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"With all this trust in your heart, first trust yourself, trust others, other Sahaja Yogis. "Love thy neighbour as thyself." Who is thy neighbour? It's a Sahaja Yogi. Stand by him. And trust Your Mother. As I have trusted you, you have to trust me and it will work out. Open your heart to this trust. You should not worry whether it would be absolutely respectable or not, because heart knows. Whatever your heart will do in it's genuine form will be respectable because there resides your Spirit which manifests. That will look after it. By outward forms whatever you try it's not going to work out. It is that trust in your loving heart that is going to do it."
(02.08.1981, UK)


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Surrender for the Heart to Open
Perfecting yourself when you Introspect to be a Cell in the Heart
The Significance of a Pure Heart in a Sahaja Yogi
Allowing your Mother to Cleanse your Heart

Surrender to Open your Heart

To be an instrument of God, you have to be perfect, perfect personality, otherwise we may not be able to communicate the message of Sahaja Yoga in the proper way. Many people say we are surrendered to Mother and we are surrendered to Her and, as surrendering, we'll get everything. But what are you surrendering? Is that a clean heart or a heart full of all kinds of wrong things? Or is that the intelligence, which is a very superior kind of clean intelligence or else are you coming out with all your arrogance? So, though there is the Ganges of Sahaja Yoga flowing, still you have to have the depth of a pitcher.(06.04.1991, Australia)
So the surrendering part of it - you must know how to surrender and you must know how to keep whatever is of surrender because you surrender yourself in such a manner that you expand your heart absolutely. (21.03.1990, Australia)

Perfect yourself while Introspecting - to be a Cell in the Heart

Trust yourself. Trust that you are realised souls. Trust that God loves you. He has chosen you to be His instrument. Love yourself. You are unique. No doubt. As it is, human beings, every individual is a unique personality. But after realisation you are definitely unique. One has to use discretion about understanding. It never means ego trip. If you cannot correct yourself, you are not master of yourself. Yes, you are not perfect. You are unique, but you are not perfect. You have to perfect yourself. These words can be very confusing. When I say you are unique, immediately you think you are perfect. These are two words. Unique and perfect. Somebody can be unique, but he can have imperfections. So you have to perfect yourself and trust in yourself that you can perfect yourself through your Kundalini awakening, clearing your chakras, by understanding yourself you can perfect yourself. You have to perfect. (02.08.1981, UK)
How much you feel responsible about yourself is the second point. How much you are responsible to be there, to be a cell in the heart. Any cell that fails, fails the heart. Every cell in the heart has to be extremely sensitive, and extremely obedient to the Self, to the Spirit. It has to activate, work harder when there is need or emergency, and it enjoys the most. And no impurity should be allowed. (02.08.1981, UK)

The Significance of a Pure Heart in a Sahaja Yogi

The third point now. As I told you, first collectivity, secondly your responsibility and third point is purity. Purity of your own heart, first of all. Of your own heart; without insincerity or cunningness... Clean heart, Transparent. Open heart. Trust others. Talk to everyone with an open heart. Trust others. Why do you doubt? If you do not doubt yourself you will not doubt others. What are they going to take away from you? What have you got? Nobody can take away your nose, eyes, nothing. It's all quite intact. It's all nicely glued down so nothing is going to disappear. How are they going to hurt a person who is a realised soul? If your heart is clean you can see the other person clearly through and through. Innocence is such a powerful thing. Such a powerful thing that even a glance is sufficient to kill a satan. Purity of heart. Actually, when the heart becomes impure the impurity flows down to other places. It is not the other way around. It is from the heart. Many people believe it's the body that becomes impure. I think it is the heart which becomes impure and then it starts trickling down and then it is residual there. It settles down there. (02.08.1981, UK)
So have a clean open heart like a child's heart. Open heart. What is there to be afraid of anyone? What is there not to trust anyone? What is there to be angry with anyone? Talk to everyone, shake hands with everyone, be nice to everyone. On the way you find somebody with difficulty. Give him a hand. If someone cannot sit properly or has a problem you try to remove the problem. If someone cannot stand, give the place. Try to give from your clean heart. If your heart is not clean it can never give. (02.08.1981, UK)

Allowing your Mother to Cleanse your Heart

Now, how do you clean the heart is the subject. There's no broom available for that in the super-market! There are no Fairy Liquids or anything to wash it down! But there is a way. Allow your heart to be drenched in your Mother's love. Just allow. See how much She loves you. I trust you... The day you came to me I trusted you, and I worked on you from the very first day, knowing what you are, but I trusted your Spirit, that it would shine. In the same way, trust. We laugh at others. I have seen Sahaja Yogis laugh at others, make fun of them when they come to me. Trust them. When you trust them you will respect them also. So you have to believe in yourself and enjoy the way gently you are sweeping into the current of your Mothers' love. Just enjoy that. Like a flower that falls into the current and flows and enjoys all the beauties of that current. In the same way you should enjoy. When that enjoyment comes into you, you will start trusting. And trust your Mother. (02.08.1981, UK)
I try many things to correct you; but trust in one thing, that whatever I try for you or do anything, anything I may do for you it is just to cleanse you. That's my job. Maybe sometimes you might feel I am publicly saying things for you. Maybe your images are being ruined by that, or whatever you may think. That's not the way. It's for the well-being of your Spirit and that is the most difficult job.... (02.08.1981, UK)   

