"So the resurrection is the transformation. Like an egg, if we are bound by our conditioning and by our ego, we break through that shell and become a bird, which is really a free bird. Only thing, the bird has to know how to fly. Now this is, again Im saying is the living process of the living nature, of the living Power of Love. It is not something artificial."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
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Realize the value of our life to be a Human Being

The cosmos seems to be within
To have the ultimate freedom know how to deal with it

Achieve the Spiritual State of the Self

Realize the value of our life to be a Human Being

When we are seeking the Truth we have to know we have to be honest about it because it is benevolent for us, not for others. We are seeking the Truth for ourselves, not for others. The other thing we have to remember, very humbly, that truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we can not organize it, and we cannot maneuver it. It is what has been and will be. And what is the Truth? The truth is that you are the Spirit. You are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this ego, and you are not this conditioning. You are the Spirit. But so far you have been a human being. But to be a human being itself is a very great thing. It is the greatest thing to be a human being. Perhaps we have not realized the value of our life because we do not know what we are. The way we waste our time, waste our energies, waste our attention on things, which are senseless, because we still have to understand the greatness of our being. Human beings are made with such care, so beautifully, such delicate working of the Divine from ameba to this stage passing through various stages, such a beautiful thing has been created as a human being.

The cosmos seems to be within we need to try to understand ourselves

But first we must have this attention to our Self that there must be something. It can not be a purposelessly [WAY or DOING], it cannot be something just a chance. It is a wrong idea to play with. If the gravitational force of the Earth or anyone of the galaxies changes, then it would be disaster, absolute disaster. So many things are in the cosmos, if you study the coefficients that work out, the different balancing and the different weights and the movements of the different bodies, they show us that there must be some purpose. And they do not trouble us; its all as if made for the stage for human beings. That the human beings have to come on the stage and all the preparation is made for the great drama. I think its high time that great scientists should look at it and start wondering why it is the way it is made. Why we are so much looked after. The whole cosmos seems to be within ourselves as if we have buttons, which move the cosmos, which control the cosmos. Everything is going on so smoothly otherwise, except when we do not try to understand ourselves.

To have the ultimate freedom know how to deal with it

It has been said practically in all the Scriptures that you have to seek your Self; you have to find your Self. Though I think many of these Scriptures have been little bit changed and have been used for certain purposes, still they could not get over this point that you have to become the Self, you have to be born again. But that is not an artificial thing. We are human beings not artificially made. We are made really by some sort of a living force from ameba. We are not just made with some sort of a thinking or a mental projection. It is not a mental projection by which we have been human beings, it is something spontaneously happening, a living force within us, which has brought us to this stage - with a purpose, with a meaning. And now at this stage we are free to do what we like. Many people ask Me, What was the need to give this freedom to human beings? It was very necessary. If you have to have the ultimate freedom you must know how to deal with it. You have to understand. Of course, human beings have to make mistakes. To err is human. And we have to understand that this trial error and trial and error business has made us understand, also those who have not understood must understand, that there must be a wiser or surer way to achieve that goal of Self-Realization, of Self-knowledge.

Achieve the Spiritual State of the Self as a Human Being

Self-knowledge we do not have, we must admit very humbly, we have had no system by which we could know ourselves. But think of a computer that is as a human being. As soon as you see Me you know I am there. You dont have to go for programming, you dont have to consult anything, you dont have to use any kind of computer or some sort of complicated machinery; automatically, spontaneously in a split of a second you know that Im standing before you and talking to you. Such a computer we can not create. But the Divine has created such a great computer and that is the human being. And this human being is the only one who is going to achieve that higher state, which we call as the spiritual state of the Self.

Notes: - All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1987-1116: Public Program, Porchester Hall, London, UK).

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