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"It is only the Sahasrara which has to grow, not the spirit. The more sensitive the Sahasrara is, the more it receives the Spiritual qualities of the spirit. Actually the peace is felt in the Sahasrara. The bliss is also felt in the Sahasrara, because that is the brain, and the brain is the epitome of the nervous system, the central nervous system, or consciousness itself."
(May 5, 1982, France)


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Opening the Sahasrara - Beyond human understanding!
Experience Opening of Sahasrara
Sahasrara as the Lotus of one thousand petals - Channelling through Collective
The Power of Enlightenment with the Seven Centres in the Sahasrara

Surrender to find the Truth

Today, I bow to all the Sahaja Yogis who have found the Truth. There has been, from ages, the seeking for the Truth. And when people discovered that there is no other way but to surrender to the Divine so that you can find the truth, they did not know how to do it, how to work it out. There have been seekers all over the world… Such darkness existed around people who were seeking. All over the world I found, when I was a little girl, that they were completely ignorant about how to find the truth; so many were lost in all kinds of so-called religions and rituals. All kinds of rituals they used to do, morning till evening, some sort of a ritual they would do. Whether they were Hindus, Christians, Muslims, they all believed that by doing all these rituals you will achieve something, that you will know the Truth, that you will get your Self Realisation. All such seekers went to wrong people and to wrong directions because they were really seeking from their heart. So they were very misled into such horrible black areas that they did not know what they were seeking, what they are supposed to seek, what they have to have. (06. 05. 2001 - Cabella Ligure, Italia)

Opening the Sahasrara - Beyond human understanding!

It is a great day for all of us, the seekers, that the last work of the Divine, of opening the last centre in the great primordial being was done on the 5th of May 1970. It is the greatest event of all the spiritual happenings of the universe. It was done with very great care and great adjustments. It is not in the limits of human understanding, how things are worked out in the heavens. It is your fortune and God's love that has worked out this wondrous miracle. Without this happening, there could not have been the possibility of giving mass realisation to people. One could have done it for one or two persons here and there, but to have given such a mass awakening would not have been possible. (May 5, 1982, France)

Tremendous happenings - Experience Opening of Sahasrara

As you know in the Sahasrara there are the seats of the seven main chakras. There are 1000 nadis [channels] or as they call it flames, and they all have each 16000 powers. Every nadi [channel] deals with a particular type of person, and with the person mutations and combinations of all these nadis, human beings are looked after. As soon as the Sahasrara was opened, the whole atmosphere was filled with tremendous chaitanya [vibrations], and there was tremendous light in the sky, and the whole thing came on this earth as if a torrential rain or a waterfall with such tremendous force as if I was unaware and got stupefied. The happening was so tremendous, and so unexpected that I was stunned and got totally silent at the grandeur. I saw the primordial Kundalini rising like a big furnace, and the furnace was very silent but a burning appearance it had, as if you heat up a metal and it has many colours. In the same way, the Kundalini showed up as a furnace like a tunnel, as you see these plants you have for coal burning that create electricity; and it stretched like a telescope and came out one after another, Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Just like that. Then the deities came and sat on their seats, golden seats, and then they lifted the whole of the head like a big dome and opened it, and then this torrential rain completely drenched me-I started seeing all that and got lost in the joy. It was like an artist seeing his own creation, and I felt the joy of great fulfillment. After coming out of this beautiful experience, I looked around and saw human beings so blind and I became absolutely silent, and desired that I should get the cups to fill the nectar, not all stones. (May 5, 1982, France)

Sahasrara as the Lotus of one thousand petals - Channelling through Collective

Sahasrara is the most beautiful part of your being. It is a big lotus with one thousand petals of different colours appearing like inflated flames. It is a thing that has been seen by many people, but to see it pour that torrential rain was like these flames becoming a fountain, a fountain of colour, fountatin of fragrance; when you think of a flower pouring its colour and its fragrance around. People have written very little about Sahasrara, because whatever they have seen is from outside, and it is not possible for them to see from inside. Even if you reach from inside and the whole Sahasrara is not opened out, you cannot see its beauty; because when it is closed, the whole of it, you just pass through an aperture and get out of it. But just imagine a huge big one thousand petalled lotus, and you are sitting inside on the corona and looking at all those petals, all very beautifully coloured, and fragrant, and pulsating with the bliss of joy. To remain on that position is the ideal position, but then after the silence you are filled with tremendous compassion and love, and you are drawn out to people who haven't yet known what is having eyes. And then you try to put your attention to the Sahasrara of millions of people; and then you start seeing the problems that exist in the Sahasrara. And even if you desire to open the Sahasrara, it is a very difficult thing, because the channelling of the Divine to human beings has to be done through human beings. The power may be with you, but it has to be channelled through human beings. (May 5, 1982, France)

The Power of Enlightenment with the Seven Centres in the Sahasrara

Sahasrara is your awareness; when it is enlightened you get into the techniques of the Divine. Now there are two techniques, the techniques of the Divine, and the techniques you follow. You cannot act as the Divine, but you can use the Divine power to manoeuvre it. For example, the Divine looks after all the Universal happenings. Every minutest particle is controlled by the Divine. When your Sahasrara opens out, and your Kundalini touches the fontanelle bone, a sort of lightening force is ready in your Sahasrara; and as soon as the fontanelle bone area opens up in the Sahasrara, the grace of the spirit ignites that igniting force and your nadis (channels) get enlightened. Not all of them, but quite a lot of them; not all the length, but quite the peripheries. That is how you get your enlightenment. So many things happen because of your seven centres being in the Sahasrara, with the light you see their relative positions. I mean your mind, your conscious mind feels that integration within you. The rationality that is separated from the heart becomes one with the heart. It becomes one with your attention. Wherever your attention goes you act in a collective way. All the activities in your attention are blessed. Your attention itself is effective. Your attention is very important, your desires are even more important because it is such an integrated thing, your desires and your attention becomes one. Whatever is good for the spirit, you desire. (May 5, 1982, France)


- All excerpts are taken directly from the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Sahasrara Puja, 06.05.2001,Cabella Ligure, Italia and Sahasrara Day Address, 05.05,1982, Le Raincy, France
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