"You have to learn the mechanism; you have to be a good technician and then you can manage it very well. So all the techniques of Sahaja Yog must be learned and mastered. This you can only do by giving it to others and learning from correcting them and correcting yourself. There is nothing to be frustrated – that’s the worst thing. If you get frustrated and unhappy with yourself, then there is going to be a problem. You have to laugh at yourself and laugh at your mechanism that is out of gear. When you start identifying yourself even with the instrument, then you are not there. You are not the Chakra, you are not the different Channels – you are the awareness. You are the power. You are the Kundalini. So you don’t have to worry about all these things being not in their proper conditions. If they are not, you can solve it. "

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
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Meditate in thoughtless awareness – with the attention inside

In meditation – you are moving in permeation with the universal being In thoughtless awareness - the unconscious takes charge In the present – the eternal stays

Understand the essence of Sahaja Yogis

When you are inside – you are in thoughtless awareness

Everybody was feeling very nice when they came here, happy and they felt their vibrations were alright. But it was not so. We cannot meditate. We only can be in meditation. When we say we are going to meditate, it has no meaning. We have to be in meditation. Either you are inside the house or outside the house. You cannot be inside the house and then say that, “Now I’m outside the house”. Or when you are outside the house, you cannot say, “I’m inside the house”. In the same way, we… you are moving in three dimensions of your life, of emotional and physical and mental being. You are not inside yourself. But when you are inside, then you are in thoughtless awareness, then not only that you are there, but you are everywhere - because that is the place… that is the point where you are really in universal being. From there you are in contact with the principle, with the shakti, with the power that permeates into every particle that is matter, into every thought that is in motion, into every planning and thinking of the whole world. You permeate into all the elements that have created this beautiful earth. You permeate into earth; you permeate into ‘Akasha’ [Hindi/Sanskrit word meaning sky/ether], into ‘Teja’ [meaning light], into sound. But your movement is very slow. Then you say, “I’m meditating” – that means you are moving in permeation with the universal being. But you are not moving yourself. You are just unloading yourself, to be free from the weight of things that do not allow you to move.

In thoughtless awareness the unconscious takes charge

When you are in meditation, you must allow yourself to be in thoughtless awareness. There, the unconscious itself will take charge. You will start moving with the force of ‘Atita’ [Hindi/Sanskrit word meaning ‘beyond’]. The unconscious is going to work it out. It is going to take you there, where it wants you to go. You keep to thoughtless awareness all the time. Try to keep to thoughtless awareness as much as you can. When you are in thoughtless awareness, you must know that you are in the kingdom of God and His people, His arrangements, His consciousness, is going to look after you. Even when you are giving vibrations to other people, I have noticed that you are not in thoughtless awareness. If you give vibrations in thoughtless awareness, you will not catch anything. Because, all these entities that enter into you, all these material problems that come into you, come when you are in those three dimensions.

Keep attention towards our weaknesses - to repair ourselves

Through Sahaja Yoga, you have opened your gates of your own being; you have entered into your own kingdom. But you do not keep there: you come out of it and again you go back and settle down – doesn’t matter. You should not feel so disappointed about it, so frustrated. You know people have worked for thousands of years and they could not separate themselves from themselves. Only you people – the Sahaja Yogis, whom are made after the pattern of Shri Ganesh himself – are so powerful, that they can give awakening and realization to other people. Even if you are caught up, you have seen you have powers. Even if you feel that the vibrations are not coming, you know you have powers. You can give realizations to others. In your presence people get realization. But you have to be that power completely. Supposing there’s something wrong with your car but it… as long as it is moving, it’s all right. You have to repair it. You have to repair all the time all our moods, which we have caused ourselves by our foolishness, by our lust, by our greed, by so many false identifications we carried with ourselves. We must have a complete attention towards our weaknesses and not towards our achievements. If we know what are our weaknesses, it’s better - that we can really swim across better. Supposing, on a ship there is a hole and the water is coming in through that hole, the attention of all the crew, of all the staff and the captain itself will be on that hole from where the water is coming in and nowhere else. In the same way, you must be on the watch-out.

Everybody is ascending individually – shadows of the past working in the present

There are so many pitfalls for a Sahaja Yogi, I have seen it. Of course, even the past is over… even the past can be overcome. In the present also they have many shadows of the past working. For example, when you are sitting in a group, you are involved with each other. Those who are involved with each other, by any relationship whatsoever, must know that this kind of involvement is not going to help them to attain their individual ascent. Everybody is ascending individually, though you are collectively contacted with each other and in communication – but the ascendance is individual, absolutely individual. So whether he is your son, brother, sister, wife, friend, you must remember that you are not responsible for their ascendance. You cannot help them for their ascendance. Only Mother’s Grace and their own desire, their own effort to give up all that is three dimensional, will help them. So whenever a thought comes like that, you must know that you have not attained the thoughtless awareness in its full extent. And that’s how you have problems, which are three-dimensional. Sometimes, a Sahaja Yogi will find, an emotion will come into his mind – it will be an emotion of dejection or frustration – and he will be disgusted with himself or with others. Both things are just the same. I have seen some Sahaja Yogis get very disgusted with others. There should be no disgust that is lasting. Of course for a short time you might feel disgust, it’s all right – it’s a passing phase. Or you might feel disgusted with yourself – may be a passing phase. But if you go on hankering on to it, or if you go on clinging to it, that means you are conditioning yourself; that means you are not in thoughtless awareness. That means that you are in your past. You are making your past a solid mass on your head. In the present everything is fleeting. Everything is fleeting that is not eternal. In the present the eternal stays, the rest all drops out. It’s like a moving river which doesn’t stop anywhere, but the moving river is eternal – the rest of the things are all changing. If you are on the eternal principle, all that is not eternal changes and drops out, dissolves and becomes nonexistent.

Understand our essence - emitting Divine into nature – into others universally connected with you

We have to understand our own dignity, our own essence. The first and foremost is that all the Sahaja Yogis are the chosen ones. They are the people whom God has chosen. All over the world there are so many people that we are suffering from overpopulation, but in Sahaja Yoga there are very very few people. And when you are chosen the first, you must also realize that you are the foundations. You are the stones that are to be laid down and have to be strong, have to be forbearing. And that’s why it is necessary that all of you who are now few, who are the first lamps that are going to enlighten other lamps in the world, you have to enjoy the strength of eternity, the strength of Divine Love, the strength of this universal being that you are. This is what meditation is. So when Sahaja Yogis ask me, “What should we do for meditation?” - you be in thoughtless awareness. That’s all. Don’t do anything. At that time… not only that you are moving towards the goal, or that the unconscious is taking charge of you. Not only that, but also that you are emitting – for the first time – the divine into the nature, into your surroundings, into other people who are universally connected to you. Meditation is the most Sahaja method.

Notes: - All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1976-03/30: Meditation being in thoughtless awareness, Gudi Padwa, Delhi).

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