"...Even when you get your realization you are sometimes in a growing stage up to a point. Like you're nourished by the Mother Earth all the time but you're not aware of it. In the same way the womb of Sahaja Yoga nourishes you to grow up into beautiful beings. Still you have to come up to a point when it has to click in such a way that you start feeling the awareness of that unbinding love. In the small children it clicks very fast because they're so innocent and uncomplicated…"
 (Switzerland, 1983)



We would like to invite you to 2 new meditation programs:

- in Hamilton, each Thursday at 6.30pm, Concession Library (Programme Room). 

- in Toronto, each Thursday, 7.30 (252 Bloor St. W, OISE building, St. George subway station).

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What does it mean to 'Surrender'?
What is the Significance of Realization?
Why is Meditation important in Sahaja Yoga?
What does our Spirit represent?
What is the importance of our Attention in Sahaja Yoga?
How does Kundalini energy make us aware of our Chakras?

First is to Surrender
Though your consciousness is enlightened by self-realization it is not yet enlightened by joy. That is, something happens to all of you gradually, as I told you, and should happen to all of you as soon as possible. What is there to surrender - the force that itself is flowing towards you and nourishing. Do we say the lotus has surrendered itself to its fragrance? Do we say that the sun has surrendered itself to its brilliance? Do we say that the moon has surrendered itself to its coolness? It would be absurd to say like that. The word ''surrender'' sometimes can mean only, at the most, in the context of Sahaja Yoga that we surrendered our egos, our limitations, and our shallowness, what we have achieved is... our own. We have surrendered all that is useless for something that is great and eternal. This weight of the ignorance has to drop out. (Switzerland, 1983) 

After Realization 
Now those who have got realization, those who have felt the vibrations must know that they are now developing into another being. The germination has started, and you must allow the germination to work out in its own way. But normally when we get realization also, we don't realize that it is a tremendous thing that has happened within us. That this triggering, which is an impossibility, has taken place within us and it has to work out slowly. It has to develop and evolve us into that and because we don't feel it, we don't take it that seriously, as we should, our realization does not grow.
Moreover, we are surrounded by people who have not felt the vibrations. They don't know this area, they have never seen it. … They don't know that there is a power of God that exists, which understands, coordinates, cooperates with you, which is working in the collective being, which makes you aware of that collective being and of others also.
So one has to realize that it is love, and love is the basis of all this creation. God has created this world this universe only because He loves you and He wants to bestow His blessings on you because He loves you. But how far you love yourself is the problem. How far you understand yourself is the problem. You don't evaluate yourself and that is the reason why, though the Kundalini has risen and you have got realization, your vibrations are flowing, the growth is very slow. Because attention has been outside and even after realization it is outside. Sometimes it is sucked in and again it goes outside. Then we don't change our old habits at all. We go on sticking to these old habits. Our structure of life, our styles of thinking, continues to be the same. Again we find ourselves lost into the same shambles. (15.10.1979, London) 

Importance of Meditation
Now you all have realized by this time that within us lays the peace, the beauty, the glory of our being. There's an ocean of all that. We cannot seek it outside. We have to go within - what they call "in the meditative state" you seek it, you enjoy it. Like when you are thirsty, you go to a river, or you go to an ocean, and try to quench your thirst. But even the ocean cannot give you sweet water. So, how can anything that is spread outside give you that deep thing that is within you. You are trying to find it outside, where it does not lie. It is within us, absolutely within us. It is so simple because it is your own. It is within your reach, just there. Whatever you have been doing-going out to find the joy, is so-called joy, and is so-called happiness, so-called glory of worldly powers and worldly possessions. You have to reverse it back - the whole thing. You have to project 'within yourself'. It was not wrong that you went out. You should not feel sorry for what you have done so far. It was not a correct way to get to the real joy of life, the "real glory" of your being. It has worked in so many people, that you have entered into that subtler understanding. Some people are only at a mental level, maybe, doesn't matter. Maybe some are only at a physical level that they can feel it. It doesn't matter. But you are on the correct lines. You are moving correctly.
Try to meditate. Meditate more, so that you reach that inner being. And this inner being is the vast ocean of bliss, which exists in every one of us. In the vast flood of light, that floods everybody's inner beauty. So to approach it, you have to go "within" yourself, by denying things which are against it, against your movement. (14.03.1983, Australia)

