"The birthday of Your Mother, and all such celebrations have a very deep significance, because on such occaisions, special vibrations flow in the atmosphere. When all the celestial bodies, the Eternal Personalities, Gods and Godesses, sing the praise, and that's how the whole atmosphere is filled with mirth and happiness. Human beings also, express there gratitude. Expression of gratitude and love is done in different, different ways in different countries, but the substance remains the same and the forms change. The substance is like the ocean which flows continuously towards the shores and the ripples which touch the shores are again repelled back, and a nice pattern is formed. It is such a spontaneous thing and is so beautiful, creates such a beautiful pattern in the atmosphere. All these waves when they weave together the pattern of love they soothe human beings, they enchant human beings and the whole thing is very blissful."
(1980-03-23: Birthday Puja, London)

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The Reality of the Vision
Introspection… Witness State… Purity… Compassion… Empowerment… Attention… Thoughtlessness… Doubtlessness...

Celebrate spiritual life

Every year we have birthdays of various people and every year we make a vow that this year I will not do this or I will not do that. This is a very good way of seeing how far we have come in life. Many people who really have achieved a very great height in their spiritual life did not need a birthday, but every day they felt it's a birthday to start, to go ahead, to understand, to learn. Every day is a new year for them.

In our own life we see that our surroundings change very slowly. Sometimes it is shocking, sometimes we are surprised how the surroundings are not changed, but in a subtle way there is a tremendous change that is happening within us and without.


Give up the destructive path

The whole atmosphere today is governed by human beings. I don't know how far Paramachaitanya (the divine cool breeze) works it out, but it is for us to open ourselves to new dimensions in our lives. For example, if we find we still have, through our introspection, we locate that we have these old, subtle, nonsensical things still hanging around us, we don't have to vow for it. You have to just witness it and the destructive path it is taking you to, immediately you will give up. You don't have to worry as to put a vow upon yourself, because now you are "samarth" meaning now you are absolutely empowered. Whatever you think is wrong, your attention itself on it will slowly, gradually remove the doubts about having those problems, those connections, conditions and ego that are lingering still, definitely you will drop them. With your attention, it will run away. Then you will realize that every day your attention is getting purified, getting powerful, getting compassionate. Normally, whatever reaction you have in your attention just disappears and you start witnessing the whole thing and your power of attention, through that witnessing force, acts and it works. It works not only on you but on everything that surrounds you.


Through meditation - in the present moment

Firstly, through your meditation, in that state of meditation, you expand within yourself. You stay in the present. The other day somebody asked Me, "Where was Your last birthday?" I just forgot where it was. Otherwise My memory is very good, like an elephant. But this I forgot. Perhaps, every time, every day, you live in the present and you grow, so you forget when and where this growth has taken place.


The tree of Sahaja Yoga

My own growth has been like this, that every time I go to a place, I find very nice new people coming in and some of the horrible ones from the old lot disappearing. It's something like, when the tree grows. the leaves go on falling and new leaves start coming. But in Sahaja Yoga, it's something different I find, that on the tree of Sahaj Yoga very few, very few leaves fall off and you sometimes face a lush garden of beautiful people. To Me, it's like miraculous fireworks. It starts like a small line and then opens up into several beautiful patterns. It is impossible to envisage or to visualize what will happen to us, to Sahaj Yoga and to all of you. I have never learned to imagine things, but the vision that you see is really remarkable. It's very remarkable that I see all Sahaja Yogis drenched in Divine Love and expressing themselves in a very beautiful and very deep manner. This, when it comes in, really makes your attention absolutely enrapt in such Divine Bliss that you forget that moment.


Celebrating My Birthday

One of those moments is when you celebrate My Birthday. I even forget how many years I have lived on this Earth. Sometimes I say I am seventy-three, sometimes I say I am seventy. I just don't know. Because, as I told you, it does not leave any mark of time, of date, of years in that blissful state. As if sometimes you can think that you went to see something very beautiful like Taj Mahal, without knowing what it is and suddenly you find such a beautiful building. Unexpectedly you just get blindfolded, as they say. In Hindi, say "awak." You don't know how to express. You just become speechless. And invariably you'll find that time you'll forget the time. You will forget how you came there. The entire story behind all that finishes off as soon as you see the reality of the vision.

This reality of the vision is something beyond even My thinking and imagination. I cannot even now, sometimes, believe that there are so many Sahaja Yogis who have got this subtle knowledge. I never knew that there are so many seekers to begin with. I never knew that there are such subtle people on this Earth. All over the world, wherever I went, whether I went to Nepal or to Brazil, suddenly I find facing [Me] so many beautiful seekers. If you ask Me, "When did You go to Brazil?" I won't be able to tell you the dates. I have very bad memory for dates for the same reason, I think, because every time I see a vision. And the time also just stops for that moment. It doesn't express itself. Nothing is recorded, except for the experience. And this experience is in an abstract form. You cannot describe it. It is beyond words and beyond any description. At that time you really become thoughtless and that is the time we have to really enjoy.


Shri Mataji's birthday celebration (Toronto)

This past month, the Toronto collective enjoyed a special celebration on Shri Mataji's birthday.

A hall was booked, a stage was setup and the summons was put out to the tremendous talents from our rich cultural tapestry of sahaji's.


Our master of ceremonies who is also a talented comedian set both a nice meditative and comical mood for the evening.

Then we got treated with performances by singers, dancers, musicians & actors with backgrounds from Russia, Bulgaria,  India, England, Iran and Romania.


The food and drink was delicious and the children had great fun running and playing in the large hall and also sitting front row centre as the performances went on.

We even had a new yogi in attendance that came the long distance from Timmins, Ontario. The night ended with an Aarti (devotional ceremony) and meditation and great happiness in enjoying our Holy Mother's Birthday.

- All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Birthday Puja - 21.03.1994 - Calcutta, India).

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