"Now it is too fantastic to believe, those who have never heard about it, but even in the bible it’s said that; ‘I will appear before you like tongues of flames.’ Can they explain what these ‘tongues of flames’ are? As it is they gave no chance for Christ to speak much and there were not any university students to understand about Kundalini, about this beautiful instrument that God has placed within us. They were ordinary fishermen; so whatever they saw according to their own understanding they have put it down. If they could have understood Christ they would never have crucified Him but they never understood Him and didn’t want to understand Him. In the same way it should not happen today. We should try to understand it’s very important, imminent and crucial."

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Seeking sincerely - facing reality
Evolving - spontaneously
Seeking - as a Scientist

Seeking sincerely – facing reality

All the seekers of truth, I am very much thankful to you for giving Me this opportunity to meet you all over here. You are here because you are seeking and the seeking is so innately expressing itself that you cannot get over this feeling of seeking even if you want to. But perhaps I do not know if you know what you are seeking. Why you are not happy? What is the expectation you have about your seeking? All of you must have had some background of seeking because seekers are a special category. Every person on the street is not a seeker. Every person we come across is not a seeker. It’s a special category. I’ve seen there are seekers who are real seekers and there are also fake – as we have in everything – because it’s a fashion to seek, because nice to talk of seeking. In everything I can understand the fakeness, but in seeking I cannot, because you are the gainer, you are the one who has to gain. So you should not fake it. Better try to awaken your sincerity and to get that which is freer, because human beings have reached such a stage of evolution that they cannot exist any more now unless and until they find out the truth about themselves; unless and until they face the reality; unless and until they know why they are here. They cannot go on like this, it is impossible. All the shocks and all the horrible ideas people are giving you about the destruction of human race is because of this void that they feel. This distance they feel from reality. They feel that we haven’t yet seen anything that is real.

Everything we venture into, any enterprise, any movement towards progress ends up into nonsense and the whole absurdity of this kind of a progress when it comes face to face you start feeling: now where are we? Are we on the right lines? Where are we moving? This seeking that has come to you is of course the outcome of this confusion – no doubt; that you can see intelligently this confusion around you. One of the things is that with your rationality or with your logic I should say – rationality’s rather, can be very funny. With your logic you must have reached a point where you see this confusion and you must want to find out after all what the solution is. You’ve worked very hard; create an atom bomb then it becomes like a devil on your head. You cannot go further with it. Any such movement of human beings towards understanding the meaning of their existence leads into a chaos. Then it is definite that we are in a cocoon and whatever we do it comes back to us. There must be a way out; there must be a method by which we get out of it and see for ourselves what we are here for.


Evolving - spontaneously


You cannot solve this problem through your intelligence or through your rationality because the human mind is limited and the limited mind cannot go to something that is unlimited. Like when I came to this hall I had to leave my car behind. But it’s very difficult to understand that with rationality, you cannot reach some place and you reach that place - spontaneously. But we can derive that conclusion by seeing that we evolved spontaneously. We evolved automatically. We did not think about it. Say, from animal stage to this stage we have come, from amoeba stage to this stage we have come without doing anything about it. Spontaneously it has happened. People perhaps do not understand the word ‘spontaneous’. Spontaneous means it’s a happening through some living force and the living force acts on its own. It drives you up to a point. Like a flower becomes a fruit. Now the flower cannot do anything about becoming a fruit; in the same way we cannot do anything about our evolution. We should accept most humbly, because we have done nothing so far to become human beings. We have taken for granted our human life. But how we got it we do not know. We did not pay any money for it. That way anything very vital to life you get it spontaneously. Like our breathing, nobody taught us breathing. We did not have to join Cambridge University to learn our breathing, did we? It comes so spontaneously as soon as we are born we start breathing. All that is vital for the progress of life comes to us spontaneously.

So if evolution is the most vital climax of our existence then it has to come to us spontaneously. We cannot do anything about it; so first of all let us relax. It’s going to work out spontaneously so why put our self up into a tension? Now we have to see like a scientist with a very open mind that we are not yet aware of ourselves. We do not know what we are. We know we are human beings but are we really human beings alone? Or are we something more than that? And if we are, are we aware of that?

