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"So, one should understand also, when somebody gives you something, you should understand what is the significance of that and not to feel bad about it. The significance of that could be very much greater, you may not understand. So better to ask why they have given you these things. That is what we call auspiciousness, one of the great qualities of the Lakshmi. That it should be auspicious; whatever you give should be auspicious. Like sometimes I have seen little children, out of mischief, will bring a lizard and try to give you - I mean, it is very inauspicious to do that. But they are not told that it is inauspicious, so they are doing like that. They have to be told that it is not auspicious; it will not please the Goddess. So that has to be understood very well, that you should not try to insult the Lakshmi by giving something which is wrong. If you don’t know you should find out and do it properly. In this way - this is the Diwali thing; but the greatest message of this is that the kingdom was given to Shri Rama. Shri Rama was the embodiment of justice and fair play and this was given to him. In the same way we have to feel that our expression of gratitude, our expression of love, should be such that it should be given to a person who is a symbol of such greatness like Shri Rama. It is a very very subtle thing one should try to understand. If you do not want to give, then you should not give; but if you want to give something, then you must give something which is worth to whom you are giving. That is one of the lessons you should have about Shri Rama’s temperament."
(25.10.1998, Italy)"


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Celebration of Diwali
Significance of Diwali
Morality in Modern Times

Celebration of Diwali

Today we are going to celebrate the Diwali, which means the rows of lights or, you can say, group of lights. This Diwali has been a festival of very ancient times in India. I already told in My previous lectures what these five days are. After killing Narakasura (the demon), Diwali was celebrated when it was the darkest night of the year. So now, it is very symbolic of these modern times because the worst time, as far as morality is concerned has been in these modern times. We call it the Ghor Kali Yuga, the worst modern times. That means a complete darkness and, as you see around, you'll find out that there is complete darkness as far as morality is concerned, but that's why there are all kinds of crises. Because of that, also, there are many who are seeking the light, the truth. (05.11.1994, Turkey)


Significance of Diwali

Dhanteras – respect of wife – Gruhalakshmi
Firstly, in Diwali, the first day they buy something for the family, it could be some cooking utensil, could be an ornament for the wife, or something like that; because that is the day of the housewife and that day is to be celebrated as the housewives’, I should say, homage to her. As a result, you know in India, even now, housewives are very much respected. Actually they are respected all over, you will be amazed, that even in the protocol of the government receptions, anywhere, the wife is very important and where she is sitting, what her position is, it’s very important. Even today, in the most modern and advanced countries also, they have a special respect for the housewife. The housewife may not be educated, she may be a very simple woman, and she may not be very modern. (25.10.1998, Italy)

So it is very important, that on this day, we call it Dhanteras, the thirteenth day, you have to buy something for your wife, and you have to give her something as a present. At least you should buy a little pot or something that can be used in the kitchen to show your respect to her. In the families where the mother is not respected, children become extremely troublesome and the whole of their family also suffers, whenever they are married, whatever happens to them. Men have to realize that it is their mistake that they have never respected their wives as they should have. In the presence of the children, if they shout, in the presence of the children if they don’t show any respect, the children can never respect the mother. It is a criminal thing to do to women who are in the household, doing all the work for you, looking after you, your family, not demanding anything. Only if you want to understand how they can be troublesome is to see them in the politics. When they go into politics they put all the men upside down. One woman can put all of them in their proper senses; because their field is their house, their family. If they are not respected in the family, they get out of the family and behave in such a manner that you can’t imagine. Though she has to bear a lot, she has to suffer a lot: but in the family she must be respected, that’s a very very important message of Gruha Lakshmi (wife). (25.10.1998, Italy)

Killing of Demons – with the power of Shakti
Then the second day is the one where this horrible rakshasha called as Narakasura was killed. Always all killing is done with the power of the shakti. This Narakasura was the fellow who had tortured so many people and had done lots of cunning stuff, he was a very treacherous, cunning man and it was impossible to kill him; but then somehow or another with the advent of a special power, this Naraksura was killed. That was another day, the fourth day, when Naraksura was killed. They say that when he was killed, the door of hell was closed. So people should take their baths early in the morning. But I am of the opinion, that day the door is open, better not take baths, better be in your beds till this fellow is put fully into Naraka - you should not bother about him. Naraka means hell, and from the hell they extracted him and killed him. (25.10.1998, Italy)

