"So if you develop a detachment, through thoughtless awareness, God will take over, He will do your work. He will look after you. You should have faith in God that is the main thing which people don't understand what it means to have faith in God. That He is almighty, He does everything, He looks after everything, why should we worry? This is a very good way of life, is not to worry. You have gone beyond now, you have gone beyond time, you have gone also beyond thought. So, whatever you have been through, your thought waves and through your mind, you stop it. "

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
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Collectivity is natural

If you are Detached nature takes over

Much more within us

Collectivity is natural – it’s in the trees

In the nature one goes absolutely thoughtless. For Me it is such a pleasure to meet you all under the trees. There is a beautiful atmosphere created by these trees. How much they work hard for us - think about that. All is built-in, in them, built in to produce this chlorophyll, this greenery, and all that is built in them. But see how collective they are. You have to learn a lot from them. Every leaf is allowed to get the sun, every leaf. How they grow, how they are organized, how they behave like this, nobody thinks even - and what is it working out in them? They haven't got realization, but how do they work it out in such a beautiful manner? Because they are under the complete control of the Divine - absolutely, they don't have to worry. Even the animals are, that's why they are called as Pashu, means they are under the complete Pash. Pash is the complete control of the Divine and Shiva is called as Pashupati, He's the one who looks after all this affectionately and in a very delicate manner. All this is created for human beings. These human beings don't understand that all this world, which is created, is for the use of human beings, not for abuse - but use.

If you are Detached nature takes over – in a Collective atmosphere

And this is one thing that has to be really felt in this atmosphere, that how they are collective. They have no problem, how they live together creating a good atmosphere for us. How they keep to the cycle - it's a global cycle. First, for example, we can see that the sap rises, then it gives whatever is needed for every part of the tree. Then whatever is left over it can go into the atmosphere or it can go down. So it doesn’t get stuck into one place. This I've told you a long time back that, you should not get stuck into anything. If you are detached then everything works out, very well. But if you are attached, you just get worries and problems, thinking too much about it - your life becomes miserable. But if you are detached, then the nature takes over as it has taken over for these and you feel extremely relaxed then, absolutely relaxed. But when you are thinking, we have to do this, we have to do that, we have to achieve this and you start worrying. So two things can happen, one is, you will get confused - you'll not achieve any results, one thing - and you'll go on thinking, thinking, and thinking. And the second thing that will happen is you will exhaust yourself completely. But if you are detached, then as Sahaja Yogis, you will be amazed how things work out. After getting your realization you should try to detach yourself by getting into thoughtless awareness. Just detach.

See much more within us – when practicing Detachment

Now see our attachments, after so many things. This detachment you can just practice, that, you can see yourself in the mirror and know that you are not this reflection that you see but you are much more than what this reflection is. And what is that within us which looks after everything, even before realization, which looks after the parasympathetic nervous system. Little, little things you know, it looks after. It tries to keep us on the right path and gives us a conscience. What is that? What is within us that does that? The spirit has not yet come into our attention, but there is something within us, which makes you think about the truth, to seek the truth, to know that something is wrong in the society. What is that within us? Can you tell Me? God has not left you without His care. There is something that looks after us. Kundalini is sleeping, then it is in our hearts. What do these have to feel within them? It is the Soul, it is a Soul, which lines our spinal column.

Sometimes when people die, or are about to die and they come back to life they always say they passed through some sort of a tunnel, somehow a black tunnel, somehow a bright tunnel, somehow a light tunnel, and all that. This is what the soul is, which is within us, which starts going up and with that our attention goes and we feel we are passing through a tunnel. All right? So this Soul guides you. This Soul has brought you to Sahaja Yoga. This Soul has told you that you have to seek the truth and you have to get to the truth. This is also the, I should say, the pursuit, perseverance or the way this Soul gets after you. You have to seek. Some people really get so restless about it. All this comes from Soul before realization and this Soul starts working this kind of a search that you have had.

Notes: - All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ( 1995-0625: Picnic at Richmond Park, London).

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