"So this balancing has to come; foremost thing is to balance yourself. Any extreme behavior must be balanced. Any extreme attitude toward life must be brought down. Now here we find that the will acts, opposed in an opposite direction. For example, people become obstinate. They do not want to accept that we have to balance and they say, "Oh, I'm all right," and they'll give all explanations to show that they're all right. For whom are you giving the explanations? You are fighting with yourself. Why? Because you are not yet integrated fully within yourself. So the second part is the integration. Integration of your attention. Integration comes in when you do something, you wish something, you enjoy something, you want something. Then you find integration is also wobbly in your attention. But if you want your Spirit, you just want your Spirit to be happy. Because if the Spirit is happy means you're happy - Spirit is always happy. How are you going to make the Spirit happy? Only thing when you say you want the Spirit to be happy, what you are saying is this, that you want your attention to be happy. If you keep your attention happy and cheerful, completely integrated with your being, not with your ego. This is where the discretion has to be used.

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What should we do to make Sahaja Yoga successful?

Banner of New Age - transforming Sahaja Yoga into a vast area of Spirituality
-Sahaja Yoga - a revelation of all the vague terms used-

You are the channels - to generate the energy

Now, you must have realized that you are the people who are the men of God and women of God, and that you have to be prepared to take this banner of New Age, of transforming Sahaja Yoga into Maha Yoga into a vast area of spirituality. You are the channels, and you are going to generate this energy through. If you were just channels, then your responsibility would have been much less. But Sahaja Yoga, it's a very different type of a living process. Perhaps you might have noticed it, that once you receive your realization it starts transforming you first. Then it starts transforming others. By your presence, you start transforming them. By your existence, you start transforming other people. You start transforming the atmosphere, the subtler problems of negativity. They all work out - like a tree. When it is blossoming, the fragrance of the blossom creates a different type of aura around itself, which attracts all the bees around to gather the honey. In the same way, when a person is realized, is enlightened, the aura spreads and you start getting people attracted towards you.

Regenerate with Your 'will' - its significance in Sahaja Yoga

We have to remember a few points about Sahaja Yoga; that you receive the light first and the second step is that you generate the light. It is never done in any other process, that you generate the light on your own, with your will, with your understanding, with your freedom. For example, a tree may give rise to seeds and seeds might become trees. But seeds do not regenerate; they do not have a will. Because here the seeds are human beings, only the human beings have the will. Now, you've been enlightened with your will, with your will, you can regenerate, or you should say, you can generate on your own Sahaja Yoga, to go further. It's a very subtle understanding, that when light comes, into this candle, it cannot regenerate of its will any other; somebody else has to take it to that. So your will is very important in Sahaja Yoga. "What do you will?" That is very, very important.

Now 'will' does not mean 'desire'. 'Will' means 'desire put into action'. So what you do is to desire, and then you put it into action. You can do it. First of all we have to know that we must have desire. That is there, no doubt, you are categorically seekers. I mean you are that category, you are born as seekers, you cannot get out of it. You are seekers. Whatever may be your problems, from whatever source you might have come, whatever mistakes you may commit, but you are seekers. Seekers are seekers. For example, in this room if you see how many lights there are, at the most six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, you see, in both the rooms put together. In this room only five. Everybody is not a light. You are the light givers and it is going to work out through your will. So how powerful our will should be? How dedicated we should be about our will? That one has to know, you have to fathom out that will within you. Once you start doing this Sahaja Yoga, then you recognize how important Sahaja Yoga is. That it gives a real meaning to the whole creation. In the eyes of God and divine power, which has to work out - that's the purpose of life. And surprisingly it is left to your will, not to My will. I have no will, I have no action. So it is your will which is going to work it out. So you have to dedicate and now you have to weigh yourself: "How much I'm willed?"

Understand the Basics of Sahaja Yoga

The seminars help you to see how much you really will that Sahaja Yoga should be successful. This is the second thing. To make it successful, what should we do? We must understand the basics of Sahaja Yoga, and try to see within ourselves - do we understand the basics and do we have those qualities by which we sustain those basics? The first basic of Sahaja Yogis is that you have to become your Spirit, so that your body emits the power of Spirit alone. This is the first basic of Sahaja Yoga. So far, in all the religions, all the great books, even Bible or Gita, it is written that you must have faith. You must have faith. 'Faith' word was never clarified in any one of these books and mostly people thought blind faith is the only way; to believe is to have blind faith. It should have been clarified. But it was kept a vague term as 'faith'. They do use 'blind faith' and 'faith'. So the people started working it out, for example you are walking on the road and you say, "I was thinking of God, and suddenly I found a gold ring. So that was my faith which was substantiated, yes it is God who has helped me to get the gold ring." Or say that there was a divorce on or something like that and you prayed to God and the divorce did not take place; "It is God's help". But this kind of faith can have another side; people can say that the people who do not believe in God at all are quite successful. Then how do you explain that? They have no faith, they are actually heathen; they are very successful in life. So how do you explain that side?

Sahaja Yoga has another very great thing, that is, it is revelation of all the vague terms that were used before. Because people were not given realization, one could not talk of faith, or blind faith and the real faith. Because if they do not have their eyes, how can you tell them about the light or the darkness? So that time the faith was sustenance. How to sustain yourself? The second was to have faith that you will be resurrected, that you will be your Spirit.

Enlightened Faith Become the spirit Balance your attention

Now the third stage is today, to know that realization gives you experiences, and then your faith is established. Not blind, but 'open, enlightened faith'. For example you come into this house and see for yourself what it is. And then have faith in that, that it is so, believe in that, that you have seen it, now you've seen Sakshat. To have Sakshat means to get the whole thing which you have felt through your organs, five organs of perception, is as clear as sunlight. This way is the real thing, no conjecture, no just talking about it; so all these words that were used in the scriptures are a revelation. It means in actual life you've seen these things happening. Like I say "Ha" and the Kundalini goes out, you've seen it many a time. I say "Ha" and you start feeling. That only by saying "Ha" and "Hoo" and "Hee" you get the vibrations. It is absolutely there, now you can see for yourself. There is no just that it won't work out or may work out, may not work out, may be true, may not be true. All these things are not there. It is absolutely false. But first and foremost is: you have to become your spirit. Without knowing the Spirit, you cannot know God.

But the Spirit itself is a sensitive thing. It is there, no doubt, it stays there, no doubt. But that it should shine in our attention, you have to know that your attention has to be congenial to the Spirit. If the attention is not congenial, then the Spirit doesn't shine. Spirit will shine on an attention which is steady. Steady it. By balancing, you bring a steady state. Balance your thoughts, balance your eyes, balance your desires. Try to balance it. Ego and super-ego; you balance it. Attention is balanced very much like that. Now how do you do it? With your will. First of all you desire and then you act. "Where am I going? What am I doing? I am a seeker. Is this the thing I have to do as a seeker?" Immediately balance is there.

- All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (The New Age, Plaw Hatch Seminar, England - 1980-11-15).
- This issue's heading image shows a hall of people receiving self-realization from Shri Mataji and the image was obtained photo was obtained from the blog http://divinesahajayoga.blogspot.com/

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