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"As you know the country of Krishna is America. He rules over America. It is a rich country because Shri Krishna is Kubera, the Lord of Wealth. His other quatity is that he is the one who communicated. He was the one who danced with Gopis and Gopas. He transferred his powers to them. The communication power is one of his greatest qualities that is working in America.' (15.08.1993, Cabella, Italy)


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The importance of Shri Krishna
The life of Shri Krishna
Surrender the ego - from Vishuddhi Chakra
Understanding Shri Krishna is sitting there
Developing sweetness in the Vishuddhi

The importance of Shri Krishna

We have to understand clearly that Shri Krishna is a very very important deity within us, because he is the Vishnu who resides in the void, in the nabhi. He is the one who generates Dharma within us. When you got your realisation, I didn t tell you, "don't do this, or that" or this or that is not good. You just knew because Shri Vishnu was awakened within you. If he is awakened he brings the light and removes your ignorance and darkness. You start seeing that whatever you were doing is destructive and that's how the Dharma is established. Of course the Dharma was established by all the ten Gurus who came on this earth, who taught us about Dharma, so this combination of Shri Vishnu and the ten gurus is to establish Dharma within us. Upto a point even Christ had to talk about it when he said "Thou shall not have adulterous eyes".

Shri Krishna is the one who said "I came on this earth when there is demise of Dharma". Then he destroys the people who are responsible for bringing Dharma to this level of doom. Secondly he said, "I protect the saints and kill all those who are devils, satanic or destrictive". As Vishnu we know him as one who is the giver of Dharma. All his potent qualities were expressed when he came as Shri Krishna. At the time of Shri Rama these qualities could not be expressed in that way. (15.08.1993, Cabella, Italy)

The life of Shri Krishna

The first half of Shri Krishna's life was spent in Gokul and Vrindavan, where he showed the beautiful expression of his character as he made it a leela. He said "you become a witness". Once you see the whole world as just a child watches in a child like mirth and joy, you enjoy life. It has happened to you people like you have become citizens of Brindavan and Gokul. Then he showed also by killing Kalia, Putna and other Rakshas (Demons), that if anybody tries to trouble such joyous children of God he will protect them and kill all such evil forces which are troublesome. Later on he becomes the King. After becoming the king he used his powers in a different way. First of all, his own Uncle, Mother's brother was Kansa, a bad man. Shri Krishna killed him. He killed so many people before becoming the king. What does that mean? The quality of Christ and many saints too was forgiveness. Shri Krishna did not believe in forgiveness. He is the only one who said that I have to punish. We have to have somebody who should punish also. Shiva was the opposite. He used to love Rakshas, give them blessings. Because it was important that there should be somebody with a very stern mind and stern understanding that a devil is devil and he must be killed. But we are not Shri Krishna so we have to forgive because we are human beings. Once we forgive we transfer all our anger, our attitude of taking revenge to Shri Krishna. He takes over. If it is justifiable and necessary then he will punish the people, who are torturing saints or destroying Dharma. (15.08.1993, Cabella, Italy)

Surrender to Shri Krishna

So Shri Krishna has said: "Sarva dharmanam..." He has said "Give up all your dharmas and surrender them to Me, surrender to my dharma only". So the dharmas we have in our country as we say is a "pitra dharma", what you owe to your father, "matru dharma" what you owe to your mother, then what you owe to your husband, like that, you see, that relationship in which you owe to them. But when He says "surrender all these dharmas", He is meaning to say "you should only know what you owe to Me" meaning the Divinity. Now Shri Krishna is not there. It's Me who is Shri Krishna, so you must know what you owe to Me. I only changed My language. He used to take out His finger and to say that "give up everything and surrender everything to Me". I don't do that way, I give a big lecture and bring you to a point, so that should not divert your attention from the right goal that you have to achieve by surrendering. (04.09.1983, Vienna, Austria)

Surrender the ego - from Vishuddhi Chakra

But one has to realize that the message of Shri Krishna was to surrender. Now the surrendering that we think in the gross way is like an enemy surrenders to another enemy. So when the word "surrender" is spoken, we build up our barriers by thinking that we have to surrender something to the other part. But when Shri Krishna was talking about surrender, He was saying that "surrender your enemies to me so that I will get rid of them".

Now the worst enemy that we have is our ego. And with ego starts all kinds of other problems, because it is the biggest barrier for our growth. And the ego starts as you know from the Vishuddhi Chakra, and can be sucked into Vishuddhi Chakra. Now let us see how is Vishuddhi Chakra made. All the vowels that we use come from Vishuddhi Chakra.... So as you know you cannot compile a word without a vowel, it is so important. A consonant is weak, without any strength, without the vowel. So the strength of a person comes through the Vishuddhi Chakra in his speech. But it can be absolutely stiff also; the strength could be absolutely stiff. Supposing you have a very strong weapon but you can't lift it, so what is the use of having a weapon like that? See, this Mr. Ego tries to make the weapon heavy and stiff like jammed machine-guns. Now that is what He has said that "surrender your ego to Me", so that when you say a mantra or utter words, they are effective as weapons, good weapons, effective good weapons, efficient. (04.09.1983, Vienna, Austria)

Understanding Shri Krishna is sitting there

Now when we talk, let us see how I see your ego expressed in your talk, so that you will understand how to address Me and to judge yourself. For example shaking your necks too much is a sign of a Mr. Ego shaking head for nothing at all. Like many people have a habit "yes" if it is said, they'll go on like this for ten times. There is no need. Actually, you should move only once, with humility, the head "Yes, Mother" is all right. You must move your neck with respect and with understanding that Shri Krishna is sitting there; with dignity. But we forget it all the time and we start using it to assert ourselves when we talk to someone. And we shake it too much or we push it in such a way that another person is sort of dominated by it.

Now there is another method when you talk to Me, like saying "no, Mother". It is very common, if I say anything, the first reaction of people could be "no, Mother". After all you see there is a course going on, even when I'm speaking it is a mantra, when I'm not speaking, is a mantra flowing. And suddenly you come out with your "no Mother", you create a ripple back in the whole thing. Now at that time, if you just listen to Me what I'm saying, the saying itself will work it out, you don't have to do anything. (04.09.1983, Vienna, Austria)

Developing sweetness in the Vishuddhi - from the heart

The humility is the best way of conquering this ego of Vishuddhi, and when talking to others, try to develop sweet methods, sweet ways, not hurting other people. And you will be surprised that Vishuddhi will immediately start behaving in such a sweet manner. So this Vishuddhi on the right hand side is to be controlled by surrendering as it is said. Actually you surrender your ego to begin with. And this ego when you surrender, it has to be done from you heart, it should not be a lipservice. From your heart: "I don't want this ego any more. I want Reality." "Let the Reality be seen by me, felt by me, enjoyed by me." And once you start doing it from your heart, you will be amazed that your voice will become sweet. Apart from that, it will have the Divine Power flowing through it. That is what we say that you have now "wak shakti", means the power of speech. So when you surrender ego, what you do actually is to say that "I'm not doing anything, it is You who does everything"; so that a little drop has now become an ocean, and so your sound has got the power of the ocean. (04.09.1983, Vienna, Austria)

- All excerpts are taken directly from the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. (15.08.1993, Cabella, Italy - Shri Krishna Puja Synopsis, 04.09.1983, Vienna, Austria - Vishuddhi Chakra)
- This month's artwork is a watercolor of Lord Krishna done by a Brazilian sahaja yogini named Francis Gurgel 

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