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   Witnessing, Collectivity and Detachment...

"... but, once the thing clicks they become one with the spirit of the ocean. Then they feel that deep, joyous force of the sea which nourishes them, guides them, and elevates them every moment. Like deep down in the sea they go and there they find the beautiful pearls of eternal experiences. And when they find these pearls they bring to me as poems, as dances, as smiles, as laughter, as enjoyment. These are all within you, and they lie there away from your consciousness."
 (08.1983, Switzerland)


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What is the relevance of Witnessing in Sahaja Yoga as we introspect?
What is the significance of Devotion in Collectivity?
What is the importance of our relationship to Shri Mataji to develop as a Sahaja Yogi? 
What is the relevance of Detachment in the process of introspection?

Surrender by Witnessing the Ego
You must have observed that after coming to Sahaja Yoga, you can very easily see your ego and how it works. In Sahaja Yoga also, you come across many temptations and in that when your ego dominates, you forget whether you have to go to Sahaja Yoga or Sahaja Yoga is to come to you. Many people when they surrender to their ego, turn their backs to Sahaja Yoga expecting Sahaja Yoga to follow them. So long as your ego is enveloping, you cannot have the glimpse of your Spirit. But it is useless to fight with your ego. In Sahaja Yoga you do not have to fight with your ego, but you have just to see, because your attention is itself awakened.
Your ego cools down by just seeing, as your attention is enlightened and in that light you witness the play of your ego and laugh at it, and laugh at the ideas given by your ego. As you start seeing yourself, your ego starts getting deflated and as your ego is deflated you rise in your light. (18.08.1979, Delhi, India)

Developing as a Sahaja Yogi
Now think of it. "You have got realization." Can you believe it that you can, in your lifetime you can get self-realization? If somebody had told you this, you would never have believed it, that how can you get your realization in this birth? Of course, you were seeking, because people were saying you have to seek, also you felt you have to seek, but you never thought that this will materialize like this, that you will get your realization.
Then after getting realization, you could not feel "What it was". As if you have been dropped into the ocean and you do not know what is the dimension of this ocean, how far you have gone into it, what is it, where are we, what is our purpose?" To add up to all the mess, we become thoughtless! So you cannot even find out as to rationally what it is.
So the immensity of this experience, the glory of your Mother's coming, or the precious gift of your self-realization, nothing can be realized through your understanding? Can you understand what has happened? No, you cannot. Because rationality cannot give you the dimensions into what you have fallen now. The rationality is actually broken up. There is no rationality left now anymore to even communicate as to what you have been seeking and where have you landed. (06.08.1982, UK)

Significance of Devotion in Collectivity
So the only method you have got now, or only way is left to you, for a drop, which has become an ocean, is to dissolve those in the ocean, so that you feel the ocean at least. And to communicate with other drops in such a way that you know the whole through all of them.
So first is a complete Devotion, it is very important. In this incarnation only it is so very important, because you have got realization. If you did not have realization, half baked people, all right. Little bit misbehaving, all right. This can be forgiven, that can be forgiven, everybody thinks that Mother is forgiving us. But that is not the point. I am forgiving because of my own nature, but you do not take it for granted. You are harassing yourself by accepting that forgiveness. If you think all the time "O, Mother you are so forgiving, please forgive me". You are already forgiven, as it is. Once you call me Mother, I have forgiven. But what is the advantage? You do not have any advantage out of it. You are a loser. And this point at least `rationally' if you understand, then you will understand what is Devotion.
So, in Devotion of Sahaja Yoga, one has to realize that the things that are in Sahaja Yoga, which you have seen in Sahaja Yoga, are beyond your mind, first thing. Definitely they are beyond human conception. So on human level you do not discuss them, and you do not talk about it. But on the collective level you can talk. And when you come to the collective level, then you have to understand that relationship with me is more established, better established, if you establish `your' relationship with others, in a very collective and 'homogeneous way. 
As I told you, the drop becomes the ocean, and the drop has to become the ocean by dissolving its entire dropness with other drops. And all the drops dropping their dropness become the oceans ultimately. So we see that Devotion is double edged. One is to each other, and one is to your Mother. (06.08.1982, UK)

