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"Nobody could believe that they have felt anything like that, or could imagine that there is such a power really existing. Now, luckily it has become quite a universal fact for all of you that you know there is this power. You are sure about this power, because you can feel it within yourself, and when you feel it you feel very joyous. You can make out whether somebody is telling you the truth or not because you can see on the vibrations on this, I should say, the power of Adi Shakti, she tells you the truth."


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The Manifestation of the desires of God Almighty through the Adi Shakti
Adi Shakti – the Force of Nature
The common principle of life that binds us - by the Adi Shakti
As you are seeking, the Divine is seeking you

They describe it in various ways that you must surrender

Now, one surrenders of course with fear, if somebody comes with a sword and says alright, “you surrender”, you may. But, as soon as that person will disappear, he will take out another sword and cut his throat. That surrender has no meaning. That surrender is a surrender which is just forced onto you. All such surrenders have been creating problems because it has a reaction. But your surrender to Divine is extremely joy-giving, like salt, which dissolves into the sea, automatically into the water. That soluble nature is really joy-giving. If you can just feel that within yourself, you are one with the Divine, you are dissolved with the ocean of the Divine. And then what takes your form is nothing but extreme love, compassion and as a result, extreme joy.

The Manifestation of the desires of God Almighty through the Adi Shakti

The reflection of Adi Shakti within you is the Kundalini. Whatever is created on this Universe and in many Universes is the work of the Adi Shakti. Now many people believe that there is one God—it’s true, there’s one God—God Almighty. But He has His own powers which he can embody into someone and can get His own manifestation expressed. So first of all He created the power of Adi Shakti. When it was created, then there was a sound, the sound that we call as OM—logos or anything you call it; the primordial sound—and these three powers came out of that sound, as aa, oo and ma [a, u, m]— om [aum]. The Adi Shakti is the one who embodies the desire of God Almighty. The desire of God Almighty comes out of His compassion and for His own expression, for His own manifestation, for His own reflection. I would say that He must be tired of loneliness so He must have thought of creating a partner who will manifest His desires.

Thus, the power of God Almighty separated from Him and formed an embodiment of His compassion, His desire to create. They say in Sanskrit Chitvilas, the enjoyment of the Adi Shakti. Chit is attention. The attention has its own joy and to manifest that joy of our attention; She created all the universes, She created this Mother Earth, She created all this nature, She created all the animals, She created all the human beings and She created all the Sahaja Yogis. This is how the whole creation has worked out.

Adi Shakti – the Force of Nature

At this juncture, one may ask that “Why did She not straight forward create human beings?” That was the idea of God Almighty, just to create human beings. But Adi Shakti, being the Mother, She had Her own way of expression. She thought She must create the mirrors for God Almighty to see His face, to see His image, to see His character and that’s how this long range of evolution took place. This evolution had to work out this way because they had to know from where they come. We must know that we come from nature. Even nature should know it comes from the Mother Earth, and Mother Earth herself has her own Kundalini—and she too is not just a dead earth, but she knows, she thinks, she understands and she regulates. You can see in the nature how every tree has got its own limitations, how every fruit is produced in a particular tree—how it happens? What works out this kind of regulation? If this Mother Earth was moving with a higher speed than what it is today, we would not have been born even. If it would have been less speed, it would not have worked out. See the whole plan that was made—it is a beautiful plan that the Mother Earth has to move around the sun in such a manner that different seasons are created, that’s why the power (the Parama Chaitanya, which is the power of the Adi Shakti) is also called as Ritambara Pragnya. This is the power that does all the living work, all the organization, all the creation.

The common principle of life that binds us - by the Adi Shakti

So whatever may be your birth, whatever may be the country you are born, whatever may be your culture—you are human beings, basically you all are the same—you laugh the same, you smile the same, also you cry the same way. I haven’t seen anybody crying with his hands and tears falling out of his fingers—do they? And, that is how one has to realize that we are all bound by some common principle of life—and the common principle of life that has bound us by the Adi Shakti is that we all have Kundalini within us, all the human beings have Kundalini within us. It is in the animals also but it’s not so developed, it’s not yet what you call—a full form of Kundalini that can be awakened. But in the human form only it has evolved as a connection, as the one that is the Divine Force within us, which is the reflection of the Adi Kundalini, which is so easily awakened in this Kali Yuga. This is the common principle we all have, so we have to respect all the people, all the human beings, whatever nation they come from, whatever country they belong to, whatever colour they have—because they all have their Kundalini.

Then there are people, as you people are, who are awakened, who are enlightened, who have got their realization. So, when you understand that this is the enjoyment of the attention of the Adi Ma, of the Primordial Mother, it’s just the play and an enjoyment.

As you are seeking, the Divine is seeking you

Then when you have achieved full growth in your spirituality—What should happen to you? What should we feel? How do we then exist? --This is the question many a times you have asked. I have told you in the beginning that God felt lonely and that’s why he created this Adi Shakti and through Her the whole universe was created. But also true, that as you are seeking also the Divine is seeking you. Also, that your seeking is absolutely awarded if you understand the simple thing about Divine, that it is the one that has given you intelligence. It is the one that has given you wisdom, it is the one which has given you whatever you have—as you were singing, “whatever we have is given by You.” If that is the case, that all that you have is given by your Kundalini, by this Mother power of your Kundalini, then it’s very important to understand what the need is of keeping Her happy and Her satisfaction. You must try to see what makes Her happy. As I said, there’s a relationship between the realized souls and the Divine. The Divine is happy when you are happy. Or we can say when the Divine makes you happy and you are happy, then the Divine is happy. It’s such a relationship and it’s so close, it’s so close, we can say as the sun has sun’s rays, or the moon has its own moonlight. It is so close, it’s so in-grained, so much built-in and that should give you full control over yourself and over your development.


Adi = primordial, first
Shakti = power of God
Chaitanya = consciousness 
Chit or Chitta = attention
Chit Vilas  = enjoyment of the attention
Kali Yuga = modern times
Ritambara Pragnya = force of nature; another term for Parama Chaitanya
Parama = supreme
- All excerpts are taken directly from the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. "Adi Shakti: The power of Compassion", June 8th, 1996, Cabella Ligure, Italy
- The photo presented in this issue is taken in Romania (1992) during one of the many times Shri Mataji visited this country.  See more photos from the programs around the world at 

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