"One promise has to be there in your heart, that you will after Realization respect your Realization and grow like a tree and should not be the like the parable of the seeds that some seeds fell on a rock and some who sprouted also got lost. I would request you very-very earnestly and with a great concern that you have to look after your Self-Realization and your growth. "

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
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Go into your roots

Because of your freedom you loose your way
Be in the Absolute World to discover what you know

These Centers give knowledge

Go into your roots – or you have lost your way

Because in the science they deal with the tree, I should say, the outside, but they cannot go into the roots. To go into the roots you have to become a subtler being. Unless and until you become a subtler being you cannot go into your roots to find out what your roots are. And that is what is Self-Realization. When you become subtler then only you can go into your being and can find out what actually you are. Also to look after a tree, which does not know its roots, is a very difficult thing. What happens is that when you do not know your roots and you start growing, and growing, and growing you go very deep down into that where you find that you have lost your way. Actually you are not going deeper. You are spreading outside more and more. And then once you start going to extremes because of your freedom, you loose your way. That’s how today everybody is saying, “A shock is going to come”. You are all going to face a shock. This is going to happen, that is going to happen. But actually it is absolutely in your hands because the whole of the cosmos is within you. The cosmos is working under your complete control. It is absolutely looking after you. Every element is looking after you to preserve you, to guide you, to take you to the right thinking. But in your freedom you have to achieve that. This is a very big condition and there is where we fail to understand.

Be in the Absolute World – to discover what you know

So what you have to understand is that we are living in a relative world. We talk relatively. We have to be in the absolute world, where the Truth is absolute. There now before you I’m standing, you know very well that I’m wearing a sari, which is white. But it’s relative still because somebody will say, “Oh, maybe it’s white”. Somebody will say, “It’s off- white”, somebody will say like that. Still you know something, but to know it absolutely, meticulously the right thing, you have to be the Spirit. But what you know is much more than these eyes can see or this nose can smell. It is much more, much more explicit, much more clear-cut. Like a person who is suffering, say, from some disease. A child is suffering from some disease and they don’t know what the disease is. So they have to go through many various kinds of tests and for that the gentlemen, the father, or the mother, they have to pay a lot of money. They go on finding out about the child, what’s wrong, what’s wrong, what’s wrong. They cannot find it, what’s wrong with the child. And they are so upset about it and within three days the child dies and still the diagnoses is not coming. It is a very common thing. But when you are a Self-Realized soul you can know what’s wrong with the child, exactly you can put down your finger on the problem that he has.

These Centers give knowledge – control the cosmos – and control us

Now how does it happen? Here I had already told you about the charkas that we have, the centers within us. These are the centers, which on one side control the cosmos, on the other side control us, give knowledge and on the other side they give us the knowledge about others. These centers are within us. Now when I’m telling you all this you have to have an open mind of a scientist. We shouldn’t just deny it because in your concept it doesn’t fit. But like a scientist please see to it that if it is proved you have to accept that this is so. Now these charkas are within you, these centers are within you, and these centers communicate to you through your fingertips what’s the matter with a child. You can feel it on your fingertips, now five, six, and seven centers, right side, seven centers. (Shri Mataji points to the chakra projections on Her left and right palms.) The right side has got the seven centers, if they are decoded properly and if you know what the decoding is, putting the hand towards a child, for a Realized soul it is very easy to see where is the problem.

Notes: - All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ( 1987-1116: Public Program, Porchester Hall, London, UK).

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