"So the power of Kundalini is to purify, she purifies us like fire. She doesn't purify us like water, surprisingly; she doesn't purify us like water. Now, water, what does the water do? Water never burns off anything, but it dissolves certain things. It can take in something within itself, see. It can contain some of the dirt within itself. Supposing you put a color in the water - it assumes the color. But Kundalini does not assume the color. She burns out. Do you follow my point? So, if you have anything wrong within you, she'll burn it off, but she'll not absorb - she's pure. She cannot absorb those things into her that will pollute her. She cannot be polluted."

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Purify the Spirit - realize the power of the Kundalini within us

- Hot and Cool Breeze -
- Advancing the living process of our evolution -

Kundalini is pure desire

…Kundalini is the Pure Desire within us that manifests or is awakened to give us our self realization. This means the desire is only fulfilled when you get your self realization, otherwise it is not manifested - it is just dormant; it is still residual. It has created the whole universe, but until and unless you get self realization, unless and until you become one with your spirit, you have not achieved the manifestation of this power, which will go on making you run and run and run, thinking that you have not yet achieved or you have not found out your meaning. It will be there, all the time, sleeping, but giving you a feeling of vacuum.

Kundalini power - has the capacity of fire - to purify

So this power must be made to manifest, but when it manifests, then this power has got certain qualities. The first quality it has got is it goes against the gravity. You see, a thing rises, it doesn't go down, so a person has to be aspiring by nature, if a person is not the aspiring type the Kundalini doesn't rise, because, like you see that when food passes down our stomach it presses the sides of the intestines. By that these movements of going down takes place. You see my point? So when the Kundalini starts pressing on the sides of the chakras, She creates a feeling of throwing it higher and higher so the chakra is bounced upward. All the heavy things go downward, but the Kundalini rises higher and higher and higher, because it is like fire. Fire never burns downward, it always burns upward. She looks also like fire, and She has the capacity of fire within Her. The fire has a capacity to purify, and to burn off whatever can be burnt off. It purifies the things which it cannot burn and burns all the things which are inflammable, which can be burnt out. So, the quality of fire that exists in the Kundalini burns off whatever is useless, like in our house, we find all the useless things, and we take them in the garden and burn them, finished - once and for all they're all finished. So when the Kundalini rises, She also burns off all useless things, all your useless desires, your useless ideas of action, all sorts of useless accumulation of feelings and egos, and every sort of a nonsensical thing that is in between. Everything is burnt off fast, because they can be burnt, they are not eternal by nature. They are not eternal by nature. They are temporarily there. All that is temporary, She burns down, and that's how She enlightens the Spirit, because Spirit cannot be burnt by anything.

Kundalini - the power of fire becomes the cool breeze - advancing the living process

But this burning is so beautiful that it burns off all that is bad, stagnating, all that is polluting, all that is a disease, and cools down the system. It is very interesting to see how this power of fire becomes the cool breeze, but in the science also you find that electricity can give you hot breeze or cool breeze. You can transform from one to another, but there is no ultimate for these things, they are always reversible. Supposing something becomes magnetism, you can always convert into electricity; electricity can always be converted into magnetism. But Kundalini's such a thing that once she burns off everything that is there, that's how you get heat, because she's burning. But when she cools down and becomes cool then she's not reversible. That's why it is a living process. Living process is never reversible. All dead processes can be reversible, but anything that is reversible - now, supposing you are grown up - you can all become a little baby- whatever you may try- you may have any number of operations -you cannot become. Now you are grown up, now you are modern, and over-developed. You may try anything to become a primitive person - you cannot. You just cannot, whatever you may try. That will be all very artificial. You may just feel that you have become primitive by wearing some sort of a dress, by feeling that, 'oh now there's no modernism in us, and now we have become very very subdued', nothing of the kind. It is curable, but not reversible. But, it is a living process. So, Kundalini within us expedites the living process within us, of our evolution.

Kundalini cleanses both inside and out

This quality of fire, say, for example, if you put gold in fire, silver in fire, you can purify it. The pure form comes in. That's how you know. But if you put gold and fire in water, nothing will happen. At the most you can wash them from outside. But in and out you cannot do it. So outwardly you can do it with other things, but with Kundalini you do in and out. The face also looks beautiful, as if some glazing has taken place on the face, a new, bright face. It's not sallow, neither it is horribly burning, nor is it pale and ugly-looking, but it becomes radiant. Radiance, that's what Kundalini gives you. It looks also, as if a molten iron, you see, -have you seen molten iron? - pillar of - supposing you take a pillar of iron, and heat it, to a point where it starts showing,, you see, copper, every color in it, copperish and all sorts of color you see, golden, copperish and all that, you see, like a furnace. But very silent, very silent, it works out.

The power of the enlightened spirit - the pure Kundalini

A person whose spirit is enlightened, such a person, whatever he says comes true. Whatever he asks for happens. Even before he says something, the desire, the desire within us, it is the coded information of the desire you have, becomes enlightened, and that's how you get the results. Suddenly you get something, you say 'Oh, I have struck the jackpot, and Mother has done it'. That's how it works. The whole system works out this way, of Kundalini. So this pure Kundalini creates purity within us. Without the purity we cannot see anything. Anything that is impure, say, er, say my hands are not clean, I can't see the light. Anything that is dirtied, you cannot see the real picture of it, you cannot see the reality if it is not being purified. But, even if it is superficially purified or artificially painted, still, you can always say that it is artificially painted, and we cannot see the beauty of this one, because this is done from outside. But Kundalini burns off everything, makes everything into ashes, and whatever remains is the pure gold of the Spirit within us.

Why do we feel heat? Raise the Kundalini the right way - reaching the Sahasrara

That's why, when people try to raise the Kundalini by wrong methods, she shows her temper. Actually, she never gets angry. If Kundalini gets angry, such a person can never exist, impossible, but doesn't matter. But it is Shri Ganesha, which is the deity of Shri Kundalini, gets angry, and he creates this problem of heat. Because She's fire, and he's the deity. So the fire of this Kundalini works out in such a manner that the Sympathetic Nervous system gets excited with heat, and then we get even blisters and things if you try any tricks with Kundalini, any unholy behaviour.
The rising of the Kundalini, is its nature, but when She goes and touches the Sahasrara, that is an important point. If She does not touch the Sahasrara then the Grace doesn't fall in and the Grace has to come in, within us on both our sides of the Ida (left) and Pingala (right) Nadi (channel). That's how you feel relaxed.

- All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (The Power of Kundalini, Chelsham Road, London - 1981-05-17).

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