Representation of Our Spirit
What is Spirit? What work is it doing residing within us and how is it related to God? It is said that Spirit is the reflection of God in our heart. This reflection is like that of the sun in water. Although reflection of the sun is seen in water, he is away in the sky and not in water. Similarly Spirit is as much as it is seen, it is beyond all that and not limited by it. But, for any reflection to be clearly visible the mirror, which is the cause of that reflection must be clean. If the mirror is not clean, or instead of mirror a stone is there, the sun's reflection will not be seen in it. In the same way, that may look disturbed who has not yet become clean like mirror, so that he can see the God's reflection within himself. Although the sun is seen taking different shapes on the ripples of flowing water, he is steady at his place and it is only his reflection that changes its shape. Similarly, the reflection of Spirit appears to be absent or it just shines for a moment and disappears, in the person who is full of sin and wickedness or whose heart is loaded with false ambitions and desires. It thus entails that all these - body, mind, intellect, ego etc. that we know, should be converted into a mirror. (18.08.1979, Delhi) 

Importance of Attention
Spirit is never disturbed or destroyed. Only human attention, in pursuit of desires, leaves its inner path. This is illusion. She (the illusion entering our path) has been intentionally created. Without her the attention would not have developed. You should not be afraid of illusion and should recognize her so that She will illuminate your path. Cloud hides the sun as also makes it seen. In the same way once the illusion is identified she moves aside and the sun is seen. The sun is always there but what is the purpose of cloud? Because of cloud you have an urge to see the sun, which shines for a moment and again hides somewhere. It gives strength and courage to your sight to see the sun. (Mithya, 05.05.75) 

Kundalini energy and our Chakras
Kundalini energy that is residing in us has been placed in us by God and has been created by His desire. Kundalini energy creates our mirror, develops it and cleans it. Slowly She (the motherly and soothing spiritual energy within us) makes it capable of receiving in itself the reflection of Spirit. In Sahaja Yoga you know that awakening of Kundalini is very easy and spontaneous. But Sahaja Yogis must know that they have come to Sahaja Yoga primarily to clean their mirror, to wash their sins and past deeds, to become purified of all the dirt that has been accumulated within from time immemorial. They have not come to collect sins and dirt, but to become pure. Many Sahaja Yogis are aware that Kundalini is that current which passes through their Chakras and awakens their Chakras. When the light comes on your Chakras you can know their condition even on your fingertips. This is the knowledge. This alone is to be known. So far the knowledge that you have had was not enlightened. There was no light in it. Now because of the light, you can know which of your chakras have problems. There is a way to clear the Chakras of those problems;
how to do it is also taught in Sahaja Yoga. You cannot see the filth so long as there is no light. It is not visible in the dark. You will see it when light illumines within you. So the first object is, to accomplish the light, to what people call - achieving the truth or knowing the truth. First we should know the truth and in the truth we initially come to know what our qualities are. In Sahaja Yoga, man easily accepts his faults, because he can see them in the light. (18.08.1979, Delhi)

Self Realization at Chapter's

  On September 12th we had a program at Chapter's in Ancaster. I confess that was a totally new experience for us, even though we had given realization (awakening of the Kundalini energy) on streets on many occasions. Once we were settled in and saw all the seats taken, our hearts were full of joy for sharing this amazing experience of Sahaja Yoga.
 The audience was so eager and did not want to leave. They were thirsty for the knowledge and very anxious to feel the cool breeze resulting from the realization process. 
 We were set-up in the middle of the store, where many were walking by and looking during the realization process. Many comments were made by those who felt this experience for the first time, such as "This was exactly what I was looking for, for so long". Also "I have been doing yoga for so many years, but I was never able to relax so easily, even in such a busy place, it was possible".
 With all this enthusiasm we were so eager to start meetings in the area. Most of the participants requested a closer place for meetings and wanted so much to learn more, so the result of their desire is Thursday, October 7th, 2004 at the Concession Public Library in HAMILTON!!! The meetings are ongoing every Thursday at the same place and time.
So please feel free to join us on this joyous occasion of spreading the message of the inner truth and peace through the teachings of Sahaja Yoga.

- All excerpts are taken directly from the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.
- This month, the title image background was taken from William Blake's 'Vision of Christ'. It's a colour version from a series of prints of Blake's interpretation of The Book of Job from the Old Testament. For the full version, click here  

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