bothered. She who does not take anything from you, only gives... Who has come to tell us the truth....."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


Dear Friends,

A lot of us are interested in Meditation techniques, in Yoga, or looking for spiritual enlightenment. In 1970, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi started to give seekers of truth their self-realization through Kundalini awakening. This process known as "Sahaja Yoga Meditation" is offered by the way of free sessions all over the world.

This newsletter informs you about the benefits of Sahaja Yoga. Moreover, it is a resource for those just starting their journey and are anxious to go deeper into the experiences of Meditation. This newsletter also informs you about Sahaja Yoga events and extends a personal invitation to join us.

In order to provide interesting and relevant articles, your feedback is important to us! Please feel free to let us know about the subjects that might be of interest to you so we can help you in your journey. Send us information to We hope you will also consider attending our free classes, as they are the practical experiences which complement the newsletter.

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What is Meditation?
What do I feel in Meditation?
How is Sahaja Yoga Meditation different from other kinds of Meditation?

Meditation is for you to go deep down into yourself. When you meditate you are in silence, you are in thoughtless awareness… then the growth of awareness takes place, and then it opens out. To achieve that height of detachment, of understanding, is only possible through meditation.
Meditation is the only way you can enrich yourself with the beauty of Reality… there’s no other way… to rise into the realm of divinity.

Sahaja Yoga
First is 'Yoga' which means the union of your attention and your spirit. These two must meet, unless and until they meet, you cannot reach your Absolute. Yoga is a living process… is Sahaj … or spontaneous, easy… All yogas are really Sahaja... Otherwise whatever people call as yoga… is not yoga… because union takes place only spontaneously… only through Kundalini awakening - so Yoga has to be Sahaja Yoga.

Kundalini is the power of pure desire within us, a motherly and soothing spiritual energy which lies dormant in three and a half coils at the base of the spinal cord, in the triangular bone called "sacrum".
Kundalini cures you, she improves you, she bestows all the blissful things upon you. She takes you away from the worries of the grosser level.


Self Realization
That process which occurs as the Kundalini is awakened, and rises to unite with the all Pervading power… and which first works on the physical being… then the mental… followed by the emotional… and finally the spiritual being.
The awakening of the Kundalini is through the central channel, piercing the seven energy centers finally to emerge through the fontanel bone (little area at the top of the head.)

Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze of the Primordial Kundalini… The cool breeze is all around us… and we can start feeling it in our hands, when the Kundalini pierces the fontanel bone
and emerges from the top of the head.
It is cool…. because the all pervading power of God's love is felt like that… when your spirit is enlightened. It exists everywhere… but you never felt it before… you start feeling it when your spirit is awakened!

The Spirit
A modern problem is that we have turned our attention towards outside things, and to outward development and to economics, and have lost the inner life… The problem today, a very subtle problem that people do not understand…is inside the human being.
People are so restless and full of tension. The problem is that our attention is not on the spirit, it is outside.
But as soon as we put our attention to the spirit, we find, amazingly, that everything works out, and that the spirit is the source of all love, peace, joy and truth. This is an evolutionary process.



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