"Because we have a special identification with falsehood, not with Truth: we have lived with falsehood all our lives. Moment to moment you’ll find we are doing that. In the name of money, in the name of power, in the war, they say, everything is fair in the name of so-called love - with all this, we expect to find the Truth. Also we expect that Truth should fall at our feet. So, to all the seekers of the Truth of this world, I request to know that if you are seeking the Truth, this time you don’t miss it!"

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
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Everything born with you is genuine

Stand in the Center and see Yourself

We always miss the truth – and grasp the untruth

Everything born with you is genuine – the truth knows you

Sahaja Yoga is a system which says “saha-ja:” “Saha” means ‘with’ and “ja” is ‘born’. It is born with you. Everything born with you is genuine. Do you know that? We do not know. Our hands are genuine: they never cheat us. Our feet are genuine: they never cheat, do they? Our eyes are genuine: you see something white, it looks white, it is white. Our eyes never tell us that it is black. Only when we are sick, then the whole composition changes and you get all kinds of wrong information from this body of yours. Your heart is genuine, but we teach our heart to cheat, we teach our eyes to cheat. We have pretensions and the Truth knows you.

Stand in the Center and see Yourself – seek innocently

When I say this we should not have self-pity about ourselves. It is never the way to go from one extreme to another. This is a very common condition of human beings. If you tell them one thing, they go from one end to another end. No, you just stand in the center and see for Yourself: How much genuine are we to receive the blessings of God? Are we really seeking God or we are seeking something else behind the name of God? I tell you, everyone who prophesizes any religion should just have this test and he’ll be surprised that either he’s seeking money out of Him or he’s seeking power out of Him or he’s seeking some sort of a physical or maybe a material advantage of Him. That is how we are disillusioned by these people who teach us about Truth, because we find that they are not seekers of Truth, they are cheating themselves. A seeker of Truth has his attention all the time inside on his seeking. He is not bothered about other things. The seeker wants the absolute, the perfect. The seeker doesn’t want something that he’s not seeking. That’s why innocence is the best way one can seek.

We always miss the truth – and grasp the untruth

Like a small little child once was lost in a fair. So, the child started crying for the mother. And the police people got the child in the hand. So, they said, "All right, just now wait, we’ll get your mother, but first of all you have something else." They gave a nice balloon to the child. So, the child said, " No, I don’t want any balloon, I don’t want. I want my mother. " So, they said, "All right, let’s take you down, we’ll give you some ice cream to eat, some chocolates." The child said , "No, I don’t want any chocolates, I don’t want anything like that. I want the presence of my mother. I want my mother. I won’t have anything else." They tried and tried their level best to pacify the child, but the child would not take anything else but would just ask for the mother. Because the child had lost the mother and it was seeking the mother, it was doubting everything else but that. But our sense of discrimination, our sense of understanding, our wisdom is so developed, is so foolishly developed, I would say, that we always miss the Truth and grasp the untruth. I don’t know how human beings can do it. It’s difficult for animals to do but human beings just manage.

Notes: - All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ( 1979-0716: How Truthful Are We About Seeking? Public Program, Caxton Hall, London).

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