"I am a simple housewife who has this unique technique; I am your teacher and can get us broken into the Unconscious. You must not be upset because of my simplicity. Jesus Christ was a carpenter's son. His Mother was an uneducated woman. Krishna was a cow boy. When we find something like this, it is a beginning. Having been able to get our own power risen is enlightening our rationality. It is simple love. Mother can't keep all her love to herself. Christ was crucified for us to have it and to understand what we have; understand the mechanism. Master it and we can give light to thousands, to help them mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, not to waste this wonderful gift. Our rationality will see the power flowing through us and we will enjoy the bliss and joy of this wonderful happening.
May God Bless You!"
(24. 12. 2000 - India)

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Enlightened rationality
Effortless and Spontaneous

Enlightened rationality

In our searching, we are asking for the actual experience. In all the scriptures it has been said that we will be born again. We are looking for a second birth, which is within us. All the religions talk about it. We have to stabilize ourselves to get the experience and it will work out. We search with our minds and rationality for the truth. This mind is not connected to the whole. We are not aware of the whole, we have so many problems. Thinking, unenlightened rationalization, and awareness, are different. Rationality has all the time been living with the ego. We can't separate the ego and rationality - neither is perfected nor mature. If we are mature enough to know why there are vibrations in the molecules - through rationality we cannot discover this. We cannot give answers to questions - e.g. Why are we human beings? We take too much for granted. If we try to rationalize everything we'll go mad. Our rationality is not mature enough, it is not enlightened. The "I" within us knows the rationality, but rationality doesn't know the "I". We can't know each other's point of view. Why human beings are made out of an amoeba - through rationalizing and logic?


Effortless and Spontaneous

The process has been worked out without any effort required. We breathe, our heart works, etc. without our doing anything. Therefore everything has to come spontaneously, like the sprouting of a seed. Only human beings believe in God, not animals. We haven't our fulfillment. People are seeking. The awareness is responsible for the seeking. We have to keep our rationality clear. I ask you not to believe me, but not to deny me because you can't rationalize. Now is the time of blossoming and many are going to be converted and have fulfillment. Our instrument, existing on many different levels has started to become enlightened. We pass from gross to the subtle of Mother Earth. Subtle Mother Earth is fragrance. The cause of Mother Earth is the axis. Ultimately we go to the primordial cause, which is the spirit - the reflection of the God Almighty.

The real Gurus working in the forests and the great people like Moses and Abraham knew how difficult it was to raise the Kundalini. When people are authorized, it is an easy thing to do for others. When it moves up the centre and pierces the fontanel bone, we achieve self-realization. We aren't even aware of what has happened to us, what we have achieved. It's so spontaneous and so simple but it's a very dynamic process, an all dimensional working, which makes the Kundalini rise.

Theatre of Eternal Values presents "Veni.. Vidi...Whatever...."

On January 14th, 2006, we watched a play entitled…

"Veni.. Vidi…Whatever.…."

It was about…

"Want to make me laugh? Tell me all about your life plan!" – God Almighty.
Life is full of unexpected moments and so is this show -- for the audience, as well as for the actors.
TEV members who are experienced improvisers in life and on stage present a unique and totally spontaneous performance made up on- the-spot, right in front of your eyes.
Obviously, the players will need all the help they can ge!t! The audience will be asked for suggestions - and other occasional volunteer activity.
So get ready and enjoy with your whole family the TEV production.

What is Improv ...

Improv is comedy created on the spot with no script at all. Instead, actors create the dialog and action themselves as they perform.

Unlike conventional scripted theatre, the key elements are spontaneity and unpredictability and that makes Improv a unique and exciting experience for the performers and the audience. It's always fresh, risky, and fun!

Who they are…

Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV) was founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

From the beginning, the aim of those involved with TEV was to develop productions beyond cultural, racial and national boundaries. A testament to this is the group's membership which is currently from more than seventeen countries. This international cast has chosen to focus on creative interpretations of classic western theatre, but has also written own plays. Through these plays they have sought to present the universal teachings and wisdom that have been rediscovered through introspective meditation. Each production has been a magical experience as the varied voices of the cast have come together in harmony.

About the Cast…

Julie Mandal
After a few years of local acting, Julie opted for full-time theatre work and studied 'Applied Theatre Science' (no kidding!) in Germany. The years spent in scholarly and professional pursuits drove her straight into a decade-long sabbatical. After visiting improv classes at Second City, she remembered that theatre can be fun. Ready for some serious joy, she put her experience as actor, director, coach and gopher to good use.

Nitish Mandal
Nitish had absolutely run out of things to do and so decided to take a few improv lessons last year. Suddenly it hit him like a ton of bricks - improv is cool. EUREKA, this was a revolutionary discovery, and he was set to run down the street in his best attire, when it hit him again - gee, isn't that what my wife's been saying to me about Improv for the past 10 years?? Double EUREKAAA!!

Gita Pattison
Gita began studying theatre in 1989 as a stand-up comedian. In 1995 she traveled to India and studied Indian classical music. She then returned to Europe and participated in the creation of TEV and is since then a driving force behind the group. Their first production, The Imaginary Invalid, where Gita took the leading role ‘Toinette’, was performed for over two years across seven European countries and in India. Back in Europe, Gita directed ’The Magic Word’ for the Viennese Boys’ Choir, later directing four more of their tour-productions. In 2000 she joined the second international TEV production, Mozart's The Magic Flute. Since 2001; Gita lives in Waterloo and has performed leading parts in various productions such as God’s Favourite, Snoopy, Christmas Story and in both TEV Canada productions Faust and Blah-Di-Dha Film Festival. She also plays shows with the Theatre on the Edge, an improvisation theatre group in Waterloo.

Kristine Pearson
Born in Nebraska, Kristine started her theatre career as a child actress. At the age of 13, she joined the British ‘Little Theater’ in East Africa. Back in the States, she studied concert piano and drama in Wittenberg University (Ohio) and earned her M.A. in Drama at the University of Toronto. In 1969, she moved to Toronto and work shopped numerous new alternative Canadian plays at Factory Theatre Lab (now Factory Theatre, Toronto). In 2001 she joined TEV and played Gretchen in Goethe’s Masterpiece Faust, appeared as a Co-host in the Blah-Di-Dha Film Festival and works currently on a series of radio plays.

A few comments from the audience…
-it was astonishing that they could be so spontaneous….
-wonder how they can stay so calm….
-other plays usually have some kind of negativity (profanity), but this play has no sign of that….
-teachings of Sahaja Yoga are shown through the natural flow of performance, and ability to exist in the present moment….
-this play shows that there are more dimensions to Sahaja Yoga, in addition to meditation, that create energy and are also fun….

Coming up in TEV…
TEV Canada
1. George MacDonald
a series of radio plays- recording is scheduled for March/April 2006 and starts with the “Light Princess”.
2. Blah-Di-Dha Film Festival
a mix of flicks and skids- scheduled for April/May 2006.
3. Impressed by the Empress
a play about the empress of Austria; currently, in writing process- rehearsals scheduled for fall 2006.

TEV Italy
William Blake - Victor Vertunni sings William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience.
After twenty years of tinkering with the songs and pondering about various "Blakean" projects (both small and extravagant), he has finally released, quite independently, a sort of "long.playing" demo, The CD is the result of several sessions last spring at a quiet riverside studio near Pavia in Italy. Victor is currently touring in Austria with this project. http://www.williamblakesongs.com/

Theatre of Eternal Values presents the second
"Blah-Di-Dha Film Festival" Coming up April 2006


- All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Seeking and Rationality -March, 1981, Australia).
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