The Joy of Song with Montreal Yogis - ... Conclusion

On a trip to La Belle Province (Quebec) we had the pleasure of visiting our friendly Sahaja Yogis in their homes at south shore Montreal. It was similar to the Sahaja Yoga public programs or weekly classes (although more intimate) in that there was a nice explanation of what is Sahaja Yoga, some of the techniques and Shri Mataji's significance in developing it. After meditating and a workshop in exchanging vibrations came the other interesting part...the yogis broke out the guitar, drums, tambourine and songbooks...this was how they typically ended their weekly sessions with the merriment and joy of songs and bhajans.  

The following is an interview with the yogis on this subject continued from Issue 5 of the Sahaja Path and is an excellent representation of the collectivity involved in the gatherings of Sahaja Yoga.

What are some of your favourite songs?

One of the most favourite songs is in the beginning...what we sing is a Ganesha song. It's Ganesha Stuthi. So the melody everyone enjoys alot...especially that it is to the deity which is one of the first created in the universe which is Shri Ganesha... It opens the purity in people, it opens the innocence and the pure joy of a child in everyone, which opens the joy to sing in everyone. So people's heart opens and if this comes out most of the songs they enjoy afterwards. After Ganesha Sthuti one very loved song is Ali Mola. It's a Qawalli, it's not a bhajan. Qawallis are devotional songs, which are directly addressed to the heart and the spirit and it's a song where we just express the breath of God. And Ali Mola is a Sufi song and it has this joyful rhythm of Qawallis, which is based on clapping so people who can't sing can just join and clap and feel the rhythm. Another song which is very loved is like a finishing song...its actually a Puja song which we sing at big meditations is Vishwa Vandita. It's in rhythm very soft and its a very deep expression towards the Divine where people can go deep in their hearts and just silently listen to that even if they don't sing.

My favourite songs are Krishna Govinda and Hasat Ali...because the first time I felt something I was listening to Hasat Ali...and Ali Mola...I felt some power...inside the first time I felt the realization and any time I'm listening I feel some power...I love it.

They are all favourites but if I had to choose one Ganesha is one of my favourite...I just feel in that song great....I feel the peace. It's very joyful.

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Sahaja Yoga Meditation for Corporations

Almost two years ago, we started Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes at Bell Canada in Toronto. (Bell Canada is one of the biggest corporations in Canada, having more than 20,000 employees. We started the classes in a small division called Bell Interactive).

Although initially, the classes were more focused on how to combat stress and to improve efficiency at work, gradually, we touched on other related aspects of this technique: the subtle body, chakras, channels, how one can balance oneself, and the relation between health problems and our energy system.

Please find attached some remarks:

"Sahaja Yoga meditation at work is a priceless opportunity for me to re-energize, achieve calmness for better effectiveness, learn about myself and use my creative potential. I appreciate the opportunity to meditate, and value the opportunity to learn Sahaja Yoga style meditation. Thanks very much to our guide who takes the time every week to organize, teach the session, and meditate with us." RML

"The introduction of Sahaja Yoga at Bell was a timely one for me, as I had been looking to add relaxation techniques to my day to day activities. It has assisted in my relaxing and in my self-awareness, particularly with regards to the chakras and their relationship to the body. I am enjoying learning about this yoga, as it is unique to any other I have experienced. Also, the convenience of having these classes available to us in the work place is an incentive to attend more frequently and in a trusting environment. I am not certain that I would have experienced Sahaja Yoga otherwise. Thank you." J.A.

"The Sahaja Yoga class is very interesting. It is helping a lot in improving performance and efficiency at work place. I would highly recommend this course. Thanks!" K.M.

"For me personally, practicing yoga / meditation is another step on my search for enlightenment. It certainly opens up another avenue that could assist in my journey, but I don't think it alone will get me there (although, I could be wrong). It seems like everywhere you turn, somebody has their own approach to enlightenment. On the positive side, it's always good to know the subtle working of the human body & mind. Still searching ..." Sukhinder

- All excerpts are taken directly from the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.
- This month's heading is a drawing of Shri Ganesha by a Toronto Yogi named Roark Andrade. To see the full drawing click here N. To learn more about Shri Ganesha and the first chakra click here


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