"…Don't have to use any extreme or exterior things, to express your spirituality, it is within yourself that you will find it, keep to the center. It is absolutely practical, its common sense, think of a car which is not having its center of gravity at its center, but is moving at a tilt; think of a boat that is tilted, anything that is tilted too much gives an imbalance. So to keep a balanced life, to keep a moderate life in the center, be very, very normal, that's what everyone has said, because that's what it is. By keeping in the center only we have achieved our evolution. Always if you see the tree you will find the sap of the tree rises in the center, all living work takes place in the center, even your social and economic activities take place in the center, even as we call it Delhi as the central government. So you have to keep to the center of your behavior, of your living, of your styles, of your thinking, do not go to extremes, this is the first thing they have told us. (1981-02-05, Introduction to Mooladhara Chakra, New Delhi)"

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Sahaja Yoga - the culmination of living work by which you have become a human being

Significance of Sahaja - Spontaneous - Easy - A living happening

Today I am going to speak in general, about Sahaja yoga and Kundalini awakening. Sahaja as you know means SAHA - means with and JA - born with you, but perhaps people do not realize what Sahaja actually means. It is spontaneous, but what is spontaneous? Spontaneous is not that supposing I am going in the car suddenly I meet somebody; I say spontaneously I met that person. Spontaneous means that happening is a living happening. It has to be a living thing which is spontaneous, it's a very mysterious word, that cannot be explained and that happens without any understanding about it, which is not possible for a human being to understand, that is Sahaja. Sahaja may mean it's very simple, it's very easy, it is, it has to be. For example God has given us these eyes, these wonderful eyes that these human beings have got that not only can see the color, but can also appreciate it. God has given them a nose, which is so well developed that it can feel the filth animals cannot feel. You have become a human being, I have become a human being and everybody has become a human being, become from an amoeba stage spontaneously; can you explain that, how it has happened? Further we can see everyday; we see so many spontaneous things happening. Today you go in the forest you will see lots of flowers there, in the forest in the wilderness, and tomorrow you will find lots of fruits produced by these flowers. Who has done it? Effortlessly the nature has done it. It's a living happening it won't happen in a dead thing. For example, this hall I have been visiting now every year is just the same. The size is just the same except that some people have put some other color or put some appendages, that's all. Dead cannot grow by itself, there is no growth it is not a spontaneous growth it is a growth of effort that you have to put in things on top of all dead things to make it look bigger.

The living work - the balance in the system of nature

In all the living things, whatever has been the living work by the living God has been miraculous, you cannot explain, but we have taken everything for granted for else it doesn't surprise us that today we see a flower, tomorrow a fruit. We see a little seed growing into a huge big tree and we are not surprised at it, not at all, it's being taken for granted. This is the living work; see the system, the whole system of nature is in such a balance, such a balance is maintained. It creates different types of seasons one after the other. The sun moves from one tropic to another, it creates seasons. The trees are laden with leaves and suddenly the trees are left without them. Then all the leaves fall off automatically because the sun is going on the other tropic, but the leaves have to fall down on the ground, why because the nutrition of nitrogen has to go to the mother earth to be re-sucked by the tree. This entire circle has been built up, you see in the universe how things are happening we never even bother to see; we all have been taking full advantage of Gods love for us. Out of His spontaneity He has created us and also He has created us in such a way that we can enjoy His spontaneous love all around us, but we try to see God, try to see God in dead things.

Spontaneity working through the living force within us - not in dead things

If somebody has a big house people think God has blessed him, if somebody gets a big position they think God has blessed him, but we never realize that these things which are not spontaneous which are through effort, have been achieved, are of no consequence as far as the joy is concerned. You give some money to a person, who is not used to money, immediately you will find he will go to the race course or he will start drinking, he can't bear it. When the riches grow too much you see what happens. Affluence creates such a problem, you have known that. Now you are very aware of it, how affluence has ruined the spontaneity of western people, how their society has become malignant, how they are unhappy, there is no love. This spontaneity within us is worked through the living force that is within us and not through the dead. Whatever dies within us, is pushed aside. Sahaja Yoga is the culmination of that living work by which you have become a human being and now the time has come for you to become a self realized personality, the time has come.

