"Consolidation of Sahaja Yogis is very important. The first thing, to consolidate yourself you must do introspection. It's to reflect the light within and see for yourself. Where were you? How far you have gone? And how far have you to go? What is the thing that is lacking in you? You'll be surprised when you start seeing yourself in a very unbiased manner, not justifying yourself, not blaming somebody else. If you start seeing yourself what has gone wrong with you that you could not consolidate yourself properly, you'll be amazed that there has been problems still lingering on which must be corrected. Now these problems we can see very clearly. With the light of the Spirit we can see them very clearly that 'this' has gone wrong with me". (18.06.1988, U.K.)


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What is the importance of our Subtle Being?
What is the significance of Introspection in Meditation 
to develop as a Sahaja Yogi?

How does the Kundalini work to give Peace in Meditation?

Surrender to the Subtler Being
We can only understand dedication of something, which looks bigger in a gross way, which appears in a gross way. But we cannot dedicate ourselves to something that is so much subtler, which is so minute, which is so much deeper, which is so much effective, which is so much dynamic, so universal and so eternal. We cannot think of dedicating ourselves to that. We can surrender ourselves to somebody who looks like a mountain, who comes to oppress us like a mountain, which is like false guru. But to surrender to your subtler being - which you cannot see with your eyes, which is not audible, but, in effect is so powerful; like the atomic bomb when the atom is split - when it is not split, it is everywhere. But at the subtlest point it is so dynamic, that when you separate it, it becomes such a dynamic force of destruction. As your attention has now penetrated into the subtler side of this universe, get deep and deeper into it. (31, 07, 1982, UK)
All these things are to be understood after realization, and after maturity. Before that it is not possible. Beyond all these conceptions you have become your Self, now ready, to be responsible, to be what you are made for. Like the ship is built, is brought to the sea, tried, and found out to be sea-worthy to sail out now, into the sea. So this is the second phase where you have to sail out, when you know everything about the ship, everything about the sea. With complete freedom and wisdom, you have to sail now. Not afraid of any storms or any hails or any typhoons because now all you know, your job is to cross through. (31, 07, 1982, UK)

Introspection in Meditation to be a Sahaja Yogi
If you become the ideals, the power of ideals itself will make you so dynamic that you don't need to consult anybody, you become the ideal. They are like torches. Your ideals itself will be enlightened. So the first attitude should be, how do we deepen ourselves? That should be the first attitude. (06, 11, 1983, UK)
So in your meditations, you have to sit down. Now what do you see in meditation. Try to see all the chakras, what chakras are catching, face it yourself. These might be from your past life that some chakras are weak, try to make them all right, try to strengthen them because ideals have to be worked out. The instrument has to be all right, if the instrument is a crazy one how will you do? So first of all you must develop your instrument properly, it should be balanced, powerful, and not cowardly. People should feel your power. Of course the power is of love, but love doesn't mean that you compromise with all the nonsensical things. There should be no compromise at all. It's a very self-certifying state. We cannot say when it is, so we just cannot say. It, the state itself, will certify that 'I'm all right now; I have reached that state.' You cannot say after five hours three minutes and two seconds you will become that. You just mature and see that maturity within you. Once you understand that, unless and until you become your ideals, you are not a Sahaja Yogi. (06, 11, 1983, UK)
You have to understand yourself what are your problems, why are you behaving like this. You treat yourself as a child. When it is needed you have to rebuke yourself. When you have to glorify, you have to glorify yourself. So now you separate. You become the mother, and you, whatever you are, which has to grow, is the child. Mother is the ideal. She is the inspiration, she is the power and the child is the recipient. If the child is an obstinate fellow, then you can't do anything about it. Also find out, you might be one of them. I know who are like that. There are many. And you can find them out in no time. Obstinate fellows, if they live with ten people suddenly we hear reports of their existence. They are quite eloquent, even if they are not talking a word, people can tell you, "I had a fight with such and such, that person said such and such a thing to me, that person was so cruel to me, that person demanded this," you know which person, where. You see, as a diamond can be made out, thorns can be made out also anytime. You go near the thorn, anyone without exception, it will bite everyone, it is not going to spare, it is a thorn. So a thorn has to be a thorn. But if you are a Sahaja Yogi you have to be a flower, and a strong flower, and an eternal flower that always grows, does not fade out, always growing never fades, such a flower you have to be, then you will be surprised that you do not get into a trip of ego neither you go into a complete collapse of super-ego. (06, 11, 1983, UK)

Using the Kundalini to attain Peace
Now how do you remove the thought from your mind is the problem, thoughts are all the time in your mind …the Kundalini when it rises, a thought rises and falls off and another thought rises and falls off, but when the Kundalini rises, then what happens is these thoughts become elongated and that starts some work inside and there is a gap in-between. This gap is the place of our peace; if you achieve that peace, the world peace can be achieved. By just taking placards, by shouting for peace you cannot establish peace, peace has to come from the hearts of human beings. In the hearts of human beings peace can only be established when you establish the spirit within it's core where it manifests the bliss of peace. When you start enjoying the bliss of peace you don't want wars, you don't think of a war and that is the state where now the human beings have to rise and go to that. 
The Kundalini which is a potential thing, which is the potential power of desire within us which as we can solve the primitive, manifests itself and becomes aware itself, that is what is Sahaja Yoga. Today it's all Sahaja, it's all spontaneous. All life process has been spontaneous, but today that is what is so spontaneous, our attention becomes peaceful, absolutely peaceful, and when that peace is achieved that peace is established within your heart through the ascent, then every bit of that peace emits peace. Such a person wherever he is emits peace. If there is quarrel going on there will be peace… So with this attention being absolutely stationed on a balance, you start seeing the superficiality and you start discarding the superficiality you immediately see that this is superficial there's nothing in it and then the attention only accepts whatever is deep, whatever is divine the rest of it is rejected, it doesn't accept, it doesn't react, it doesn't say anything about it, it doesn't accept, it has nothing to do without it, it just separated, the attention keeps a distance from all superficial things, it has no enjoyment. (10,07,1984, Chiswick)


New series of programs in Hamilton

On November 18th, we started the Hamilton weekly meeting at McMaster University. We decided, however, to change the location of this meeting due to the fact that the Concession Public library room was too small and away from the center of Hamilton. 

By the generous efforts of Dr. Mishra, a Sahaja Yogi and professor at McMaster, we have a spacious room with TV/VCR in a very well respected institution. 

In our first meeting at McMaster, regardless of the fact that only one person came to get self realization, we had so much joy. I would like to address that the efforts to give self realization to as many people as possible is part of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's vision of a better world for mankind. 

These are the details of our new location in Hamilton:

7:30 p.m. (From Nov. 18th) 
McMaster University, Hamilton 
Medical Science Building 
Room Number
HSC 4N 55A 
(416) 723 2367 

You are all invited to come any time!!



- All excerpts are taken directly from the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

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