The Destruction of Injustice
The last one is the best, where they have the meeting of Shri Rama and his brother Bharat. Shri Rama went to jail, obeying his father; for 14 years he was not in jail, but he went in the forest. It was a kind of a jail only because he was living in the palaces and then he was sent to the forest by his father: with his daughter-in-law, means his own wife, and also the brother - they went together into great sufferings - and you know the whole story of Ramayana. The child that lived in the palaces had to go in the forest and live in terrible conditions, when he was to be the king - it was too much. But Sita (Shri Rama’s wife) went with him and she supported him and ultimately it so happened that Ravana (the demon) came and took away Sita. Shri Rama fought Ravana, killed him, and brought back his wife. But when they came back to their own capital, in Ayodyha, there was a big jubilation and Bharat, his brother, he was very much attached to his brother (Shri Rama) and he ruled that country with the paduka, they say, (a kind of sandalwood slippers they use) of his brother: he put them on the throne, and ruled. So that is how the Bharatmilan, the meeting of Bharat with Shri Rama is celebrated and that was the time he was crowned also as the king. So it was a long time back, 1000’s of years back, this thing has happened. That jubilation is very significant, that the right king gets his own thrown and he rules and all injustice and all kinds of atrocities he has gone through has to be completely finished from his life and that’s why Diwali is important. (25.10.1998, Italy)

Worship of the Goddess Lakshmi
So the last day they worship the Goddess Lakshmi. Because it is her blessings that brought forth all these beautiful meetings and that’s why they worship her - Lakshmi. There are nine types of Lakshmis within us, which I think I have told you some time back. Now in that Lakshmi Puja (prayer), you worship the Lakshmi herself, it doesn’t mean money, not at all. To worship money is wrong. But what it means is that Lakshmi is the money which is with us, or whatever, the prosperity should be very carefully spent because she is very mobile and the money can slip out. On the contrary you should not be at all miserly; with miserly people, Lakshmi is not happy. If you want to spend, you must spend it in the right way otherwise the money is spent in the wrong way. Now when the Lakshmi was created, you must know, out of the churning of the sea, she came out. She had four hands, one hand was to give, she’s generous, and she gives. Like this she gives and with one hand she blesses, these are her two hands, one is to give and to bless the person. Very important it is that when you give to somebody something, you forget about it. You bless that person - not only you give money, but also you bless that person. The other two hands have got two lotuses of pink colour. Pink is the colour of love and a person who has money should have a house which is full of love. Any guest who comes in the house should be respected; he should be treated just like God. (25.10.1998, Italy)


Purity of Relationships

Now, the second day of Diwali, last day, is where a brother and sisters celebrate together for relationship, which is so pure and protective. That is to show that, after putting the lights, morality must be the first priority for the society. I need not tell you today immoral side of modern times. It's horrible. Immorality is the greatest darkness of modern times where people do not know how they relate to each other for which, as I told you before, Christ has suggested that you take out the eyes of a man who looks at a woman twice because He found, at that time, people were horrid. Who can follow Christ in these modern times? Both the eyes, both the hands will be cut off. On the whole, if you see, I haven't seen any Christian like that, so far. (05.11.1994, Turkey)


Morality – in Modern Times

Now the description of modern times is there to show you in what times we are living. And I realized it's not an easy thing to talk to them about anything that is good without giving them realization. Unless and until you give them realization, nothing can penetrate into their minds on just mental level. And also giving only lectures and sermons, the whole thing will be at a mental level only. And also the religions, which are so-called, are really very harmful for the spiritual growth of human beings. I felt that enlightenment is the only way one can save this world. In this darkness of ignorance, the darkest night of the whole history of this world, we needed light and lights, many lights. (05.11.1994, Turkey)

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This pendant depicting the subtle system was created by a Russian yogi living in Toronto named Vladimir Medvedev. The pendant was given as a gift to Shri Mataji upon Sahasrara day which celebrates the opening of the crown chakra.
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Ghor Kali Yuga – Worst Modern times
Gruha Lakshmi – Wife
Narakasura, Ravana – Demons
Puja - Prayer
- All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (25.10.1998 - Novi Ligure, Italy – Diwali Puja, 05.11.1994 - Istanbul, Turkey – Diwali Puja) .
- This month's heading image is a unique photo of Shri Mataji permeated with a colourful light formation. Many photographs of Shri Mataji exhibit interesting light and energy patterns.

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