A different category of seekers - seeing something beyond

Many people asked me today in the press conference, "What is Your purpose, what is Your mission?" It's most surprising as they asked all the political leaders they were asking Me. The time has come; the time has come for you to get your self realization. You are ready for it now. This is the time when the chaos is at its maximum level, where people understand that these pursuits of wealth, of power, and other emotional possessions are of no value, where the pressures and tensions are so great that man is seeking. In every country I find thousands and thousands and thousands of people seeking, even in our country there are people who are seekers, that's a category now developed. It's a category, like a flower is a category on the trees, different from other parts of the tree, in the same way a seeker is a category, which is different from the other parts of the world. He is not satisfied with what he has and he has started seeing through that, there must be something beyond, this is not the end of it; only such people are welcome in Sahaja Yoga. Those who are not seekers cannot be forced into it, it's a spontaneous thing. Now the problem is, when you are a seeker, when you are seeking God, which is the way to do it, how to do it? Because your parents told you that you are Muslim or a Christian or a Parsee or Sikh or something you just become that, but by doing any of the rituals or any one of the things that your parents have told, you still feel that there is something more that has to happen and what is that, which is the missing point, that we have to know within ourselves?

Be in the Centre - with your attention on the spirit

Today I am happy we heard such a great song, by such a great poet, Kabira and that as he has said it and as everybody has said it; Christ has said it, Mohommad Sahab has said it, all of them have said it, that inside you is the lord, is the Rama, is the Shiva, is the Paigambara or is the what they call the Allah, then seek it. Now, we start singing the songs, we better seek and you better seek and we must seek. By singing the song are you going to seek? Now how do you seek then, Mother? They ask Me, "How are we to seek God?" Is there a way and method?

How did you become human beings? Effortlessly without any effort! Only thing was that you exposed yourself to nature and nature created you, you call it nature or God it's just the same. In the same way it is the job of God almighty Who has created you, to give you your meaning. If I make an instrument like this, it is My job to tell the person, what to do with it, how to put it to the mains and how it is to be used; in the same way it is the job of God almighty to do it and He knows how to do it. So one may say, what should we do about it? What is the way to achieve that? Again we are on the effort; actually, what we have to do is to be in the center. You must lead a moderate life, you should not go to extremes, if you go to extremes too much, then you are taking your attention away from the spirit. You have to keep in the center; you have to lead a very normal life.

Invitation to join our new classes in Burlington
starting on Tuesday, May 2nd, at 7 pm

Venue: Brant Hills Community Centre - Nelson Room
2255 Brant Street (Dundas and Brant Street)
Class New Format:
10 week - sessions; The classes run all year round
Contact/Registration: Ioana : ioanayoga@yahoo.ca ; 905-635-1887

The classes will follow the successful "Experiment with Truth" course in 10 parts, initiated in USA (videos with Music, Nature, and appealing diverse knowledge plus explanations to cater to today's modern-hectic life).

Below you can see the guidelines for the first 5 parts of this course. Certainly, the classes will comprise more than what is presented below :-)

Experiment With Truth: Part 1
* Introduction to Sahaja Yoga through: Music, Nature and ancient teachings
* The Body: Instrumental to experiment our own Spirituality
* Importance of meditation in the modern life

Experiment with Truth: Part 2
* Meditation - Learn to Relax and feel the Peace within
* Awakening of Kundalini energy: its importance, its role and correlations
* Stress, Anger -> reflection on the Nerves -> Energy Centres / Chakras
* Kundalini in history and religions
* Self Mastery; self destructive attitudes

Experiment with Truth: Part 3
* Self Realization
* What exactly is Self Knowledge?!
* More practice: learn about the Liver & Spleen's importance in our system
* The Subtle System and first chakras
* Importance of Daily Meditation

Experiment with Truth: Part 4
* Anahat - The Heart Chakra
* The Spirit
* Cool breeze versus tingling and heat in the palms: decoding the messages
* Stress relief trough daily cleansing of our subtle system
* Family Love & Pure Love versus Fear & Attachment

Experiment with Truth: Part 5
* Balancing our system using the Natural Elements
* Introduction to Introspection
* Vishuddhi chakra - Communication & Detachment
* The Importance of collectivity: the Collective Meditation

I am looking forward to sharing with you the "Experience with Truth", a real Journey within, towards spiritual growth and physical and emotional wellbeing.


Attached is the flyer that you can print out as a reminder or for contacts!

"...That now we have brought science close to reality, the truth, the divine, science all explained. Become completely integrated now with us. Sahaja Yoga is the most scientific thing that you could think, exact. The biggest computer that you are, but the computer has to be workable.
There's nothing, nothing more important to me than to see you rise to that level of understanding of your own values, and worth, and discretion. You have to become sweet, nice people. But, very very powerful! That you can control yourself, your tongues and your things. The control, complete control of your self.
May God Bless you again.
Please meditate.
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

- All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1981.02.05-Introduction to Mooladhara Chakra, New Delhi).

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