"So, this is what it is – simple, that you are integrated. By integration, you get the power to do what you understand, and you have power to feel happy with what you understand. So, you come to a stage where you develop this Neerananda. And this Neeranand you develop when you are absolutely the Spirit. In Neerananda state there is no duality left – is Adwaita, is one personality. That is, you are completely integrated and the joy is not anymore dented – is complete. It hasn't got a happiness and a sorrow aspect, but is just Joy. The Joy is not that you laugh loud, the Joy is not that ah you you’re always smiling. Is the stillness, the quietude within your Self, the peace of your being, of your Spirit that asserts itself into vibrations which you feel, that when you feel that peace, you feel like light of the sun, the whole rays of that beauty spreading. "

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Integrate the spirit with the attention

- In humility do meditation, to achieve this new dimension -
- Honestly and humbly surrender to Sahaja Yoga -

Perception of truth begins only when the enlightened Kundalini reaches the brain

Enlightened Sahastrara … Neerananda… Nirvikalpa

Central power of Kundalini – touching the Sahastrara

So, this last center, the Sahastrara, is contained in the limbic area of the brain. Our head is like a coconut. The coconut has the hair, and then a hard nut and then a black covering and inside is white shell of coconut and inside is the space, the water. In the same way, our brain is made. That's why coconut is called as Shreephala, is the fruit of the power that is Shree. Shree power is the right side power and the left side power is the Lalita power. So, we have two Chakras – left side, here is the Lalita and right side, here is the Shree Chakra. These two Chakras are working out the right side Mahasaraswati's power and left side Mahakali's powers.

Now, the central power is the Kundalini. That has to rise and penetrate through different Chakras, enter into the limbic area and enlighten the seven Pithas – seats of these seven Chakras. So, it penetrates through six Chakras, enters into the limbic area, and enlightens all the seven Pithas in the brain, which are placed along the mid-line of the limbic area. So, we start it from the back, placed here at the back, is the Mooladhara Chakra. Around it is the Swadishthana, and then is the Nabhi, then the Heart, then the Vishuddhi and then the Agnya. So, all these six centers are combining to make the seventh center. This is a very important point, which we should know. Now, the Shree Chakra is the right side working and the Lalita Chakra is the left side working. So, when the Kundalini doesn’t rise then we do with our right side our physical and mental activities. So our brain is doing right side activity and that's why our brain is like Shreephala.

Enlightened Sahastrara – burning bundle of flames

Sahastrara is actually the assemblage of these six Chakras and is a hollow space; on the sides of it there are one thousand Nadis. And when the light penetrates into the limbic area, then the enlightenment of these Nadis take place and you can see them as flames, very gentle flames burning and these flames have all the seven colors that you see in the ‘vibgyor’. But the last one, ultimately becomes again integrated and it is a crystal clear flame. All these seven lights ultimately become crystal clear. So, you have Sahastrara with one thousand petals, as they called it, but if you cut the brain in a transverse section or horizontal section, you will be able to see that all these nerves are built like this along the limbic area. All of them are like a petal, and if you cut it like this, you will find that there are many nerves in every bundle of nerves. So, when it is enlightened, you can see Sahastrara as a burning bundle of flames.

Perceive the truth – only when enlightenment of Kundalini, reaches AT LEAST the brain

This is a very deep subject. So when the enlightenment of the Kundalini takes place in the brain, then the truth is perceived through your brain. That's why it’s called as ‘Satyakhand’, means you start seeing the truth perceived by your brain because so far whatever you see through your brain, is not the truth. What you see, is just the outer side, say, you can see the colors. You can see the different aesthetics of the colors. You can see the quality of the thing. But you cannot say whether this carpet has been used by some saint. You cannot say whether this is made by a devil or a divine person. You cannot say that this gentleman, is he a good person or he is an evil person. You cannot say if this Deity has come out of the Mother Earth or not. Also, you cannot say about any person who is your relation, whether he is a good relation or a bad relation, or what sort of a person he is; whether he goes to wrong people or to the right people, whether he has connections with wrong side or with good side. Here good means Divine. So actually you do not know anything about divinity with your mind, nothing. Nothing – it is impossible for you to judge a person about his divinity unless and until the Kundalini reaches at least this part, which is the limbic area. You cannot make out whether a person is real or not, whether a guru is real or not. Because divinity cannot be perceived through your brain, unless and until this light of your Spirit shines into it.