Relationship in Sahaja Yoga with Shri Mataji
In Sahaja Yoga, whatever I see, you cannot see. This is proved or not to you people? Or do you want more proofs? Now it is proved that Mother sees much beyond us and whatever she sees, happens. So anybody who tries to play tricks with Mother is actually playing tricks with himself. Any tricks you try to play with me, or you think that Mother is very forgiving. So she will forgive us, really you are torturing yourself, you are - it is detrimental to you…So the devotion to me means actually facing yourself. You face yourself first of all, and see for yourself what are you doing.
You are your own enemy. Nobody is your enemy. Your Mother is not, definitely. She is not your enemy, by any chance…. No evil person is your enemy, because he cannot be effective if you are spiritually equipped. So, you are your own enemy, is decided. The only way to get rid of that enemy of yours is that you have to Dedicate. Supposing you say that I have faith in Mother, or in God, so you are holding on to something, is not it? And you are discarding something. But this hold has to be very strong. Rationally at that time when you are sinking, will you rationalize whether, "I should hold the hand of this person who is saving, is correct or not." No, your grip will be very strong. It will be extremely strong and you will grip it with `full-force, with full faith that somehow or the other save me.
And that kind of a feeling should be within us, that "I am a person who is sinking because of myself. And if I am to be saved, I have to be Absolutely completely submerged in Sahaja Yoga. Absolutely I have to be one with it. Then only I can be saved." (06.08.1982, UK)

Relevance of Detachment while introspecting
Because at this level, where you are realized souls of a higher level, now for a next jump - as I was saying to you is Devotion. Anything else has to be secondary, under the circumstances. If it is primary and your attention is still on that, then you cannot have this second jump.
First jump you have already had, you have got your realization. But from first jump to second jump, you have to work hard. You have come to the second jump. In the second jump you have to face it up. You should not feel disgusted with yourself, nor dejected with yourself, nothing. But treat yourself as a separate entity. And Dedication is actually turning back to yourself and looking forward towards the Divine personality in you. Once there is Divine personality in you, there is no problem of Devotion. You will just become one with it, you start enjoying it.
But this rationality is the worst thing, that plays tricks with you, which deviates you from understanding that whatever life you have led so far has been a very material, gross life. You came out of it; you have grown out of it. You have come up. Now, to blossom, to become fragrant, you have to give up rationality. That is a binding. Try to avoid rationality, try to avoid arguments. Try to avoid giving reasons…
Now once you understand that you are not to play tricks with yourself. Why do you want to play tricks with yourself? You have to be yourself that's all. We should not be our own enemies. Are we?
So once you start facing yourself, you will like yourself. You would not feel disgusted. Because that is yourself I am talking about - is glorious, is beautiful, is `without' any blemish on that, is absolutely detached. But first of all your attention has to accept it, that "This detachment is my life. I am a different personality. Detachment is my nourishment." Detach yourself.
(06.08.1982, UK)


The Joy of Song with Montreal Yogis

On a trip to La Belle Province (Quebec) we had the pleasure of visiting our friendly Sahaja Yogis in their homes at south shore Montreal. Friday evening we sat in a cozy living room with some Yogis new & old as well as a few complete newcomers and enjoyed a casual meditation program. It was similar to the Sahaja Yoga public programs or weekly classes (although more intimate) in that there was a nice explanation of what is Sahaja Yoga, some of the techniques and Shri Mataji's significance in developing it.

After meditating and a workshop in exchanging vibrations came the other interesting part...the yogis broke out the guitar, drums, tambourine and songbooks...this was how they typically ended their weekly sessions with the merriment and joy of songs. The following is the first portion of an interview with the yogis on this subject and is an excellent representation of the collectivity involved in the gatherings of Sahaja Yoga.

What is the benefit of involving music or songs after a meditation session?

As far as I understand the music forces people to open their heart. It actually reflects in the devotion you have, so when sometimes people are not feeling through the meditation...or we may feel some hesitation in the crowd but with the music it plugs everyone together to express their desire and slowly it allows people to open up. It helps to strengthen this bond between the people. With the years I discovered it's very important to have this closeness with the people...not teacher and student relation, it's more of a friendship I think it's very important to develop that.

And also what is good about music is sometimes people can't concentrate in meditation, but with music through the rhythm, its just automatic that they get drowned in the ocean of joy; especially if there is a big bond between the collective and the people who are together expressing there love to the divine. They can see this love together through music and the coordination and collective enjoyment of the yogis who are together to sing so it's much easier to jump in the ocean together through music.

Can you explain a bit about the variety of songs and languages in the Sahaja Yoga songbook?

So there are many songs in many languages. We can say there are devotional songs that are more melodious with slower tempo. There's the Qawalli's which are stronger on the vocals and perhaps less melodious...but beyond that they all address the same we can say...God. But it really is beyond basically talks to the energy which is binding the earth together...all the energy we can feel. So despite all the religions or aspirations the songs address that energy...and this we can do collectively.

More to come in the following issue….

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Toronto Public Program

We would like to thank all those who attended our Toronto Public Program at North York Civic Center on Friday, Nov. 12th. We had the pleasure of listening to a very interesting presentation about Sahaja Yoga, of watching a video with a talk of Shri Mataji describing our inner being and of observing a very nice animation about the process of the Kundalini energy being awakened and piercing and enlightening each subtle center (chakra).



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