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"The word Guru comes from the one that is magnetic, the person who is magnetic, the one who attracts the attention of the seekers, is the Guru. Also it means the heaviness, or you can say, a person who is very steady, who is very deep, who has the knowledge, and who can act like the mother earth. For the power of magnetism in the mother earth also is called as magnetic, but in sanskrit is 'Gurutwakareshwari' which means the attraction of the heaviness of the mother earth. But actually it is a power of the mother earth that makes us stand properly on our legs when it is rotating with such a tremendous speed, otherwise we would be all thrown away. With that velocity that she is moving, we are still attached, or we are one in our balance, this is only because she has gravity. This gravity has to be in a Guru. Gravity means a kind of a serious understanding of oneself and ones own responsibilities. So a Guru has to be very steady.' (12. 07. 1998 - Cabella, Italy)


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Developing the gravity of a Guru
Manifest our gravity to reach the depth within - through witness state
Introspect to achieve the self-esteem of a Guru
The Power of Silence as a Guru

  Surrender to attain Gravity

If one cannot surrender that doesn't mean that you don't do anything, but surrendering means "the worship", the respect for the higher, the obedience to the higher, not to argue it out, not to react; acceptance, absorption. Like a child absorbs the milk of the mother without questioning, without reasoning. That is why Christ has said, ''You have to become like children.'' But if you are questioning, then you are no more a child. So the first state, which you have to develop, is a childlike state, but a child that is a realized child, which has to have gravity. If you can develop childhood first then everything takes a proper course, because maturity cannot take place unless and until you start from the very beginning. And gravity means maturity, not frivolousness. (14. 07. 1984 - Leysin, Switzerland)

Developing the gravity of a Guru

So the word Guru means Gravity, that the Mother Earth has gravity. In the same way a person who is a Guru has to have the gravity. But how do you develop this gravity. Some people just artificially become very grave and sometimes show that they are very serious or something like that. Gravity is within yourself. In the second state, we should say, of guru Pada {position} is your gravity must manifest. As you become the witness your gravity starts expressing itself. It will not show as temper or seriousness or anything like that. But it will manifest in a way that the whole thing will become extremely dignified and majestic. It will just manifest by itself. So the state in which you rise, now becomes effective. Before this it was not. You had to all the time manipulate, say this, say that. But in your silence you can manifest your gravity, and this gravity is extremely... it acts like a magnet. As you know there is a magnet in the mother earth. That we call as the gravity by which people are attracted. We are resting on this mother earth because of her gravity. Everything is attracted to Mother earth because of her gravity. So you get a magnetic temperament, magnetic character, magnetic personality. And this magnetic personality that you develop, immediately shows that it is manifesting its power, try to understand. Like the light now is coming on me it is just giving light, but it is not manifesting anything. We can see the sun's rays, is the best example. Sun's rays when they fall onto the leaves, the rays, which look simple, manifest their power of making it into chlorophyll. In the same way when you are at that height or at that state then without saying anything, without doing anything, even a glance, you manifest; but not only that, you record everything. (1992, Guru Puja)

Manifest our gravity to reach the depth within - through witness state

So now when you start witnessing something without thought, there is no obstruction for absorbing the knowledge about that thing, because there is no thought. It's complete absorption takes place. And then it manifests. This is how the divine power works within us. So with our gravity what we do is to touch that depth within us, which can carry the divine power and manifest. Unless and until we touch that depth within us Sahaja yoga is like Hare Rama Hare Krishna; nothing better than that, and that's why I find so many Sahaja yogis sometimes really go off their rails suddenly because they have no gravity to go down into their own being and to feel the beauty and the glory of their own being and to use that gravity for manifesting divine power. We could say that supposing there is a vehicle, which is very weak, which is not yet properly fixed, cannot be used for something substantial. And the most substantial thing in your lives is this divine power, which looks very light; you never feel the weight of this divine power. You'll never feel the pressure of this divine power but if you are not clean, if your channel is not clean then this divine power cannot flow properly, it cannot manifest. So when we say that we are the instruments of God Almighty then like this instrument we are, now we are connected to the mains. If this instrument is not all right than it cannot manifest whatever it is supposed to do.  (1992, Guru Puja)

Introspect to achieve the self-esteem of a Guru

But we are much above all these ordinary instruments, even the most complicated, even the most advanced and developed by science. Because we reach a state where we ourselves become the science, science of truth, an absolute truth. So what is needed for a Guru is self-esteem. This is a very important point people don't realize, the self-esteem. To achieve the self-esteem we have to introspect and know that today I am not what I was before. I am a realized soul; I have got powers. Of course I have powers. Powers of love, powers of compassion, powers of grasping things, powers of creativity, powers of giving realization to others. Nobody had these powers, but somehow or other in Sahaja yoga you are not self conscious, and we should not be self conscious because that can give you ego, but we should have self esteem. (1992, Guru Puja)

The Power of Silence as a Guru

I am a Guru, I am a Guru, I am not an ordinary person. I am not on the street, I am something special and on the shores of truth, I have to salvage the people who are blind, who are mad, all kinds of things. In the most chaotic conditions this world is today. So at that time a kind of a silence will come within you. When there will be any such crisis, immediately you will become extremely silent. But this is again a state I am telling you. So now, if there is something that makes you upset or makes you unhappy, try to reach that point that axis which is just silence, and this silence will make you really powerful because this silence is not only yours. When you are in that silence you are in the silence of the cosmos, silence of the cosmos. And the silence of the cosmos works for you. You are in connection with that cosmic power we can call it but it's more than that, it is divine power I should say; the Divine power, which is working all the cosmos. So if you just become silent within yourself, know that you are sitting in the kingdom of God. (1992, Guru Puja)

- All excerpts are taken directly from the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Leysin, Switzerland(14.07.1984); Guru Puja (1992); Cabella, Italy (12.07.1998)
- This month's image shows several of the worlds great spritual masters from across the ages. These figures include Abraham, Moses, Zarathurstra, Raja Janaka, Socrates, Confucius, Lao Tse, Mohammed, Guru Nanak and Sai Baba of Shirdi. Read more about the void area of the subtle system to learn about its relation to the Guru principle within us. Click on this link: 

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