The seat of the spirit in Sahastrara – achieving the joy as Neerananda

Now, the Spirit is expressed in the heart, is reflected in the heart. The center of the Spirit, we can say, is in the heart. But actually, the seat of Spirit is above here [SHRI MATAJI PUTS HER RIGHT HAND ABOVE HER SAHASRARA], and that is the Spirit, what we call of the God Almighty, whom you call ‘Parvardigar’. You call Him Sadashiva or you can call Him, ah, the Rahim and you can call Him by many names which are said about the Lord who is God Almighty. Neeranjan, they call It, Neerankar, every sort of words which start with Nira, Nihi.

Now, at every center in the body you’ll receive a different type of joy. Every center has a different type of joy and there are names for every type of joy you receive at every center when the Kundalini rises. But when the Kundalini comes into the Sahastrara, then the joy you receive is called as Neerananda, Neerananda. Now, Nee means nothing else but Ananda (joy). Neerananda. Also, is surprising, My name is Neera – also, in My family I’m called as Neera. And Neera also means Mary, Maria, because it means marine. Neera is water. Neera means water in Sanskrit language. It is called as Neerananda in the brain.

Enlightened attention integrates with the enlightened brain

And this stage ultimately unfolds. First what you know is the ‘Satya’, is the Truth – what is this other gentleman suffering from, that you see on your fingers. First you see your fingers. With your attention you know what Chakras, what fingers are catching, with your attention. Then with your brain you can depict what center, which is catching. Because, if you say this finger, that doesn’t mean it is Vishuddhi Chakra. But your brain then says, “It is Vishuddhi.” And that depicts it, that this fellow is suffering from the troubles of the Vishuddhi Chakra. But still it is rational. Because you see what finger it catches and then you say it. But when the ‘Satyakhanda’ or the Sahastrara unfolds itself more, you don't have to think about it, you just say it. Then there is no difference between your Chitta (attention) and your Satya (truth). The enlightened Chitta and the enlightened brain become one. There is no problem at all for such a person; there’s no need to see on the fingers; no need to say anything on the fingers and then depict it through brain, which you have learnt in Sahaja Yoga, that if you find something wrong here, it means Agnya – that’s not necessary! You just say Agnya. And you just say it and it is there.

The start of Doubtlessness - Nirvikalpa – the brain working on its gross level

Then it unfolds more. First it is integrated with, as I said, Chitta. Then, when it gets absolutely integrated with the Spirit, then whatever you say, is the truth. You just say it, it is so. That is how this brain unfolds into three new dimensions. First, it depicts the truth through logical conclusions. Because, I have told you that if this finger is catching then it is Vishuddhi. And then you ask the person, "Have you got a problem here?" He says, "Yes". Then you believe in Me and then you believe that this is the Vishuddhi Chakra, which is showing it is true. This is the logical conclusion, in a way, that you have experimented, you are seeing and still doubting whether Mother says it’s true or not. And then, you are sure, "Yes, it is so, we have seen that this is Vishuddhi Chakra." So, the truth becomes logically acceptable to his brain. But still, there is the brain working out on its gross level. Then the second stage, as I told you, where you believe, you know for definite that this means Vishuddhi Chakra, no doubt about it. Then - then we start. Nirvikalpa (doubtlessness) has started, when there’s no doubt about Me or Sahaja Yoga. But then, the new unfolding starts within. For that, one has to do meditation. In humility, one has to do meditation. And then also, for this new dimension, where your Chitta itself becomes merged into your brain or into the enlightened brain, for that one has to very honestly and humbly surrender to Sahaja Yoga.

Shree power = the right side power - Mahasaraswati's power
Lalita power = the left side power - Mahakali's power
Pithas = seats
vibgyor = the acronym representing the seven colors in the rainbow
Satya = truth
Chitta = attention

- All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1983-02-04: Sahasrara Chakra, Hanuman Road, New Delhi, India).

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