"Once you ascend, the whole cosmos can look after your problems, but you must ascend into the kingdom of God; that's the main point. So first of all you have to ascertain about yourself. Am I ascending? Am I transforming?"

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
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Meditate to go Deeper Inside for the Constructive Forces

Sahaja Yoga is for Inner Improvement
Improve the Special Quality in you

Develop a Deeper Understanding for each other

Grow Deeper Inside being effective on a horizontal plane

So we have to meditate, and by meditation we develop that strength within us, so automatically we start solving the problem. Like our antennae grow up to that point, the way we are strong inside, they grow outside, to help so many things which are to be helped. Now you see that people are realizing that the world is in a great mess, and there are lots of problems that have come through materialism, through wrong thinking, through emotional thinking, through stupidity we can say. We have no time for all this. What we have to do is to develop ourselves deeper and deeper and deeper, so that on a horizontal plane also we are effective.

Inner Improvement becoming an instrument

Sahaja Yoga first of all is for personal improvement, is for the inner improvement as far as the personal side is concerned; means your intelligence must improve, your temperament must improve, your heart must clear out, your feelings must be all right; then you should, your health should be all right, then your relationship with others should be all right, your ego should go away, your superego should go away. All these things are there. But this only helps a personality, just a personality that is very limited, that is yourself. But now, this personality can become an instrument, if you can develop that depth within yourself. But normally what happens, people are very much still worried about themselves, say about their wives, about their children, about their husbands or their household or this and that. These are not important things, because we have to be those instruments which are what you call them, like pilotless bombs, we have to develop that depth within us. That depth is possible, and you can really cure many problems of your country if you could just meditate on them.

Improve the Special Quality in you

And second point is that we think that if we love each other, if we love Mother, that is the end of everything. It's not true, also because you see, your love for Me is there no doubt, and it should be intense, it should be deeper, but the deeper you go into that love, then you will be surprised how you receive a special quality of correcting the things that are wrong around you. Gradually that quality improves. For example, a Sahaja Yogi goes to anybody's house, that house must become auspicious. But such a Sahaja Yogi must have a good heart. If the heart is not good, in the heart there is still anger, passion, lust, greed, then such a heart won't affect. But a person who has purified himself, if he goes into any family, any household, any society, the whole change will take place. The circumstances will change. Things that do not work out will start working out immediately. Like they said: "Mother, as soon as You sent from this Sunday, everything started working out, as far as the television is concerned and radio is concerned." I didn't do anything - in a way! But that should happen with you also.

Develop a Deeper Understanding for each other

Wherever a saint goes, things are changing. But you have to be a saint, and a saintly person has a very deep understanding of another person, and this is what it is lacking: we don't have that deep understanding for each other. Then even if you have, it is for some of your own friends or maybe in the same ashram that you are staying, and all that. But it should deepen much more. You should go further and further.

Increase the Meditative Process for the Constructive Forces

Now even if you think of Me, it works out. It's the other way around also. But first of all, the meditative process should be increased. We all must meditate. That is very important. Meditate sincerely; not just because we have to meditate, but because we have to be deep, we have to grow within, to express our great powers of divine love, to correct so many things, which you can do very easily, I know you all can do it. There's no need to have big degrees for that, big education for that, nothing is needed. What is needed is a deep feeling of love for the whole universe and that changes. All the destructive forces change their course, and it is then for the constructive forces. But on the whole that works out much faster if you all do that meditation with sincerity, with intensity, with understanding. All right?

Notes: - All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1987-0506: The Need to go Deeper, Sydney, Australia).

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