Seeking - as a Scientist


Once we accept that still we are not that reality by which we can know every dimension of ourselves. If there is light we should be able to see everything in this room isn’t it? If we have light within ourselves we should be able to see ourselves within and without. The confusion is there because this light is not yet enlightened. But now think that you are made a human being but why? Why? What was the need? Why so much trouble was taken by nature to make a human being? No scientist goes into the ‘whys’ you see. They’ll say; ‘it is so.’ And …it’s a scientific way of looking at things. Now they say; ‘it is […]’. Alright it is […] the right […] this is […]. Finished. Whatever they see and know they write it down; ‘this is so’. But they cannot say ‘why’. Why there is gravity in the mother earth, they cannot say that. But let us ask this question: ‘why?’ Why are we human beings? This is the beginning of your seeking.

Now when I put forward some sort of a hypothesis for you, some sort of idea or a theory before you, you need not get disturbed by it. Keep yourself open and see for yourself if it works or not. But for this we really need people who are ardent seekers. Like we come into any university I would say we keep ourselves open. We just don’t go and challenge all knowledge to begin with, but we try to find out for ourselves whether whatever is said is true or not. In the same way we should keep ourselves very open about this method of the nature, which is spontaneous and the power that is placed within us which is called as Kundalini (this is the name given by human beings; God has not given names to anything) that resides within us in the triangular bone.

The Legend of Dagad Trikon
by Grégoire de Kalbermatten

560 pages long, limited edition hardcover, ISBN 1-932406-01-8

When Jonathan O’Lochan, Counselor at the U.S. embassy in Cairo first saw the small monkey perched on a branch of a nearby acacia tree, he thought that the cute little visitor was pleading for food so he threw it a banana. But, in his wildest dreams, he could never have guessed that the pleasing of this particular monkey was about to change his life.

So begins The Legend of Dagad Trikon, an action-packed fantasy, good-versus-evil thriller that embraces ten thousand years of history. Journeying through Africa, Europe, India, and America, it tells of a search for prophecies hidden by the Avasthas, an enlightened race who vanished eons ago. Jonathan and his friends unwittingly find themselves on a search for the greatest prize that mankind can attain: the secret to how mankind can transcend the currently perceived limits of the human mind and evolve to a higher consciousness. Indeed, the book offers a precise and detailed explanation as to how this can happen and posits that this is at the core of the Holy Grail myth.
The Legend of Dagad Trikon is a work of imaginative genius, an extraordinary synthesis of disparate mythologies into a seamless whole. This gripping and compelling saga unveils a grand quest of self-discovery that kept seekers of spiritual truth in the East and West equally busy for many millennia. Meet a range of unforgettable characters, Lancelot of the Lake and Guinevere in their present-day incarnations, and the Divine Mother in a sari shop.

Early quotes from readers

As the editor of The Legend of Dagad Trikon and of many other fantasy titles, this fascinating novel was unique for me in the sheer depth and scope of the stage on which it plays out. The breath-taking sweep of the author's knowledge of world cultures is evident on every page as the reader is transported from Delhi to Delphi, from Cairo to Oslo, from Moscow to Washington DC - all in pursuit of a secret that has the potential to change the course of human history. More importantly, the possibility of real human happiness is visualized and the very fate of our planet is at stake. We find ourselves caring deeply for the characters and it is the heady page-turning momentum of this fully realized fantasy that propels the reader onward. To read this novel is to embark on a journey, an adventure - a quest that is at least as richly rewarding as the search for the secrets of Dagad Trikon itself.
Radhika Gupta Rao, Danville, California.
Professional Book Editor

The Legend of Dagad Trikon is a magic door through which we actually seem to pass, into a place beyond our perceptions of the material world, and of time and space, and into the one reality we recognize, which resonates at our deepest core. It allows us a glimpse of the greatest discovery we can imagine, as mysterious as it is awesome. In my experience, there is no better voice, of a person who has gone from seeing to being, and who has probably seen more and been more, than Mr. de Kalbermatten.
James Kosakow.
Lawyer – New York City

Grégoire de Kalbermatten has the biggest heart and the best sense of humour I have ever encountered. He is also an extremely erudite and a wise student of human history and spirituality. The Legend of Dagad Trikon, his latest book, delves into ancient hidden knowledge in a fast paced, amusing and contemporary plot guaranteed to keep you enthralled and guessing to the very end.
Kingsley Flint

How to order copies of the book

For customers outside the USA, please send $39.95, by Paypal, to info@daisyamerica.com, which includes, postage and packing, via US Global Priority Airmail service

For customers in the USA, please send $34.50 by Paypal, to info@daisyamerica.com, which includes postage and packing, via US Priority Mail service.

- All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (The Search of Truth, Public Program – 1981, Cambridge, England).

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