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"You are sitting in the shade of an umbrella of the Divine and sitting in this shade you have to increase your own Shakti and the spiritual ascent. You should know how many Shaktis are inside us, and out of that how many are awakened and how will they be working. You can do what you want. (Jo Je Wanchchila to te Laho, - Whatever you desire it will be fulfilled). But if your desire is changed, your ways and means will be changed. The Shaktis that have awakened in you, many of these Shaktis can reach different heights. So first you have to correct yourself and try to understand how many Shaktis you have. How many Shaktis you can achieve. How great you can become. What benefits you can get and what benefits you can give to others. There is a big treasure inside us. You have got the keys. It is open. Only you have to take out, wear and enjoy using them."


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Dormant Shakti
Description of Shakti
Destruction of Powers
Awakening the Shakti

Dormant Shakti

This is a worship of the Shakti. Until now many saints and sages have known and revealed about this Shakti. Whatever they could not describe in prose, they trued to convey by poetry. Whatever description was not possible to put in words - they composed different names of the Devi (Goddess) and described. We know all this and many people also know the meaning of this. But one thing they perhaps do not know is that every human being has all these Shaktis "Powers" dormant in them and they can awaken them. These dormant powers are eternal and limitless. Besides the thirty three crores of 'Devas' (Gods), there are many Shaktis. But we can say that this 'Self-Realisation' that we have achieved today, has been achieved through the working of some Shakti or the other. Without this you could not have achieved the 'Self-Realisation'.

Like, if you have to light a lamp, first you must put light into it, likewise when once your power is awakened, you can again enlighten it or you can increase it. But first step is, to awaken the power and for this it is very essential to have Self-Realisation. But as soon as you get Self-Realisation all the powers do not get activated. So the sages and saints have made this arrangement that you worship the 'Devi'. But the person who is not realised is not authorised to worship the 'Devi'.

Description of Shakti

Most important thing is, this Shakti is so comforting, so nurturing, so generous, so loving, it is so complete. There is nothing in between. Either it is very generous or very angry. Nothing in between. The reason is this, those people who are very cruel, who are demonic, those who have come to destroy this world, those who are keeping the people in illusion, they have donned various characters. Somebody has become a 'Sadhu', somebody a 'Pundit' (wise man), somebody a 'mulla', somebody is sitting in a temple and somebody in a mosque, somebody is Pope or somebody is politician. They are all hiding themselves behind various garbs, the person of demonic temperament. It is essential to destroy them. But this power of destruction, you should not go near it, you only have to desire and these Shakties will start working on their own.

Working of Mahamaya Shakti

This work - this Chaitanya - that is flowing in the Universe - is this Mahamaya's Shakti - and with this Mahamaya Shakti only all the work is being done. This Shakti - thinks, knows, understands everything properly and organises everything. And most important thing is that it "Loves" you and this love is 'without interest'. This love does not want anything from you, it only desires to give you, it desires your progress, it desires your well being. But along with this, those things who want to be thorns, put obstacles in your way, put up fights or in any way trouble you, all those people should essentially be destroyed. But for this you don't put in your energy. You should only invite this power 'avahan' (call) the Devi and then you tell them to destroy these demonic people. This is a big thing and you have a relief that anyone who is trying to trouble you, abuse you, dominate you, you have a special state in you which is "Nirvichar" (thoughtless). Everything you should see in a 'witness state'. Like a mad person is after you, what do you have to do with him? Watch his madness, mental torture, his difficulties and you laugh at him. What a fool he is? You do not have to take any trouble for him. For this you only have to enter your fort - that is 'Nirvicharita'. In Nirvicharita all the Shaktis which are loving, joy giving, nurturing will come to you. But so long as you remain busy with this, or remain busy with this thought that how I shall remove this, how to destroy this or how to remedy it, this will reflect on you not on him. Ramdas-swami has said "Alpadharishtaya Pahije". Whatever little courage you have is being watched by Paramatma. But you have so many Shaktis in You, so many, that you should awaken them, know them, let them bloom, be happy and respect yourself.

Destruction of Powers

Now these powers, even in Sahaja Yogis, get destroyed, then get awakened again, again they get destroyed then get awakened. What is the cause of this? The power that is awakened why does it get destroyed. Like now a person becomes a great artist. After entering Sahaja Yoga many people become good artists, they understand and know the art, their sensitivity is increased, they have awareness in them and everyone says, this person is extraordinary but then he gets involved in that art. He gets prestige, earns name and gets entangled in them. When he gets entangled in them, his powers get destroyed because his powers also get entangled in them.

Many a times I have seen that the Attention of the Sahaja Yogis goes into these things very fast. If they get into prominence with something, if they have progressed fast with something, many students who where not grown in the class, come out first class, everything is getting better then they think, now I have become great. As soon as they start thinking that, the powers go off. Now we should think that what we should do. If your business has increased, you have started getting a lot of money, something extraordinary has happened to you, then what you should do? We should know fully that "Mother you are doing everything, I am not doing it. It is your power that is working. I am not doing anything". It is very important that you remain alert, because after this when your powers get destroyed, you only will say that Mother the power has gone and everything has gone. The power that is working-allow it to workout. That is why pay proper attention to the fact that the power awakened in us, which is reflecting a shade of new enlightened personality, - we should not stop this power we should not think that we have become great.

Awakening the Shakti connecting with the inner self

So we should understand that great things have happened within us, which have covered us-evolved us and because of which we are at a great height; but so long as we do not understand that, we want to be only that which we are watching. We should have internal desire for this, not from outside. You should feel from inside, 'have I got it?' 'Have I achieved my destiny?', 'Have we achieved it?' 'We want to achieve it'. We have to be sincere regarding this and so long as you do not have the sincerity, Shakti will not have sincerity with you. This is the battle between you and your thoughts with different methods. You have to experience this yourself and see if you have achieved it, the Shaktis are awakened fully or not. Why can't we achieve it, because we are sort of cutting ourselves in a way. Sahaja Yoga does not have a place for this dual nature. Try to get it from your heart. Everything you should try from your heart. You should understand - know it from your inner self. For this, none of the superficial things will help. Somebody is keeping smiling face, somebody very grave appearance. There is no use of outside-acting. Only that which is inside you (the emotion) that is coming out. So why have the acting? The emotions that are inside us are only apparent outside because the emotions that are inside are connected with the Shakti and are coming out. And those people should understand this first, that we have to sincerely do the Sahaja Yoga.

Pity (William Blake)

C.S Lewis (1898-1963) describes the sublime times when humanity will reach an enlightened state of awareness in his book "The Great Divorce": 

"If I could remember their singing and write down the notes, no man who read that score would ever grow sick or old. Between them went musicians: and after this a lady in whose honour this was being done. [...] Every young man or boy that met her became her son... Every girl that met her became her daughter. [...] There are those that steal other peoples children. But her motherhood was of a different kind. Those on whom it fell went back to their natural parents loving them more. In her they became themselves. And now the abundance of life she has in Christ from the Father flows over into them." He goes on to say "Redeemed humanity is still young, it has hardly come to its full strength. But already there is joy enough in the little finger of a great saint such as yonder lady to waken all the dead things in the universe to life." 
Shakti - Power
Devi - Goddess
Deva - God
Avahan - Call
Nirvicharita - Thoughtlessness
- All excerpts are taken directly from a 1998 Lecture of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

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