"Moreover, find out all the ways by which your mind goes out and stop it. Try to stop that. Because now your mind has thought for at least seven lives ahead. You donít need any more thinking, you have done enough. Whatever brain God has given you, you have so much bashed it that now better leave it alone and donít think. Then the inspiration will come to you from within. And when the inspiration will be coming, then you will find it will be very different; it will be very beautiful, absolutely beautiful."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
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Know where you are Ė contíd

Need not take to rationality to judge why you are catching
Go to the basics
In meditation Ė start seeing through the eyes of the spirit

The less you think-the faster you move with your realization

Need not take to rationality to judge why you are catching

Now when you are facing the photograph just to check up yourself; humble down yourself. First of all, humble down like a person who wants to perfect oneself. Before the photograph, you humble down yourself and try to find out whatís wrong with you. Best thing is to give yourself a bandhan. Donít think again. Humble down means try to bring down your attention to your heart; humble down. Bring it down to your heart, donít think. Now you put attention to the photograph without thinking and see for yourself what chakras are catching. One should not immediately jump into conclusion, ďOh yes, I am catching for this, I am catching for that, I am catching for another person,Ē and all this nonsense is not needed. You need not take it to a rationality to judge why you are catching. Thatís not important for us. It is catching, all right. So do not go on a trip of thinking. I can ask you need not.

Detach yourself Ė go to the basics

If you are checking other people, then itís all right because you can tell them what is to be done. But then you find something - now left is catching. So, now you know that this is because of your guilt, whichever is built in your subconscious you are catching on the left. It could be due to anything because you didnít have proper sense of morality. Thatís the basics. Left vishuddhi is immoral. If you have been immoral you get this. Basics. Then sisterís relationship. Then, guilt that is built in the subconscious. If you become immoral, in the subconscious the guilt is built. Any such guilt can come as any other guilt. Like you see, the real guilt is due to something else, but people express it as something else, all right? So, do not worry as to what guilt you have got. I never tell you what guilt you have got, if you remember it correctly. Never I tell you that you should say that you have got this guilt. Many people tell me that I have got a guilt that there is war in Vietnam, or some sort of a nonsense, or my forefathers went to Argentina and killed many Indians. All this is nonsense, you see? The guilt is a subconscious action, is what you call the conditioning in the left. When there is some sort of an immoral behavior that is done - even you may not be knowing what is morality, you see, if you do not know dharmas, might be something you are doing which you should not have done. So forget about it, detach yourself. The one who has committed mistake is your ego, not you.

Correct yourself Ė donít condemn yourself

You are pure because you are Spirit. So donít condemn yourself for that. You are not to bother. For example, if there is defect in the instrument, there is no defect in the electricity. Electricity is pure. It is not carried out because there is defect in the instrument, so we have to correct the instrument. Now, if you think you are the electricity you can correct it, but if you think you are the instrument, you can never correct it because again you go to your subconscious, try to find out what things I must have done. It could be from your previous lives, also. It could be you might have caught it by saying something very filthy which you do not remember.

So do not tax your mind. We are not psychoanalysts at all, to find out psychologically what is wrong with us by asking questions and then troubling yourself too much with ego. Psychologists only think of the left but they donít know when you try to do that you develop your ego. When you start thinking about it, from where this has come, immediately you develop the ego of a person and the person goes on to the ego trip and which is even more dangerous than subconscious problem. Because people who have ego trouble the whole community, while those who are superego only trouble themselves. People with ego are much more dangerous and troublesome than the people with superego.

In meditation Ė start seeing through the eyes of the spirit

So you just, first of all, see what is the matter with you. Now, left vishuddhi is catching. All right, so that means the Kundalini is not properly going through the left vishuddhi. All right? Then you be attached to your Spirit. Try to attach yourself to your Spirit, then you clear it out. I see like that. Supposing I am the Spirit and you are the body. I see my Spirit and I see your Spirit. I am not bothered what you have got. In the same way, you see yourself in two ways - that you are the Spirit, and you are not the body or the mind or anything. So we have to clear it. They are varoksha, they are different, they are another. We have to correct it. As electricity is separated from this instrument (indicates microphone), in the same way you are separated from your Spirit, but this separateness must be understood in meditation. Thatís why meditation is necessary.

For meditating, you should say that, ďMother, make me the Spirit. I am the Spirit. Mother, I am the Spirit.Ē You start seeing through the eyes of the Spirit everything, then you do not feel bad. You laugh at yourself, make fun of yourself, and then you enjoy yourself, only with yourself. You play with yourself. You joke with yourself. And the whole thing becomes a joke.

Resolve- through vibrations and mantras Ė just be your spirit

But for this, when you meditate, you find out first of all what is the matter with you. But not mentally you resolve it - through your vibrations and mantras. Mantras are very important for Sahaja Yogis. If these mantras could be said, loudly is better in the beginning. That is why, in privacy, you can do all these things. In your room you can work it out. Now you can use lemons, you can use water, you can use light, you can use ether, akash (phonetic), you can use sea, all these things you can use to cleanse yourself. Once you start facing yourself through your spirit, you wonít be so frightened. Because you do not want to face yourself, you are all the time in that mood of frightened - fear. But once you start facing, you will be amazed that really you are beautiful, and all these things will drop out. So there is no need to condemn yourself in any way, or to elate yourself, but just be your Spirit.

Forgive-because then your thoughts will go away

The best way to be with your Spirit is to forgive. Forgive, because then your thoughts will go away. I mean, here there are people with superego, but as soon as you remove their superego, they get into ego very fast. Iíve seen it. I mean, they are really basically egos, actually as if from the horse they have fallen for a while and as soon as you take them away, then lift them, they just jump onto the horse again, just like that. So one has to be very careful about this point. Now when you meditate, how much time? Again you are thinking. All this meticulousness, if you try, then again you are thinking. You just take the proper place to sit down, keep the photograph before you and just feel your vibrations. Where are you catching? All right. Then you know how to remove your catches. Without thinking, try to do that. Then make - say the mantras on different chakras, wherever you are catching, first of all. First of all asserting them Ė need not say all the mantras. Only say the mantras in that part with your heart. Remove your baddhas (blockages) with your hand and movement, as you know that, and it would work out. The less you think, the faster you move with your realization.

Notes: - All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1980-0907: To know where you are, Chelsham Road).

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